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Okay, I'm asking this because I'm genuinely curious. Why do people think Keith is gay coded? I really haven't seen any characters show romantic interest besides Lance, obviously, and maybe Hunk and Shay. Or maybe I should say that I didn't interpret many scenes as showing ship potential. Not a lot of moments scream chemistry to me, especially not with Keith, but I think if I saw people's reasoning, I'd understand better. What is it about his portrayal that people think is gay coded?

thanks for asking this bc i wanted to talk about it before but had no reason/didn’t know how

with all his moments with allura they could’ve made his attraction to her (if he had any) MUCH more obvious, and if allura and keith WERE going to get together they would’ve shown his attraction by now.

for an example:

if they wanted to show some attraction here they would’ve made keith have SOME expression, blush, anything. instead he has no reaction whatsoever.

like that’s not a face someone who’s into girls would make if they had ALLURA in their arms


I noticed (ok well twice) that whenever Cor is on their team, he talks to Prompto and I am a bit emotional ok lol 

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hey guys could you say in tags when and why you became a larrie? i’d love to see how you people have found your way here :)