kinda st. patricks day

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Sam if you were to have a birthday when would you want it

“Uh…. I got a birthday, dude,” He scoffs. “But our calendar doesn’t really, like, line up with y’alls too well so we just sorta, celebrate whenever. I just kinda go with St. Patricks day ‘cuz, well. Green.”

So… I really enjoy doing some kind of event on my art blog for different holidays/special days in the year. It basically helps keep the creative juices flowing, and it’s fun as well!

So I think I’m going to try and do different ones throughout the year! I’m doing one for Valentines Day, and I think I will plan something for Easter as well - which I have an idea for! Which will probably on be for a few days instead of two or three weeks, but we’ll see.

I’d like to try and do something for St Patricks Day, which I kinda have an idea for, but we’ll see!