kinda sorta edits

Can someone please tell me why these two nerds look like they’re waltzing in space? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

This is what happens when I play with photo editing programs… My sister asked me for a kallura phone wallpaper and I delivered, albeit poorly. I’m lucky she loves me anyway… Maybe I should go to bed now. orz


I started the war. From the day I met you, I was planning your end. I’m sorry it has to be in this… squalid little corner, but -c'est la vie


I did a sprite edit of Akane. Mother of Saizo and Kaze, retainer of Queen Ikona.

I was inspired to make my own character after seeing @kynimdraws lovely Ikona. Though since I’m not so confident in my drawing skills, I put my photoshop skills to the test instead. 

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Anger rolled off of Erik in waves. Charles could smell it on him, sharp and fearsome. “You are—the most foolish—the most stubborn idiot I’ve ever known.”

“So are you,” Charles said coolly, refusing to be cowed by Erik’s fury. He lifted his chin and stared Erik straight in the eye, ignoring the wolf inside him that had its hackles raised, that urged him to stand down or attack before this enemy wolf could make the first move.

Moon Song by Ikeracity


Akatsuki no Yona - OP 2