kinda sort of ok

Been pulling my hair out over a particularly background-heavy project but…I think I’m off to a…pretty alright start?


It’s you.

Word Count: 1017

Triggers: None?

Requested by @sigh-icantfindausername

The headaches had been getting progressively worse. You had one almost every morning when you woke up, and they would flare anytime you were somewhere with bright light. You were popping pills left and right, but eventually, they ran out. Unfortunately for you, it happened during a con.

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lilehhlilyy  asked:

What is your thought on Bleach's ending?!?!?

Well I can say that it’s an appropriate result of  the sudden shut down from Shonen Jump. Even if it ended in a different way, it would have still been inevitably bad. It’s rushed, it has plot holes, things have been left out  and it’s also not very original, it’s the classic Shonen ending where main protagonists have kids and story repeats itself ( and I am definitely not a fan of these endings, AT ALL).  But at the end of the day, I kind of feel bad for Kubo, it mustn’t have been nice to be hurried to finish his work in 5 weeks. There is no way he could have done better than this to be honest…maybe an open ending? I don’t know…

The ships are meh, kinda wished for Ichiruki to happen…I am ok with Ichihime (sort of), but I still don’t get why he had to put Renji and Rukia together….it was necessary to the ending I guess….

The only thing that pisses me off more than anything is Ichigo’s hair. Why that haircut, WHYYYYYYY??????? 


                                                         [Sorting Series]

                                               Grantaire     .      Ravenclaw

“Grantaire was a man who took great care not to believe anything. He was actually one of the students who had learned most during their stay in Paris; he knew the best coffee was at Café Lemblin, and the best billiard table at Café Voltaire. […] He knew the good places for everything; beyond that, boxing, tennis, some dances, and he was a knowledgeable cudgel player. To top it off, a great drinker. “

                                                                (Les Misérables)

Title: ѕєνєη ℓινєѕ

Rating: T

Pairing: River Song/ Eleventh Doctor

summary: If a man were to carry his wife to the summit of three hundred stairs, they would be together for the next seven lives.

Notes: Lots of historical references in this. I couldn’t not. Also, I haven’t written fic in ages. Anyways, this is based on an actual Indian custom carried out in the village of Vattamalai.*crawls away and hides under a rock*

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a confession of sorts

(i am kinda scared to post this, i may delete later)

ok so most of you have figured out that i am a troll. not in the bullying sense at all, but in the sense where i say shit to get a reaction out of people, mostly negative. i dont know why i have been doing it, i did this also on a fairly popular anime blog i ran about 5 years ago. i used to try to piss people off so i can see them react in a bad way.

all the dumb shit ive said about decora and fairy kei etc on this blog and the cosplay shit ive done to piss people off. most of it. its like, hey i can seriously make people think a certain way about something ive said and i get a kick out of it. not sure if that falls under a scientific behaviour but all i know is that it’s fucked up and it needs to stop bc after i do i calm down from the “high” of getting negative reactions, i wonder why a lot of people dislike me. i forget that what i show on the internet is only what they will see and they do not know that most of it is a semi-fucked up act and that my personality is nothing like that at all.

all i know is that i have to somehow try to stop bc it is not good for my mental health. nor people who just want to enjoy my art and not deal with drama.

dont get me wrong, i am a sarcastic brat but not to the extent i choose to portray here.

decora-kei, fairy-kei, guro etc are all amazing styles that do not belong to me nor do i take credit for them. those styles help me deal with my mental illness everyday, just looking at them makes me feel chill and calms me down when i am extra anxious.

so yeah i am going to stop being a cunt just for a reaction.

pastel decora kawaii glitter dolls are not copies of my dolls nor have i ever truly thought so.

thanks for reading (:

-the kind elfgutz (like the kind lemongrab after he gets eaten by his bro)