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If y’all are not reading the wonderful Prompto’s Adventures with Celebrity Dating featuring @destatree​ amazing writing, then y’all are not living! Best. Promptis fic. ever. 

It started out as a joke idea between us, with a bunch of messages and texts back and forth on how ridiculous it can get, to something the that’s grown into one of my prides and joys! I’m going to be going back on he chapters to illustrate small parts of it once more to fit the aesthetic that I’ve draw as shown above! 

I’m serious when I saw you guys NEED to read this fic! She’s put so much time and effort into it, not just for me, but for her small community too! 

       So show her some love and enjoy the ridiculous story along side me!

Panels illustrate part one that can be read here and on AO3 here! 

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RFA + Saeran hcs on taking care of their and MC's child/ren?



  • y’all daughter was pretty quiet
  • He panics whenever he leaves the room for one second because she doesn’t make a sound
  • prays that you come back home so you can watch her
  • Freaks out when she starts crying
  • Calls you to ask what he should do
  • “She either needs to be changed, hungry or tired. If that doesn’t work just talk to her.”
  • The baby wanted attention from her father
  • you didn’t think your husband could get any more cute
  • but when you came home and saw him and your bundle of joy sleeping together on the ground. You thought otherwise.
  • many pictures were taken


  • selfies
  • you swear your daughter is going to love her reflection like her father
  • “Zen I love you and our daughter but stop sending m selfies every two seconds.”
  • He’s pretty good with a child honestly
  • almost like when she starts crying he automatically knows what she wants
  • he tries to practice with her but he ends up cooing at her when she tries to sing to him
  • “I know zen I’ve heard.”
  • He puts sunglasses and a big hat on her head when he has to go somewhere with him, she’s a celebrity too!


  • you both adopted twins! thank god they aren’t identical
  • Jaehee has everything down to the point when she takes care of them
  • tries to keep them on a good schedule 
  • Jaehee please they are 1 year olds..
  • Best mother. Talk shit about her kids you get hit into the next century.
  • Very loving. When alone she will baby talk to them, and ask them questions about simple things.
  • Likes to keep you updated on things that the babies do
  • “Mc our kids are trying to form words!”
  • fangirls over how cute they are


  • His pride and joy
  • he has no clue how to take care of his son
  • he actually calls you every few minutes to figure out what to do.
  • but he actually tries to do something before calling
  • “Mc I tried to calm him down with Elizabeth 3rd and a bottle but he won’t stop crying.”
  • “Maybe he wants to play with you! Take some of his toys and play with him in the living room. He likes the blocks the most.”
  • He tries to take pictures but we all know that he can’t
  • well, until he took one single perfect picture of his son sleeping with Elizabeth 3rd curled up at his head
  • He CRIED
  • that photo is copied and framed 


  • When he found out you was having twin girls he flipped
  • yes the seven having twins thing is overdone but I can see a twin having twins is pretty possible 
  • He makes them their own one of a kind toys that doesn’t fucking spit fire
  • He actually tries to teach them how to hack
  • it ends up with the girls bashing the keyboard while seven cries
  • He makes an effort to take care of them better than his bitch ass mother
  • Fun dad
  • He pokes their noses and watched them stick their tongue out at him
  • Those girls are a family meme

V(Not requested but I wanna add hiM)

  • He got the fucking surgery so he can see his son
  • He cried alot
  • “Jihyun are you ok? Do you want me to take him?”
  • “Mc i’m so happy that we have a handsome baby boy. I’m so happy that I can see our boy grow up and make us proud.”
  • Takes many pictures when left alone with him
  • He’s kinda a pushover kind of dad
  • He let’s the boy get away with stuff
  • so natural with this boy???
  • You can’t believe it????


  • He stares at his daughter a lot
  • that “Your going to be just like HER.” thing lingers in his mind a lot
  • very surprised that he now has a little person to take care of
  • touches her to see if he’s dreaming
  • he relies on you alot to help him since….you know
  • He’s good with protecting her from Saeyoung
  • You can see that he’s going to do the same thing when she gets old enough to date
  • Saeran likes to take hourly naps with her. He puts her next to him (on her back cause he learned that it’s not a good thing to let an infant lay on their stomach for long) and he lays next to her and falls into a peaceful sleep
  • you think it’s adorable while he’ll never admit to it

               “you’ll achieve greatness with me taehyung”

                                                                   “you’ll become the closest thing to a  g o d

house of cards, by @suganams | don’t repost anywhere

have Porcupanda, will travel! it’s the last day of GISHWHES and my sis has thrown me in the car at this ungodly hour (for a Saturday) for a trip to the Art Museum for some cole slaw and sidewalk chalk art. i am tired. it’s been a long week of assisting in the madness. i am demanding coffee for this journey. on the upside, there was a great item on the list that had show!Sandor written all over it and i can’t wait to share it with you when submissions end!

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Any Levy x Gajeel headcanons?

~Please Do Not Reblog~

Honestly yea me and my waifu ( @blxcksteelgxjeel/ @pallet-proud) kinda make some based on like pictures and rboz and other stupid videos and things we find.

1.) Let’s start with one of our favorites. Gajeel collects dumb shirts. One example being “I flexed and the sleeves fell off.” and get’s Levy some sometimes too to match him. They vary in what they say and he even has one that says “I love Shrimp” as a joke. Just these witty funny shirts and she is done with his shit more and more with each new one.

2.) on a more serious note when it comes to what happened between them Levy is more willing to talk about it than Gajeel. Example here would be say their kids always asking them how they met and they finally get old enough for the story to be heard. It’s most likely that Levy tells them what happened either when Gajeel isn’t home or wow he stays silent about it with guilt in his eyes. Once they find out they realize why their father would freeze every time they asked and give Levy an apologetic look.

3.) Obvious one but the only time Gajeel seems comfortable talking about what happened is when he and Levy talk about it. They both just want to move on and forget it happened but at one point that did include having to talk about it, which of course they did.

4.) ok this one is coming from a chat recently and a picture  I found on facebook. The picture was basically a kitchen remodel where like above the bottom drawer there is a platform you can pull out so that you can reach higher shelves if you two short and we talked about in their house just Gajeel demolishing the kitchen and not letting Levy in until it’s done and he surprises her with it so she wouldn’t have to climb on the counters to reach things.

5.) Again video I found on facebook but can we talk about Gajeel getting board one day and learning to play the guitar with one of their kids fidget spinners and Levy just comes home and pauses in awe like “What are you doing holy crap that’s cool.”

I can legit go for days because this iss what I do. I see something dumb that makes me think of them and send it to her and more often than not she agree’s and it just becomes a weird thing that I can keep adding to this list. Hell I was going back through our convo’s to find some of these.

Some Lapis Lazuli, because shes great and I love her and stuff’
The picture itself is made with copics, while the wings are made with water colors.
I figures, that it could have a nice effect….. because water winngs- water color- you see

I worked so long on this picture and it turned out so bad .__. well it turned good out for my circumstances but…. I hoped it would be better
well I´m kinda proud of the dress tho

well I hope you guys thike this picture and check out my other work

I also would be happy to get some SU requests…. since I´m hyped again