kinda tasteless

What katy’s comments about “little girls” reveals about her is that she has never understood the importance and vitality of young girls, whereas taylor always makes a concerted effort to respect and understand her audience. In light of the manchester attacks that specifically targeted young girls at a pop concert, these kinda comments are tasteless and tacky as hell. I hope no one ever takes a swipe at little girls ever again, amen goodbye.

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Hey why is Martin Freeman's face cut out? I'm lost.. Where is this photo at?

It’s from the BFI and Radio times television festival..Which started on 7th and ends today. Two Sherlock panels are scheduled to happen today.

I think they cut out Martin’s face so that kids can take a picture with Sherlock. But that looks kinda tasteless imo. Cut both of their faces? Or just cut none. It’s..idk..People may have varying opinions.. But i don’t like it.

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Why does SS fandom dislike or even hate us NH so much??We used to support each other. Is it because of The Last & the novels which features only NH so SS got jealous because they thought SS was the main couple (which clearly they are not!) but hardly mentioned in the anime and movie? After The Last, NH has got more hate from not only Narusaku, SNS but also SS! Too bad for them, NH is getting more love from the producers and the general fandom while SS is kinda...tasteless. What do you think?

I think that I’m gonna have to really hold my tongue because I’m a big NH fan, but the only “tasteless” thing here is your ask. It’s as if you think the NH fandom is full of innocent little saints who’ve done nothing wrong.

What pissed off me the most today was a comment under a picture of John Entwistle on Instagram that was like “ he lived till cocaine and strippers stopped his heart.”
Yeah, sure. We know how he died, that’s a fact… but he should remembered for what he had done, not how he died. It was tasteless and kinda rude for me tbh. Nobody is denying he died like this but is this just what he is remembered for? Seriously? Not for his contribution to music or his bass-skills? And this works for every dead musician: remember their importance in music not how they died

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Okay, I officially want to get into the gorillaz because of all your reblogs. So, if you are not busy, please Tell. Me. Everything. I want to know history/best songs/fun facts/anything. Please and thank you.

im so excited!! i love that my reblogs made you wanna get into gorillaz that makes me so beyond happy

gorillaz is a virtual band, and the members are 2d (lead singer), murdoc (bass), noodle (guitar), and russel (drums). these are just characters, though, and the irl members of gorillaz are MANY. there’s been SO MANY people that have worked on gorillaz, and i wouldn’t be surprised if it was in the hundreds. but the main guys are damon albarn, who does the music, and jamie hewlett, who does the artwork!

the best songs from each phase are just my own opinion and all of their albums are definitely worth full listens, these are just the ones that i personally love the most!


  • 5/4. i have no excuse for this one it’s just sick
  • clint eastwood, which is what a lot of ppl say but honestly? there’s a reason this one was the big single off this album
  • slow country, bc it is SO overlooked

demon days

  • o green world, i love the creepy horror movie noises in it
  • dirty harry, especially live performances, go look up the BRITS performance of this song and look how much fun the kids are having
  • don’t get lost in heaven/demon days. the first time i listened to this pair of songs, i was at an assembly for school and ignoring it with my ipod and it was an EXPERIENCE

plastic beach

  • welcome to the world of the plastic beach, you cannot go wrong with snoop dogg
  • rhinestone eyes, because it feels very classic gorillaz
  • on melancholy hill is beautiful and ethereal 


  • rockit is just a jam lets be honest
  • the soulchild remix of 19-2000, which i actually like better than the original
  • revolving doors (i count this one as other bc The Fall is such an anamoly of an album)
  • doyathing is just so much fun
  • let it out is shaping up to be my favorite song off of humanz we’ve seen so far but i am filing it under “others” because the album isnt out yet!

AND there is a certain order you should watch the music videos, since it goes with the story! phase 1 is ok to watch out of order imo but phase 2 and 3 need to stay in order.

  • Tomorrow Comes Today
  • Clint Eastwood
  • 19-2000
  • 5/4 (Storyboard)
  • Rock the House
  • Rockit
  • DARE
  • Dirty Harry
  • Feel Good Inc.
  • El Manana
  • Stylo
  • Melancholy Hill
  • Broken (Live Visual)
  • Doncamatic
  • Rhinestone Eyes (Storyboard)
  • DoYaThing

and now ill do my best to summarize the entire lore! this will be under a cut because it is so so much already. the gorillaz wiki also does a really good job of explaining this story on each of the character’s pages if you want more detail!

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I must also say North American milk is really weird and tasteless compared to European. It’s like chalky water unless you take the fattiest there is, and even then it’s kinda tasteless compared. I went home for a bit and the milk that has an actual milk taste was so alien to me. *cries* What have I become?! XD

@zlukaka​ I AM SO ENVIOUS ;A; i know most produce is shitty in America XD but fresh dairy milk is probably at least ~somewhat~ closer to this magical blessed european milk that comes from wild alpine cows, gathered by pure swiss maidens in fields of buttercups