kinda sloppy but fun to draw


Hello :D! Hmmm…I imagine Wolf Commander will be kinda scary? because of the red glowy eyes or the scars. Miss Piggy is curvy, cute and bubbly. Looks like she gives awesome warm hugs❤ The Swan Prince is thin, short, kind of sloppy. He has fluffy messy hair, courtesy of getting constantly chased and ruffled by the Geese. And The Geese…are…just too much haha. Fox is slim, elegant and with perfect posture.

Thank you for the question! I had loads of fun drawing them today❤

The Kazekage

For OiSuga Week! 

aug 7th: free prompt / amusement park

(is kiss a prompt lol)

Thank you @oisuga-week for taking care of oisuga week! It was really fun participating (even tho I was always late lol). ♡

A Lapis fanart I previously posted to my twitter. I kinda drew her mostly because I don’t really desire to draw her, and I’m never sure why, so I figured trying would shed some light. I dunno, I guess maybe I just don’t know much about her personality and that makes it hard to get into drawing someone. I gotta know who they are.

But this was a fun quick sloppy thing, I enjoyed doing it.

flowers suck to draw but are a million times easier when you reduce them to the basic shapes and ignore details lmao

so uh

a friskerino doodle, started off as a slight coloring practice and turned into this

it’s still kinda sloppy but it was fun :3

BUT YEAH UNDERSHADE WOO getting closer to being able to actually start the comic! still hammering out the drawing style for it, but it won’t stray far from this

merry christmas from two gay nerds 

fen is in green cos he’s the grinch shhh


me, delirious, at 4 in the morning: “okay so like, pokemon amie right? and the whole FE Fates petting thing? but with metal gear characters. yeah. metal gear amie. like just. what if.“ 

(this is part 1.) I kinda tried to stick to the fe fates style while working on this?? but then I got tired and so it got a little sloppy. but hey!! this was fun regardless LMAO