kinda thrifting

“Consider How We Got Here”

A poem by some nerd at your local Goodwill:

Take a moment, if you will, to consider the following item:

Someone had to envision this toy.

Someone had to program it.

Someone had to design the package for it.

Someone had to market it.

Someone had to ship it.  (And really don’t we all?)

Someone had to receive it.

Someone had to stock it.

Someone had to give it a $20 price tag.

And then it sat.

Possibly for days, weeks, months, maybe even years.

And then it didn’t sit anymore.

Someone had to take it off the shelf.

Someone  had to put it in a bin.

Someone had to take that bin away.

Someone had to receive that bin.

Someone had to take it out of that bin.

Someone had to stock it.

Someone had to give it a $4 price tag.

And then it sat.

Then I had to find it.

I had to take a picture of it.

I had to upload that picture.

I had to write this post.

And then it sat.

At no point in time has this device ever been wanted.

 It has always been sealed, it has always been unopened. 

It may always be unopened. Or maybe not.

Maybe someone will find it.

Maybe someone will love it.

Maybe someone can take it home.

Maybe the wait was worth it all along.

Maybe someone will love you dear reader.

Maybe your box has been opened, maybe it hasn’t.

Maybe you sat on a shelf yourself, and it was just long enough to give up hope.

But do not give up hope.

Because even if no one wants you for what you intended,

They may put you on a pedestal for something you never expected.

Never give up on that day, dear reader.

I wrote this about a plug-and-play.

Wild Cats, get your head in the game. 

here’s my fursuit I forgot to post yesterday!! she’s a furby partial named Nova!! she’s currently just a head and paws but if I have enough material I plan on making her a 2012 furby-style tail
she’s my first completed suit I’ve made since, I think 7th grade?, so I’m happy to finally have made another suit! c:
(I’m the person on the left btw if u didn’t kno, ignore the person on the right and the furby stickers, I covered my friend’s face and name for safety stuffs :p )

anonymous asked:

hello, can you maybe post a back-to-school supplies haul once you've bought them? thanks!

Hello!!(^▽^●)I hope you don’t mind if i just make it here in my answer also there are some stuff I didnt get to take a picture of (iT was SO dark it rained huhu) so most of these come from either daiso & national bookstore in the philippines! HERE WE GO! (*゚▽゚)ノ

  • daisy multi pouch i didnt find any links on the internet for this im so sorry but it has 2 big pockets & iT has a lot of space so im rly glad i found it! (◎>∀<◎)
  • academy notes binder notebook it has campus notes as its fillers and it has a pen holder inside & u caN close it as u can see!! the butTOn thing! hAHA idk how to call it nsfsdkdn (⊙﹏⊙✿)
  • i bought new ballpens: dong-a my gel, m&g office g pens & these rubber pens (the two in the middle)!! they had a writing similar to the test good chinese ballpens (i mentioned these here!) i use so i bought them!
  • chosch colored ballpens its in japanese so im not sure what the name of the pens are but thats the brand!! & they are suPER cute the colors & the ink!!! it writes smoothly too + they were kinda cheap so yay THRift (*・∀-)☆ 
  • dong-a my favorite colorz it has 2 tips so its rly useful! i plan to use this for my exam reviewers! also the colors are so cuTE (*´▽`*)
  • bensia pencils i know this loOks like its for a grade schooler but i dont rly plan to use these a lot bc its a bit hassle to refill them but so far i reaLLY like them so hmm i miGHT use them more than expected!!
  • daiso stapler! OMg one of the best things i have bought tbh? like its rly thin so it fits in my pencase & its rly handy!! thanks daISO(^▽^●)
  • then lastly a ruler,some glue & cute lil paper clips & a tiny correction tape!
  • not in the picture: clearbook, daiso decorative tape , pad papers & bond papers!!! (∩_∩)

so thAT was my back to school supplies hauL post!! Thank u for reading through!!! have a wonderful day bub! (⌒∇⌒)