kinda want to make this my new icon

brand new commission sheet for my troubles

if u need more examples go into my art tag

this is mostly furry based so yhea

i can do



-humans kinda but this is furry commission

just message me on here and we can talk abt what i can and cannot do if whatever u want doesn’t fall into those categories,

8$ icon- pretty basic, its an icon just flat colours and ur characters face

15$- for just a no colour sketch with some shading to make it look interesting.full body 

25$- full body with a background all coloured and stuff

20$- full body yea no bg just full body

i also didnt add just waist up but those would be like this

for 10$ (actual waist up tho) 

message me through the ims here if u wish to commission me 

i take payments through paypal, thank u

anonymous asked:

So, what is you icon and header? They look really nice and I'm curious about them.

Oh I just wanted a new header to match my icon- kinda makes me feel more like a official art blog? Though I post garbage most of the time and shitposts lol

Pía here!

((I think I am going to make a lot of changes here.

- I will do my best to try to write more, to expand my vocabulary, to find a new way to express how I want my muse to interact (and I already have seen a few blogs that I’ll probably ask for help ;__;).

- I will also try my best to change my dialogue indicator (» “) to only quotation marks or keep it like that. It will be decided soon. 

 - I am going to redraw my icons! I am kinda tired of the inconsistent styles, sooooo… yeah. 

 - There will be a lot less of OoC posts! I have been posting a lot of unnecessary shit and I apologize about that ;__;!!!! And they will be with two slashes (//) at the beginning instead of two parenthesis! 

 - And of course! I will continue a lot of threads that my head can’t remember that I have. I’ve been asking this for DAYS, but guys if you are interested in continue interacting with me, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! I need to have a list of pending threads! 

 - Last thing is that I think I’ll stay away of any drama… it’s difficult because sometimes I just read some posts and I know more than I should but… ugh, yeah Dx.

- Besides that, updating my rules and info is a good idea jnckjsnd.


There’d probably be changes in Lorene’s bio/headcanons/portrayal sooooooooooooooo I apologize in advance.

If you can help me to improve any of those specific points, please talk to me! Probably I would return the favor with a small drawing uwu))

anonymous asked:

Sorry that this is a bit of a silly question but I'm solarian and I'm trying to pick a new name and I kinda really want one of my middle names to be after an amazing woman (Abigail, Harriet, Matilda etc.) however I'm also kinda worried that it might not be appropriate for me as a person with only a very small connection to womanhood to name myself after a 'feminist icon' sort of person. Sorry if that doesn't make sense, I just need a second opinion.

I’ll be perfectly honest - I don’t see any problem with that at all. Personally I find it to be a fantastic idea. 

Your name is YOUR name. It’s your decision. Pick what you’re comfortable with and if you want to honor someone with that, that’s incredible.

Mod Bethany


to try and get my isaac muse going, i’m going to start new ; meaning deleting all the crap on this blog, reposting my promo, redoing the few icons i had made. just something to make me feel less cluttered and anxiety ridden. honestly, i didn’t expect to have this many followers / people wanting to interact with me that it’s kinda freaking me out. obviously i was the one who chose to roleplay isaac, what with the lack of blogs around etc. but yeah .. 

dan’s back and im ready for some blog rates

so I've kinda been on an unproclaimed semi-hiatus for the past 2 years or so and I want to revive this blog and find some new mutuals and friends especially on booklr (game of thrones, harry potter, aftg, tlc, soc, addicted etc) or anyone that has an aesthetic/photograpphy type blog!!!!!

what to do:
- x send me a confession or ask me a question and please make it super personal im ready to get in my feels
-reblog to get the word around!!!!

what you will receive:
url: /100
theme: /100
mobile: /100
sidebar: /100
posts: /100
icon: /100
how your blog makes me feel:
song on shuffle: 
overall: /100
following: no babes but ily / yess / forever and always

ill try to get as many done as i can!!!! 

ghostsfromvenus  asked:

where can i look at your commission stuff, do you have an art blog?

Right now it’s just my art tag (but I’m gonna make an sfw art only blog soon!). Prices right now are kinda whatever- I would probably only charge 10$ for an icon, or I’ve wanted to do a “wiggly icon” for awhile that I’d probably do for 15 :0 (I’m gonna try to make a new commission post this afternoon probably, my commissions have been weird since I started my new job)

does this icon style look good??? hhhh i might make them smaller (maybe 80x80) but idk. if anyone has any better icon borders that make it look like the icon has a shadow hmu???? i just want my icons to be 10/10 since im revamping my blog aesthetic tm

i actually got a new theme for my blog earlier but i might change it again? idk i kinda like it.. but at the same time idk hhhhh if anyone has any tips you should lmk

so i guess here’s a rough drawing of the current potential design for my new fursona? i’ve been looking at him for so long that i can’t tell how much i like him. i guess he’s kinda cute

anyway he’s a samoyed which means i had to make him dangerously fluffy. i’ve been thinking about making a new fursona for a while and i wanted to pick something more unique than a canine (my ancient fursona from middle/high school was a fox) but i just. i love dogs. and samoyeds are really cute

if i end up liking this design i’ll draw more of a character sheet for him and a fancy new icon using his face

Hi! So I’m really sorry I haven’t been on tumblr lately, I’ve been extremely busy sorting out things in my life, and though not everyone’s stuck around, I’m super grateful to everyone who is still around, it really means a lot to me! I’m also sorry I haven’t been making any graphics lately, like I said I’m busy and my imagination has kinda hit a wall for pokemon ones, so I thank you for your patience too.

But I wanted to give a shout out to some of the mutuals, and non mutuals, who are there for me, make me laugh, smile or generally happy in life and I feel have had a positive effect on me. My life would be empty without you guys!

And I wanted to make something to thank everyone for helping me, and this is done by memory so Im sorry if I forgot you,  I may not recognise a new url(+icon), or we no longer in touch and I felt you’d appreciate it if I didn’t mention you in this post,  but to every follower, mutual, friend, everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So anyway I tried to keep this short I really did, I went through it multiple times cutting names and such and this was the final results again sorry if you wasn’t on here, but please check out all these blogs if you have time, and all the ones on my blogroll too;

105ttt ★ a-l-e-p-h ★ ackerlings ★ all-that-is-pokemon ★ altariiia ★ altomares ★ amparhos ★ amphlosion ★ anusflaps ★ asahinaaoii ★ ahikuboruchi ★ bayleeftea ★ blaze-chime ★ blazikingdom ★ bloodbending ★  bluefangkai ★ bulbbasaur ★ captain-mudkip ★ carvanha ★ chilledcoolcat ★ chrawrizards ★ cinnccino ★ corosola ★ criminal-pokemon ★ cuterivals ★ cyndaaquill ★ darmanitan ★ darunia-goronbrother ★ delcatte ★ delta-stream ★ draycen ★ drowning-in-anime ★ east-sea-gastrodon ★ eevee-ray ★ elite-lucario ★ elitrain  ★ espurresso ★ evanjellicent ★ faleep ★ flaaffys ★ fraxuring ★ fruit-of-the-breloom ★ garekisan ★ genesectsglaceonchan  ★ glaceons  ★ glaycia  ★ glitchcity ★  glorifiedbaka  ★ glowuntoyou  ★ goodrasniffles  ★ goomdra  ★ grandmaster-kamui  ★ h0ppip  ★ hidekiblog  ★ iceddragon  ★ kaireki  ★ kazumies  ★ kiruaz  ★ klinklang ★  koriinku  ★ kuromaru-tokisaka  ★ kyogrie  ★ kyozumii  ★ larvitarr  ★ lovelyenchilada  ★ lucinah  ★ mabelspastelpiggy  ★ magnezones  ★ mantouchii  ★ marvel-scales  ★ mayormakochan  ★ megaabomasnow  ★ minishcap  ★ missyplatina  ★ mr-mime-jr  ★ mudkip  ★ nezoomi  ★ nuzleef  ★ ommanyte  ★ omnomina  ★ on-cloud-arcanine  ★ pachirischu  ★ palefurry  ★ palipitoad  ★ pichews  ★ pikachewy  ★ pkmnhax-r-us  ★ pokemon-dash  ★ pokemon-global-academypokemon-pit  ★ pokemon-tumblr-version  ★ primal-blaziken  ★ princess-snorlax  ★ protean-froakie  ★ raiikyuu  ★ revered-inventor  ★ ridelles  ★ roselea13  ★ rusig  ★ sanniichi  ★   shininraichu  ★ shinycaterpie  ★ silverjolteon  ★ silversylveon  ★ sinnohqueen  ★  skarmoury  ★ skytemple  ★ splatoon-inked  ★ sylveon-princess  ★ sylveonss  ★ takumishair  ★ tevinterdragonite  ★ the-ruler-of-all-things  ★ the-velveteen-buneary  ★ thesinnohunderground  ★  toasty-coconut ★ torterrahugger  ★ tresbienghoul  ★ truepokefan  ★ tyltaliis  ★ tyruntzz  ★ unfesant ★ v2miku  ★  volt-switcher  ★ west-sea-gastrodon  ★  zelda-wii-u  ★ All of my followers

Thank you again! I’ll probably be on and off  little while longer till I can finidh sorting things out, but thanks for sticking with me, I hope I can be back full time here soon!