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Iiiii just had a thought!! What if in the episode where Chuck gets all weird bc boosters he just fucking jumps Mike without hesitation bc haha consequences don't exist!!! Mike is super taken off guard and bewildered, but he's also got an assumed-unrequited crush on Chuck, so. Also, aftermath after the boosters come out and Chuck gets his fear reaction back aaah

Well on the one hand (and I feel like this has been drawn ten thousand times before but I had to I’m sorry)

But honestly even more importantly, emotional drama aside, just…………..



that one fallout oc edit only slightly better than last time


[💫] potato ghost is now forever covered in glitter (they/them)


The first man to tell me the true name of our agent Culper will be traded to safety on Saturday, the other man will hang tomorrow. [silence] They don’t know.

turn | 3x01 | valediction

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How did you kinda sorta steal onion plants/seeds??? I feel like I missed a story at some point.

Well they had a bunch of egyptian walking onions growing along the barn at a flea market we went to back in July, so while we were walking past I just nipped off a few of the clusters of bulbets on the tops of the stalks and slipped them into my purse.

Then when we got home I planted them. 

It’s a victim-less crime. 

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Getting back together with my toxic ex but hoping he can still change lmao I'm pathetic no matter what anyone says I can't help myself I have to see him I want his love. just hoping I get some sense knocked into me one day

he won’t change. but this doesn’t make you pathetic. there is better love out there, i promise you that. you don’t have to settle because you don’t believe you deserve better or you believe he will suddenly become better. he won’t. i went back to somebody a ridiculous number of times because i loved him but he repeatedly broke my heart. he was beautiful and toxic and i couldn’t figure out which half i wanted to commit to believing in. eventually i chose the toxic after he reeeeally hurt me and that knocked some sense into me. i was done right there. we think we don’t deserve better, or that better doesn’t even exist, because we’re so used to that bad kind of love. what we experience in love becomes our definition of love. so we keep letting it happen. but i think the fact that you’re already half believing this isn’t what you want and this isn’t going to change is a good start. that means you’re not going to stick around. i hope you don’t wait too long to leave again. when i left i blocked him completely and told him to never talk to me again. i’ve run into him a couple times since then and it was peaceful and we don’t talk at all outside of that. he moved across the country and is engaged, i am here and in love with somebody good. and i’m so glad that’s how it went. so, so glad. you can’t hang on to the things that are almost kinda-sorta good enough. nah. fuck that. you’ll miss the real good that’s going to come for you. i was alone for years and i preferred that to toxic. i hope you get brave enough to leave this behind soon. you already know its not good enough. its not going to be good enough, ever. you deserve more. you will have more. good love is real. 

What if Yixing was on the verge of falling asleep when a bundle of brown curls bounced up the side of his bed. He sat up instantly, turned on the lamp beside him and looked over his bed to see a familiar giant elf crawling on his floor. ‘Chanyeol, my goodness what are you doing here?’ Yixing asked still a bit startled.  ‘I don’t know.’ Chanyeol straightened to his knees. ‘Chanyeol’ Yixing put his hand on his waist. ‘I kinda sorta missed you.’ Chanyeol crawled into his bed from the ground. ‘Aww I missed you too.’ Yixing opened his arms to him. Chanyeol rested into Yixing’s embrace. ‘How did you even get in here? How do you guys keeping getting in here?’ Yixing asked remembering an incident with Sehun. ‘So what is it like being the prince of a fairy kingdom?’ Chanyeol avoided the answer completely.

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I don't understand why you tell people to be selfish, even if it is for a while, like in "their twenties". There are enough selfish humans in this world and that's how people forget they are not the center of everything.

I think you kinda sorta missed the point of what I was saying. I meant that sometimes you have to be selfish and focus on your own needs, wants and desires. If you completely neglect yourself, you won’t be able to adequately help others, inspire change and help others. It’s almost like on airplanes when they say ‘put your air mask on first so you can help others with theirs.’ Just the way I see it!

Things I Hated about Alien Covenant || HUGE SPOILERS ||

• Not an actual Prometheus follow up. More like “Prometh-uh, shit nvrmd, Alien: The Bold & The Beautiful it is”. So many questions ignored or lazily tied up.

• Michael Fassbender steals the show. Again. But why maybe…? I mean, did no one making/writing this movie think maybe other members of the crew should be a little more fleshed out? No one? Just me? Ok cool.

• Gay rapey David 8 confirmed. Calm down, tumblr. I know Fassy-on-Fassy action gets you all hot and bothered but I didn’t see/hear any consent going on. Plus, incest (self-cest) is yuk. #notafan #yesiamkinkshaming

• Also, this movie made me hate Michael Fassbender. What is the opposite of thank you? #daddyno #imcrying

• Shaw deserved better. WAY better. Disappointed that the studio apparently wimped out on giving her story a proper go. Amazing opportunity/story wasted so we could watch Michael blow on Michael’s flute. Awesome.

• TOO MUCH DAMN BLOOD. Ruined the classic eerie H.R.Giger aesthetic.

• “You know what I like to do right after helping my friends escape a planet harboring an evil alien that murdered almost the entire crew and threatened the safety of our +2000 colonists? Shower sex!”

• The Science vs. Faith theme was never explored outside of a few of Oram’s clunky, cartoonish throw away references. This was a big part of Prometheus and it was sad to see it basically swept under the rug for no reason. I suspect heavy edits.

• Went a little too hard with the “everyone is dumb and makes bad decisions” trope. Ripley was at least one voice of calm and reason in the originals. No one in this crew is a true skeptic however and all the “ooh, lets get closer to that horrifying thing! Yes David, I totally trust you 100%!” stuff just came off as cheap and annoying.

• Daniels was just okay. I love the actress but her character was basically a prop in this Fassbender-fest. Hopefully better things await in the next installment for her?

• “The Engineers? Oh THOSE Engineers! …Yeah…we kinda sorta killed them all. It’s whatever though. No one will miss them.”

• They forgot the time-honored formula: Suspense > Gore. What few good scenes of suspense they did have were undermined by David’s monster hard-on and pseudo-philosophizing. Talk less, breathe and quiet panic more.

• Walter is too pure, too good for this universe. Petition to make him the Jesus to David’s Satan so he can be resurrected and he and Daniels can build that log cabin like they were always meant to.

• DAVID FRANK-F*CKING-STEIN MONSTER-ED THE XENOMORPHS. You’re saying they weren’t the result of evolution/natural selection? That an emo robot made them because he was bored/salty? Maybe no? Maybe that’s hugely unnecessary and even slightly disappointing? What’evs.

• Obvs this is purely just my opinion but I think, as a whole, Alien Covenant was a step back for the franchise. I’m open to hearing dissenting views on the subject though. Who knows, maybe a director’s cut will redeem it for me.

I hate when people complains that there were no gay/lesbian characters in the movie the Boxtrolls and they use the argument that there were gay couples shown in the teaser/trailer therefore they should be in the film.

Laika didn’t put gay/lesbian couples in the trailer to say “Hey look! We have gay characters”

It was to shown that families comes in “all shape and size” and not just “a mother and a father” and I face palm everytime someone misses that.

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Shit, we were kinda asleep an' stuff, so we sorta missed what's going on but- *arms out for a hug* bonecrusher underconstructicons

“Th-Thats okay.” She gives him a watery smile before accepting the hug and burying her face against his armour. “Th-thank you m-much.”