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Happy double birthday to those seijou boys ~ ~ ~
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I got bored and so here’s a MonWinn ficlet. Mon-El tries to court Winn and kinda gets it right.

“Winn, how do humans court each other?” Mon-El asks.

“Uh,” Winn pauses, confused, “why do you ask?”

Mon-El blushes lightly, “There is someone I wish to court.”

“Well,” Winn begins, “you could partake in activities they are interested in.”

Mon-El hums, “Thank you, Winn.”

He turns around and walks out of the room, leaving Winn to shake his head wistfully.

Later that day, Winn walks into the DEO, only to see Mon-El angrily slamming a keyboard.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Winn shouts in alarm, rushing over. “What are you doing?”

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Jean Grey x Reader

A/N: I listened to Lauren Aquilina’s cover of Sex by the 1975 and it broke my heart and I avoided about a million other things to write this but oh well, I’m in the weirdest mood right now and this worked for me so w/e also I love Jean Grey with all my heart and soul @madithewriter pls suffer with me

You’re both more than a little tipsy the first time Jean kisses you, but that doesn’t make it any less electric. Her lips are soft and sweet and unfamiliar on yours and it feels like something in you is igniting as her hand rests lightly against your neck, and maybe it’s mostly the vodka, but her closeness is dizzying and nothing else in the world matters to you right now. All you can do is softly cradle her face in your hands and kiss her back, and you know you shouldn’t; she has a boyfriend, she’s your best friend, you shouldn’t. But you are. She’s holding you and you’re kissing her and oh god do you want her.

You don’t talk about it the next morning.

The second time she kisses you, it’s late on a Tuesday night and you’re supposed to be studying for a history exam but she abruptly stands up from your desk chair and grabs the notes from your hands, dropping them carelessly beside the bed and deliberately crawling up beside you where you’re sprawled across the covers, her hand sliding up your shoulder and tugging you up by the back of your neck. She kisses you and everything else falls away as her mouth moves insistently against yours, her long red hair hanging down around you and as you tentatively reach for the buttons of her shirt, you’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anything more beautiful than her small, inviting smile and wide eyes as she tugs gently at the hem of your skirt, as if asking permission.

You wake up the next morning and the bed beside you is still warm, but she’s on her feet, pulling her shirt over her head, her books already in a tidy pile on the corner of your desk. She leans down and kisses you quickly before grabbing her things and leaving your room and you both pretend nothing happened.

When you see her with Scott later you have to look away, throat inexplicably tight.  

You kiss her the next time it happens. She’s lying back on her bed and she’s tired and angry over something she won’t tell you about, so instead of trying to talk to her, you tentatively lean over and brush your lips cautiously against hers. She reaches up to hook an arm around your neck, hauling your body down against hers as she kisses you back, hard and demanding, and all you’re aware of is the way she feels under you as you wedge one of your knees between hers. Your hands are a little shaky as you gently pull her shirt off, but hers are steady and nimble as she tugs yours up over your head and undoes the clasp of your bra before sliding a hand up the slope of your back to the nape of your neck and tugging your lips back down to hers. Her body is warm and pliant beneath yours and somewhere in the back of your mind you know this is wrong. She isn’t yours, no matter how much you try and pretend she is, and doing this isn’t going to make Scott disappear. But you’re selfish, and if this is the only way you get to be with her then you’ll take what you can get, so you push the insidious voice of reason away and you try to focus only on the soft sighs she’s emitting as she writhes beneath you.

You try to leave later that night, but she sleepily wraps herself around you and so you lie awake listening to her slow, even breathing and trying not to think about how head over heels you are for her and how badly this is going to end for you.

You have lunch with her and Scott the next day, and pretend not to care that she’s wearing your shirt while she kisses him.

After a while, you stop trying to pretend that you don’t go to each other for sex. You stop pretending to yourself that you don’t use it just for the temporary closeness it gives you and you stop pretending to yourself that you don’t know that what the two of you are doing is wrong. It’s not fair to Scott, but you’ve never claimed to be a good person and you’ve never had any self-control when it comes to Jean, and if the whole arrangement weren’t so fucked up, you might almost call it love. You watch her grab her shirt from off your floor and pull it over her head, leaning down to press a kiss to your collarbone before leaving, and when you’re alone you wonder if you’re ever going to be able to find a way out of this at all, let alone one that doesn’t leave you in pieces.

This isn’t love. She has a boyfriend. This isn’t love.  

You know you’ll keep sleeping with her anyway.

While James is in Beacon he spends the night at Qrow’s after one of their booty calls, because he can’t be bothered to get up and get dressed and walk aaaall the way to his temporary room. The day had been fairly taxing for James and he’s exhausted. 

Qrow doesn’t think anything of it though and gets him some pills for his headache and curls up next to him because his post-coital cuddles are the best, dammit.

They wake up not to the gentle chippings of the birds or anything peaceful like that, but to Qrow’s youngest niece.

“Uncle Qrow, are you there?”

The Two in bed share a look akin to that of a Faunus in headlights. Qrow had completely forgotten that he promised his nieces they’d spend the day together.

“Uh yeah I’m just- in my room.”

The only reply is the sound of Ruby’s footsteps running down the hallway and in a state of panic Qrow throws the blankets up over James’ head. The door to his bedroom flies open not two seconds after that and Ruby’s grin practically lights up the room.

“It’s one in the afternoon silly, what are you still doing in bed?” She then takes a few steps back, and having helped raise the kid from birth, Qrow could instantly tell what she was about to do.

“Ruby waitwaitwaIT-”

She pays no mind to his protests and takes a running leap at the bed-

Landing directly on James Ironwood, not only Headmaster of Atlas Academy, but also General of the Altesian military.

And that’s how his niece’s found out about their ”thing.”

They were never gonna let him live it down.

Memory- Open Starter (suicide tw)

“Midnight, not a sound from the pavement. Has the moon lost her mem'ry? She is smiling alone…”
Lucy sang quietly where she sat on the roof of the apartment building, her feet dangling off the edge.
“In the lamplight the withered leave collect at my feet and the wind begins to moan.”
Tears dripped down her cheeks, her hazel eyes staring blankly up at the silver moon. The wind blew cold, but she didn’t even shiver.
“Mem'ry. All alone in the moonlight I can smile at the old days, life was beautiful then.”
She had just come out for a breath of air, to clear her head, to push the intrusive thoughts back to the back of her mind where they had been kept for so long. But now she was out here…
“I remember the time I knew what happiness was, let the mem'ry live again…”
The ground was far, far below her, lit by the street lamps and passing cars on the busy New York streets. If she fell, if she just happened to slip of the edge, would anyone truly care?
“Day light. I must wait for the sunrise, I must think of a new life, and I mustn’t give in.”
Maybe they would. They’d mourn for a while, a few weeks maybe. But how much of an impact had she really made on anyone’s life? Soon they’d all realise that now she was gone, they were better. A weight would be lifted from their shoulders, a burden would have disappeared.
She started to scoot toward the edge, teetering. It was better for everyone. She felt a calm, her tear-stained face blank as she continued to sing, unaware of the door opening behind her.
“When the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too… and a new day will begin.”

Hello, thank you for your help. I am quite and rather shy so I don’t say much. I’m an INTP with a 5w6. I prefer to observe rather then participate. I spend most of my time In my head. I am usually clam and relaxed but tend to tense up around other people. I tend to put my emotions on hold to get things done but there are times when I won’t. I like things like baking and video games and things with different realities. I apologize if this is to short.

Aw, man… I feel like such a stupid dickhead right now! D: I completely forgot about this Ask! DX I didn’t even ignore it like I shamefully do with other things, I just straight up forgot it was even there! I kept seeing it every time I opened my Inbox and I’d just think “oh, yeah, it’s that Ask; I’ll just do it later, it won’t take too long” and then I’d just fucking forget about it like it never existed DX I’m just so fucking sorry, dude :( I told you I’d do it like a million weeks ago. Please, forgive me for being such a shitty mod :c I’ll just get down to it once and for all before you figure out where I live and come to (rightfully) kill me or something :S Let’s see…

I think your description very clearly points you in the direction of being a Hero of Void. All the things you say fit Void perfectly, and the overall feel you give me is very Void-ey too: you prefer to observe rather than participate and are calm and relaxed but tense up around other, which signals the typical Hero of Void preference for staying in the sidelines rather than being in the spotlight (look at Equius’ weird obsession with following orders or at Roxy’s secretiveness about her wizard fanfiction); you spend most of the time in your head submerged in your thoughts and enjoy things that involve other realities, and Void both represents things that aren’t physically real as well as the “shadow self” of the things that are; you tending to put your emotions on hold to do stuff but also sometimes letting them loosen up is a Void thing too, as Equius, Heir and therefore literal embodiment of Void, seems to do so rather often too (for example he stoicly decides to go after a murderous Gamzee just moments after affectionately roleplaying with his dear Moirail Nepeta). You’re overall quiet, shy, and somewhat concealed, and those are pretty major Void traits.

As for your Class… I think I’m gonna go with Heir. Now I’m not ultra sure about it, but as I said before everything in your description struck me as very Void-ey from the beginning, and the overall feeling I got from the way you presented yourself gave me a pretty solid Void vibe too (I mean, hell! I even forgot about this Ask for weeks!), and as you may know Heirs are typically known for being literal representations/embodiments of their Aspect, so with you being just so Void I can’t help but think that no other Class would fit quite as nicely. There’s also your Enneagram in the equation, and I think it kinda plays along with the whole Heir thing too, as 5 is a pretty solid Type for a Void Player (y’know, ‘cause of that whole introspective thing that they have going on, living more on the world of ideas than on the real world, and appearing cold and detached despite being deeply sensitive and curious and whatnot), and at the same time that 6 Wing gives you a nice hint of a desire for comradery and loyalty as well as idealism that I think fits the Heir’s Role of inspiring and supporting others rather well.

TL;DR: I think you sound like an Heir of Void, and SORRY so, so much again for making you wait so awfully long! D: I hope you can allow my laziness to slip into the void and be forgotten!

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