kinda want to keep it

//So just a little side note: If Somebody’s muse is homosexual, don’t bring the person opposite gender in to do the romantic/kissing prompts.

I mean it might just be a me thing but I find it kinda rude, As a little lesbian myself It just seem’s like you’re just dismissing/ironing homosexuality for you’re own want’s and need’s. And this makes ME feel uncomfortable since I’m dealing with homophobia A LOT IRL right now and it’s making me feel like shit everywhere, even here.

Like ‘Haha you’re muse is gay? Psshh it’s not real so it doesn’t matter cuz /I/ want to ship it!’ 

Well 1.)I kinda have to keep Luther in character for this whole ask blog thing to work so it dose matter.

2.) I don’t even know how to respond to ask I get like because kissing a girl for Luther would be SO OOC.

3.) SHIPS ARE A TWO PERSON THING. I will not tolerate force ships here. 


Luther is gay and will not be kissing a girl anytime soon. 

I’ll also say if you have dose this THAT THIS DOESN’T MEAN I HATE YOU, IM NOT ATTACKING ANYONE. This is my first time bringing it up so it wouldn’t make sense to get mad if I never said anything about it. BUT I’M LETTING YOU KNOW NOW.

I know it might be different for everyone else but this is just for me personally 

Please don’t bring females into my inbox (for Luther) expecting some sort of romantic relationship to happen.

Also to lighten the mood here’s a gif that I found that fits Luther in all this:

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*

the consensus seems to be that reigen gets the white cloak so I try to build smthing with the in-game design

s kinda weird tbh

Kuro Sketch Dump

I was bored today, so I started scribbling while whatching TV and later added somecolor to it - I scanned this, so the quality blows, but I kinda liked the pencil sketch and I wanted to keep it. :3

The third sketch at the bottom is what Kuro looks like when I realizes, he has fallen in love with his bro. xD He is fucked. And he knows it.


Leo’s different hair styles - ranking by @smilange ❤️️

bonus: Celine’s “favourite” hairstyle :D


Nalu Fluff Week: Day 6!!  TEXTING 

a little late, but i rly wanted to doodle something real fast based on the nalu highschool au i have where natsu and lucy start texting e/o a from different schools!! this is how i imagine their first texting goes with erza and gray playing a prank on natsu…. ^q^ sorry it’s so messy 

here is a bonus/after ^O^:


I tried

Hello, how are you?

☆☆☆ Collab with the talented @raynef-art​ !! ☆☆☆

Thank you for collaborating with me!! I loved coloring Simon (^v^)

They did Simon’s lineart and colored Athena, while I colored their Simon and did Athena’s lineart.☆

Trying not to cross into the realm of extreme surrealism, these are my wishes for Worlds (so I can have a laugh afterwards):

  1. For AA to be an actual competition, with Ragan, Morgi, Gelya, Lena, Lari, Tingting, Luo Huan/Wang Yan (whoever does AA), Eythora, Mai, Zsofi, Tabea, Amy, Melanie, Rebeca, Ellie and all the others I’ve forgotten REALLY fighting for a medal, like this has the potential to be SUCH AN EXCITING AA I just really don’t want them to all splatfest in the first rotation and may the one that doesn’t crash to the ground win.
  2. 2+ medals each for Russia and China
  3. No injuries!!!
  4. Everyone who makes BB EF actually hits beam
  5. Surprising upgrades that we didn’t see coming! Double points if it’s from a non big 4 country!
  7. For FX finalists to have some sort of choreo maybe? Or like, at least try?
  8. For the younger underdogs, some of whom potentially *COULD* but probably won’t get into finals (looking at Ioana Crisan, Alice Kinsella, Desirée Carofiglio, Lorette Charpy, Sara Berardinelli, Rune Hermans, etc.) to at least have a nice competition and hit their routines so they can be proud of themselves
  9. For Cintia Rodriguez and Aiko Sugihara to get their skills named and possibly also for the Ricna half to get named (I don’t even care by whom)
  10. No reasonable controversy over medals (there will always be stan controversy, idc about that) and yes, this relates to point no. 6 but it’s important (pls no more “X WAS ROBBED!!!”)
  11. For the vault champion to be the one who performs the least fugly vaults :’))) not that I care much about vault either way but you know
  12. For the 2-per-country rule not to be too painful (I can see it being a mess in UB EF if everyone hits, AA shouldn’t be an issue, BB will take care of itself lol)
  13. Variety in skills, especially in EFs
  14. Diversity among the medalists (and this is probably the perfect year to achieve this)
  16. Lots of international friendship cuteness cause I’m a sucker for that