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Kerri, i'm having serious Triple C withdrawals 😣. I'm not even kidding here. I already reread the whole thing over the weekend and Dismantling summer too but nothing helps 🙁. This is all your fault. You and your fantastic writing are doing this to me 😭.

I’m sorry my love!!!! I’m working on an update, I swear!! It’s gonna be another long one, I’m at 9k already and have a lot more left to write, so it will be worth the wait!

That’s amazing that you reread two of my longest fics in the span of one weekend, that’s some dedication right there! So to reward you……’s a little teaser of the next chapter. ;]

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Oh god... I just had the best thought ever. How funny would Saeran be if he started playing Lolol? He would totally do the "I was too busy fucking your mom last night!" Then get into trouble and MC would make him apologise


“Saeran, apologize NOW!”

“But… that’s how everyone talks!”

“If someone jumped off a bridge, would you?”

“I don’t know… let’s push Saeyoung off and test it out-”


  • So in tfa there's that scene when Finn and Poe escape in the tie fighter and they have to take out those cannons or they have no chance in hell to get away right? So when Poe lines up Finn to shoot them out, I realized something. Finn is facing the cannons. They are back-to-back. Poe is flying BACKWARDS. One hell of a pilot indeed.

“Everytime Ryan turns up the heat, I know I’m a little bit closer to beatin’ him at his own game. But now the game’s changin’ – Ryan’s boys are comin’ in heavy – lookin’ to knock down my door and take what’s mine. Like this is the first time I had to dodge a bullet. They’re comin’ to my house expectin’ a show, but they’re gonna get a disappearin’ act. Say goodbye to Fontaine… (cocks shotgun and switches to a thick Irish accent) and hello to Atlas.”

Vague MTMTE 48 Spoilers?

While I’m still freaking out about MTMTE 48, I’m going to wait until others have read it to talk about anything too specific so for now:

Hello there, gorgeous new(?) background character that either I’ve never noticed before or who wasn’t introduced until this issue. Their name is Kindle and I think that’s absolutely adorable.

General hux : The First Orders Poster Boy

so everybody just kinda accepted that poe’s the rebellions poster boy but imagine the first order seeing how well advertising poe’s looks is working for the rebellion and deciding to get a poster boy of there own. The first to be considered for the role because the boy doesn’t look too bad under his mask plus kylo’s well toned body would most definitely help there cause but when time to ask him for the not so subtle favor everyones scared shitless of what would happen to them should they ask so that idea gets scrapped for the good of everyone. The next to get pulled in to the role is phasma however even though her face and body are in outstanding condition trying to get the rigid military Built-for war captain to look anything short of ‘seductive’ or ‘inviting’ proved more difficult than not. At this point it looks like the first order isn’t going to have a poster boy but seeing how much larger the resistance is getting triggers an unexpected some one to step up to the position after all desperate times call for desperate measures. When hux tells phasma he’s going to be there new poster boy she has to suppress her laughter maybe the general was trying to be funny? that is until she sees him in front of the camera shirt unbuttoned and a devious smile on his face, posing in front of the camera, leather gloves caressing his face and thats when she knows,  this will be a good year in recruiting for the first order. And thats how hux became a poster boy for the first order.

Okay… Okay… I really need to get this off my chest.

I’ve just finished Mink’s Re Connect Bad Ending all the way through and I have to admit I’ve gain a new appreciation for his character. 

Now, the reason I disliked Mink greatly in the first place is because of the the countless rape, almost rape, and violence that goes along with this route (touchy subjects for me personally). And I felt that his character would not have been that harsh and raw when I first came into this game. This is the reason why I’ve just been putting off and off finishing his Bad Ending because I really just didn’t want to see it- not another rape, not another domination in some from.

But getting back onto the topic if why I’ve changed my mind about Mink is you come in to this with Mink saying along the lines “I want Aboa’s head to protect his soul.” And in his religion this is how you protect one’s soul- we all know Mink is really freaking religious to whatever his worship/god is.

Mink, the man who has being trapped in darkest of his memories, still wants to protect the man who did this to him. He could not give two damns for his own well being, trying to pry to protect his own soul, or felling pity on himself because he knows all the things he has done in the past and to Aoba that his soul can no longer be protected from the devil, he even says so himself that he is a “devil”. In Mink’s eyes Aoba is still able to be saved and wants to do so because he cares greatly for Aoba. 

But shit kinda goes down when the “Scrap” side of Aoba comes out. ‘Aboa’ is now pleading, begging, to be broken and beheaded. He no longer cares what happens to the body, the mind both he and the true Aoba share. All he wants now is his sick desire for pleasure hidden in the pain.

At first it seems like yet another tragic thing going on, Mink beating the shit out of 'Aboa’ and forcing himself on him. But this not. Poor Mink is just following both Aboas wishes. He doesn’t know what the Aoba he knows and loves wants so he best he could do is protect his soul for eternity (Or how ever long that nightmare of Scrap lasts) by taking of his head and saving him from having to live in Mink’s dark past long side him. Now the 'Aoba’ there now just wants to be pleasured in pain and Mink does this even if he doesn’t want to. Either way Mink wanted to have Aoba’s head so the little extra work of giving this side of 'Aoba’ what he wants isn’t that bad. Even in the ending line where 'Aoba’ asks was it to protect him or the other Aoba, Mink stayed silent because he wanted to protect the whole Aoba he loves.

Now, now, this is really just my view on all of this and I can be completely wrong about all of this and what-nots so don’t get too angry with me. (The picture not really dealing to much with this I just laughed at that part because it was ironic.) **Also forgive all the spelling mistakes I was typing really fast and didn’t reread…**

Steven Bomb 2.0

Day 1: Before I’m so ready! the hiatus was killing me.

Day 1: After Episode I AM NOT READY FOR THE WEEK

Day 2: Before Don’t be like yesterday)

Day 2: After Oh THANK YOU RONALDO YOU LOVEABLE DORK YOU! oK I can do this. Tomorrow will be ok.

Day 3 Before: Ok. Garnet episode, let’s see Ruby and Sapph be lovey dovery with each other and double mom to Steven.



We’ve come a long way

                                          from where we began

I’ll tell you all about it                                                 when I see you again



teru is a show stealer as always…his little hair flip when he asked mob if he needed a companion….the little sound effect that went with it….hes so extra….i love him….


also mob Does Not fuck around….one of the reasons why the anime is good is because mob looked and acted Very Hostile (more than the manga which is why it left a bigger impact on me i guess) over the course of this episode. good stuff