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the lost photos of steve rogers and bucky barnes 1/?
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I always see people writing Kurt Wagner imagines and writing his accent into it but lemme tell you, I have a german friend who has more or less the same accent as Kurt and there’s something y’all are missing out. In german J can sound like Y.  Y’all don’t understand he makes the cutest typos when texting. He once wrote jogurt instead of yogurt. It’s the purest thing. If this ain’t Kurt Wagner texting I don’t know what is.

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Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

I kinda like how the Murphy’s show that, hey, you can have a seemingly perfect family, parents still together, thriving child, financially stable, and still have a bad relationship with your family. Like, anyone looking at the Murphy’s would think Connor was insane and fucked up because the Murphy’s seemed so perfect, while he was a black sheep. But upon looking further you see, his family was kinda shitty to him too. Like, yes, Connor treated them like shit and was mentally ill and not a good person for them to be around, but it really shows that ‘privileged’ kids can hate their lives or have bad relationships with their parents without them having to physically abuse him, abandon him, etc.

  • <p> <b>ppl:</b> cn is purposely trying to make su ratings low so it gets cancelled!!<p/><b>me:</b> idk theyre shitty at scheduling yes but that sounds kinda out there<p/><b>cn:</b> [changes the schedule to push back room for ruby w/o telling tv guides, fails to advertise new episodes and time change]<p/><b>me:</b> where's me tinfoil hat<p/></p>

Friends cancelled plans for the third weekend in a row…

My calm down doodles are always the best why


“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Jonathan could hear the pops of the fireworks outside of his window. He’d forgotten, in the excitement of playing through a Fourth of July themed GTA session, to give his dog his anxiety medication in preparation for the loud celebration of the country’s birthday.

Buster was already whimpering, cowering up under Jonathan’s bed.

He crouched down, his hand placed palm up as he tried to coax his terrified pitbull out. “Come on, buddy. It’s okay.” He said gently. A whimper, then a thud as another explosive went off and the poor creature hit his head on the bottom of the bed.

“Fuck.” Jonathan said again. He was pissed at himself. His poor baby was scared because Jonathan had been too busy playing with his friends to attend to his needs. 

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Oversized Shirt Part 3 (Roommate!Luke)

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summary: Luke temporarily moves with you and your roommate and you find it hard, considering he was so nice to look at

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part one

part two

It had been over one month since Luke had surprised you in the kitchen that first morning. It had also been about four weeks since you had shared your first kiss between the two of you.

Nathan, of course, had no idea of what was happening between the two of you. You guys kept your distance around him, even though you would share the occasional sly glance or brush of the hand. In private, intimate embraces were held, quiet whispers, soft brushes of skin on skin, and of course more kisses than you could count.

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So the thing is, I’m naturally a pretty lucky person. Things tend to work out okay for me (I’m still kicking), I see a lot of shooting stars, often have fallen eyelashes on my cheek, that type of stuff.

But the thing is, I always try to use it for good. For every wish I use to hope for something nice for myself, I make sure to wish for something nice for someone else. I avoid specifics, going for things like self-belief or motivation or for people to be kind to me that day, rather than material wealth or anything physical. I don’t gamble much, and when I do, I try to push out the vibe that I’m not seeking the benefits of my luckiness. Unsurprisingly, I pretty much never win anything like that. But when push comes to shove, I usually absolutely pull through. To keep the power you have to use it right, or you lose it.

What I’m getting at here is that I 100% get why Talesin consistently rolls so shitty for Percy in the Battle Royales. If you’re trying to use your eldritch powers to be mean to the people who love you they will not work. The universe knows, and power like ours comes from and can only serve a desire for the world to be cooler and better and more awesome.

(Travis’ and Sam’s power on the other hand comes from the momentum of having a good time – the more outlandish and bold their choices are and the more they seem to be enjoying themselves the better their rolls are – see Scanlan as a Triceratops and basically everything that’s happened with Grog and the Deck)


aka a follow forever wasn’t entirely viable considering I am multifandom trash and a fic/author rec would be pointless considering I just coded (and still am coding, urgh) 100+ fics into my fic recs page.

So life is good, and when life is good, I always like to spread the happiness around, so I made this: a weird, follow-forever-esque post just for the amazing and talented writers that I follow. Basically where I show my appreciation for them and will spill all of the feels and such I’ve been meaning to say ♥ (I know some of you guys post more than just writing, but, yeah).

important note: this is a sideblog. my main blog is @nierchi.

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  • above idea courtesy of @utaopias (it was such a good idea I couldn’t resist); if i didn’t write you a message, it’s honestly just because i’m an awkward and shy slug, but I really adore you all!!

as a side note: This whole post is organized in a haphazard chronological manner, so I would suggest using control + F if you want to find yourself quickly q__q; I tried to make it sort of easier and organized it into groups of 5.

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As Art tips the umbrella forward to better shield the already sodden detective from the rain, he feels Nice’s right hand reaching forward and taking his free hand, twining cold wet fingers around considerably warmer dry ones.

It only takes a moment then, for Nice to peck the inspector on his lips.

Thanks for coming to pick me up.