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after the last thing i draw Jamie’s immediate response was “AU where instead of captain america for a retainer Elise has batman” 

so here’s five million doodles of Gerome doing very important retainer duties for the little Nohrian princess, he takes his job increDIBLY seriously, thank you. Unlike the other royal sibs and their Awakening!retainers he is definitely the babysitter here, I bet he’d probably be like Jakob except not a butler and five times more straight-faced. 

Okay; full disclosure: my single, solitary, world-weary emotion has abandoned me for parts unknown, so I won’t lie and claim to have had much in the way of Feelings™ about the episode, but one thing really hit home. 

Most of the season, the show has ignored or skirted around the true horror of what the British Men of Letters do to maintain peace. Finally, in this episode, Sam started asking questions about whether they killed even the creatures who showed no inclination to harm others. (Thank goodness, too. Sam is always the first and loudest voice in defense of people who cannot defend themselves, and I’ve been waiting for that conversation for a long time now.) That was surprising enough, but then the whole plot of the episode hammered it home:

In attempting to eradicate all monsters, the BMoL have done the opposite. Alarmingly creepy wierd!wolf certainly wasn’t a pleasant character, but his story and his motivations made a sick sort of sense: Mick and his people took part in slaughtering a huge pack that never harmed humans, and the response of the survivor was to lash out and hurt people (something he implied his pack had never done) in a twisted attempt to “right” that wrong. The BMoL are, by way of their indiscriminate violence against the guilty and the innocent, creating the very thing they’re trying to stop.

Hilbert's an Alien

Kepler talked about command having experienced this sort of thing before +we know Hilbert’s been on two prior unmentioned missions before Lovelave +during the paranoia episode where the star was affecting Minkowski and Eiffel’s sanity, only Lovelace and Hilbert were unaffected +his death was offscreen and the crew would be hard-pressed to find his corpse, esp during the contact event +Lovelace called him a cockroach and even tho I loathe the cruelty of that term, cockroaches are suitably difficult to kill


happy pride month lars is trans and i made a 30 song playlist for him because i have no self control 

Into The Breach - ACOTAR Ficlet

This is really just me messing around with pretentious writing styles but it was fun so I thought I’d post it - Vague Feycien overtones. Canon compliant. SFW. Alludes to elements in the first 8 ACOWAR Chapters.

Lucien does not know which one of them is the question, and which one the answer; which one the beginning, and which the end. All he knows is that now, they are complete. All his queries, suspicions, and shadows have vanished. They left the moment he gave himself to her.

Locked in the inevitable battle to escape the Spring Court, he and Feyre move in tandem. Their bodies echo one another without the delay of sound, without clunky, stunted wordplay. Months of slipping back and forth beneath the surface of text, learning one another’s intricacies in subtext, have gifted them with a whole new language. In the battles of politics, it made them dual forces of manipulation. In the battles of flesh and blood, they strike as one.

Now hours long into the fighting, they have sluiced through the fatty dregs of henchmen, drawing upon the twins: Hybern’s niece and nephew, two dark carvings of cold, bloodthirsty statues. Their animal eyes observe their approach with feral hunger. They have many a millenia on both The Cursebreaker and her knight, and think their victory guaranteed. They launch themselves, unthinking.

Feyre knocks their feet from under them in a swift breath of air. Darts to take advantage. Pierces the woman’s breast - as close as her shadow, Lucien turns and cuts through the neck of the nephew. Two ancient creatures as feared and revered as the cauldron, slain in a heartbeat. Lucien has never tasted this much power.

With their twin deities fallen, the opposition is winded, and soon relents in surrender. A thousand pairs of eyes turn to watch the woman who glows golden in the setting sun. Turn to witness what she will do with the traitor, the Autumn Outcast, who until this day appeared loyal to the Spring Court she betrayed.

She looks at him, her shoulders taut and proud. She does not say a word.

Just as he spoke the language of her body on the battlefield, so does he know; he takes a knee, as he has done before, and vows to do many times more. Takes her hand, softly in his. Plants a promise in the form of a kiss upon her knuckles. “My queen,” he says.

“My knight,” she replies, as the sound of the borders crumbling thunders across the plains. “Will you fight with me once more?”

“I am your blade to wield as you so wish.” In her eyes, he sees the loss of all those who have fallen, and all those soon to come. They cannot afford to be kind here. She looks to him.

“Then kill them all.”


doodles from today bc I listened to episode 98 of WTNV and I hurt
I had to draw Hiram again because I’ve only drawn him once before and so
there he is (grey, green, gold, blue, and violet)
and the comic at the bottom for the first pic continues into the second bc Cecil needed a hug at the end of that episode
(also a glimpse into how I see part of the Cecilos apartment)
Where do we go - Edna & Eizen AMV
Song: Where do we go? Artist: Lindsey Stirling Anime: Tales of zestiria the x (also some berseria scenes) A big thanks for dazais-guardian-angel (on tumblr) ...

Kinda @dazais-guardian-angel​ fault i made this blame her! (thank her guys) its a coincidence tbh but now that this blog is officially one years old today lets celebrate with an eizen & edna amv!!!

Nagi Bday Card (2017) Rabicha Spoilers

I wanted to post this on 20th but part 3 got me and I’m so slow at training cards.. Nagi, happy birthday! We love you!!!💛 

*warning* kinda spoiler-ish and bad english hahah

Part 1

Last year, they couldn’t celebrate Nagi’s birthday properly because he had to return to Northmare. 

Nagi: I wanted to have a match with Iori, see Yamato’s embarrassed face, eat Mitsuki’s dinner, watch Kokona all night with Tamaki, have a tea party with Sougo, and take lots of photos with Riku. 

Nagi: But all of these weren’t granted in the end. 

Tsumugi: Nagi-san… 

Tsumugi: Let’s do all of them, this year for sure! 

Nagi: Can we? 

Tsumugi: We will!!! 

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