kinda spoilers though

i miss the old shiro, can’t stand these new ‘shiros’
(aka kuron’s eyeliner is weak - will not stan)

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Paper Jam as a Flower.

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(Pfff - if I’m gonna see this - so will everyone else. Just gosh Miitopia and the random jobs it has)

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??

BNHA 144 RambLE...

First of all… I think Kirishima looks 100000000 times better with his fluffy black hair, he still looks good now but his black hair is awesome.

This poor child… how is he gonna heal from this? He’s definitely gonna get scars from this…

But wow, this chapter was pretty deep. So we now have an insight to Kirishima’s true feelings, how he has low self esteem and low confidence.

Maybe his past is why he relates to Suneater so much, Kiri hides behind fake smiles but in actuality he’s pretty sad and afraid.

I think it’s nice that Kiri has a simple backstory of a normal teenage anime character than having that heavy tragic backstory, like everyone else he just wanted to show people what being a hero is all about.

A furry?????

This was hilariously adorable.

Now about Mina… I don’t know if this a weirs but I feel like her personality was a bit…. exaggerated here, like I think it’s cool that she’s popular and all but at the same time she was the same person in USJ who was cowering in fear and wasn’t able to do a thing… she’s still the same currently but she’s also not the same?

Plus, since they were in the same middle school I actually thought they’d be a little closer but oh well. Either way its cool how Mina also inspired Kirishima to be a hero.

My favorite part about this chapter was how Kirishima recognized ‘the middle school student who jumped out to save him’ (Izuku) rather than ‘the badass middle school student who resisted the villain’ (bakugou).

He’s the only person apart from All Might who actually recognized Izuku for his heroism and I really like that.

But I don’t think Izuku was actually Kirishima’s source of inspiration I could be wrong but it honestly just seemed like Kiri was comparing himself to Izuku. To Kirishima, Izuku was a manly person who risked his life for someone else, something that he couldn’t do

He felt ashamed for not stepping out and felt like he didn’t deserve to apply to U.A, although what he did here was completely normal, anyone would’ve been too scared to go.

Since he most likely dyed his hair red, I’m pretty sure it was Crimson Riot’s words that inspired him to apply for U.A. Crimson Riot was a real hero and not a hero who just wanted the spotlight and it seems like Kiri is a really big fan of him so that’s the only reason I can think of.

Well it was a good chapter and I thin there’s still more to Kiri’s origin story that we have to see.


an old recruiter au ouma comic—I wanted to emphasize the difference between pregame and game personalities!!

Since the Ryder twins were born and raised on the Citadel, I am now picturing the two of them trolling C-Sec officers with slingshots and wads of paper… because they are two bored little kids and it’s funny to watch their targets look around in frustrated bewilderment as they try to spot their “attackers.” Bonus points if you get the wad of paper stuck in a turian officer’s fringe.

C-Sec Officer Garrus Vakarian does not approve.

  • Valentine: *raises Raziel, almost kills the entire downworld*
  • Jace: *almost dies*
  • Clary: *stabs Valentine*
  • Magnus, Alec & Izzy: *almost get killed by demon dragons*
  • Maia: *held captive by the Seelie Queen*
  • everyone 5 minutes later: wow that was a close one lmao let's have a party!!!
Fairy Tail "One Magic”theory and Capricorn ??? (sorta)

~~this is kinda just for fun, super short, has no conclusion because I’m a horrible writer (like shit I, myself don’t even know where I’m going with this) but if you read this and see where I’m coming from feel free to take this info and make a real theory on this!!! cuz I suck!!!!~~

So let’s cut right to the chase 

I believe that Capricorn, Lucy and the One Magic are all somehow are all going to come together/or connected. and maybe lucy might save the day

Just going give some bullets~

  • Lucy’s mom, Layla Heartfilia believes that The One Magic is love and told that to Lucy as well. (Mavis also believes this)
  • Capricorn and Lucy talked about this during training for the Grand Magic Games

  • Capricorn afterwords smiles at her and tells her he likes her idea.

SPEAKING OF CAPRICORN, who haven’t we seen in this entire arc ??????

We haven’t even seen her star dress for it yet (which I’ve said a million times that I’m dying to see it like just imagine her kicking ass in a lil suit) 

Anyway call me annoying, crazy whatever but there has to be a reason Mashima hasn’t showed us yet.


The fact we have yet to see Capricorn and Lucy’s last star dress, that Lucy has only talked to Capricorn about One Magic, that Natsu’s awake now and that one universe is undone and Team Natsu is now heading to the guild where ZEREF is

I don’t know I just feel like Mashima is planning something big… 

or I could just be completely wrong and off but I mean it’s fun to guess :p

ANyway I’m done sorry if this was shitty and made no sense or if you’ve already read a theory similar but please comment if you have more to add or just anything to say<3