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There’s nothing crueler than letting a dream end midway“ - Aizawa

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okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher

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coming back around

Summary: Four months later, and it starts with a phone call and a slightly more-than-absurd request. 
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Post Breakup AU 
Word Count: 4,738


“You want me to do what?”

Taehyung visibly winces at your tone of voice, while not over accusatory or threatening or aggressive, is just enough to make him realize the ridiculous notion of his previous request. It had been slightly absurd even before he had decided to brave towards a phone call, but now that the words are out there, it’s even more absurd. He tries to picture you now: your eyebrows knitted together and your lips jutting out into that adorable pout that he use to trace out with his finger before pulling you in for a kiss, nips and bites and anything to make your pout turn into the smile that he loved so much.

He swallows thickly as soon as he hears you humming on the other side of the phone, enough to drag him out of his trance, enough to make the statement burn itself into the back of his head: the statement that you weren’t his girlfriend anymore and he couldn’t just kiss you because he wanted to.

“Taehyung, are you still there?”

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Please Be Kinder To Me! Spell Jar

    A spell jar for when someone’s just been impatient and snippy.

    Of course, first, I recommend talking to them!! Ask them if they’re okay, bring up how you feel, that kind of thing, y’know? Communication is super important in relationships–and I mean that across almost all relationships.


  • a small jar / container
  • honey (sweetness)
  • mint essential oil or leaves (healing)
  • black wax (binding)

    Slowly fill the bottom of the jar with honey while focusing on them becoming more patient and sweet, then add a few drops of mint oil / a few mint leaves before sealing. While adding the mint leaves, focus on the idea of yourself healing.

       Then, while sealing it, focus on binding away their harsh reactions and your emotional pain, and repeat (either mentally or verbally, or hell if the container is big enough write it down and slip it in there).

Please be kinder to me;

My heart cannot take the hurt;

Please be softer with me;

Now I’m trying to heal.

    Finally, seal the jar while focusing on binding away their cruel actions.