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“I was never angry at you for invading. I was angry you took alway my choice. Men are always take away my choice.” 

Aesthetic for APH Hungary/Erzsébet Héderváry at the dawn of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution 

Happy late Birthday AiAi~! <333

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"I want to see you again”. It’s a phrase that makes you think there will be a next time after all, and it’s easy to understand what the other person feels.“

–Ai Mikaze, ASAS Booklet


Words describing Ai: calculating, knowledgeable, witty, composed, organized, indifferent, perfectionist


Basic Info:

Height: 178cm

Weight: ?

Blood type: Unknown

Birthday: March 1st

Zodiac: Pisces ♓️

Instrument: Synthesizer


"Its not just happiness that makes the feeling of love. There is also sadness and pain. Once you add all these feelings together, it makes up the shape of love.”

–Ai Mikaze, All Star


Ai’s aesthetics


Being the straightforward person he is, everything is in black or white for Ai. He doesn’t see any in betweens. He isn’t afraid of anything either

His organized nature is the cause for him having a slight OCD. He needs everything to be in order. When he sees some disarray, he usually cleans it up after scanning the area.

He takes everything at his own calculated pace, he does what he thinks is best.

The books in his shelf are arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. The items in his room are all labeled, neatly kept and easy to find.

He lowkey wants to build a laboratory next to his room because reasons.

His pet is either a school of fish in an aquarium (due to his like for marine beings, they fascinate him) or a hamster.

His favorite season is a tie between spring and winter. He likes watching snow kiss the branches of trees and also the blooming of buds into vibrant flowers. Nature marvels him.

He is multilingual and speaks a number of languages easily.

As a human, I see Ai to be sensitive but he wouldn’t show it, choosing to show a poker face instead. He doesn’t like being affected so much but he can’t do anything about it either which is why he looks to science which is more stable than his emotions.

Human!Ai’s Hogwarts house would be Slytherin and robot!Ai belongs in Ravenclaw.


“Smile until the very end, I don’t want you to cry.

After all, today will never be forgotten.

“I will continue to live inside you”

Thank you for all the love. Goodbye, my dear.”

–Winter Blossom, Ai Mikaze


elizabeth-karenina asked: Eighteenth or Nineteenth Century

Pictured [not in chronological order]:

  • French fashion plate (1700-89)
  • Benjamin Franklin publishes a political cartoon advocating colonial unity (1754)
  • Westover Plantation house constructed in Virginia (c. 1750)
  • François Boucher’s Rococo painting “The Love Letter” (1750)
  • Construction of the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo [outside St. Petersburg, Russia] completed (1756)
  • A General History of the Pyrates published (1724) –the “Golden Age" of Piracy spanned from 1716-1726
  • Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia (originally planned in 1749)
  • The U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)
  • The Women’s March to Versailles (1789)

“We’re born to live!
We’re born to die!
We’re forced to swallow these pills,
and to never ask why!

What I’ve become?
Why can’t you see?
That everybody, everybody,
everybody’s got this disease!”