kinda proud of my coloring tbh

ayyyy!! gosh, I got so many sweet comments & compliments on my Taako last time I posted that I just couldn’t resist giving all u guys More Taako. this time, in color! watercolor, that is!

it’s kinda hard to tell, but his bracelet & shirt charm are actual chunky glitter, which I felt was a very fitting touch for everybody’s favorite fashionable wizard.


“Oh, Father, tell me

        Do we get what we deserve?”

                                                          “Oh we get what we deserve…”

Kasumi Tsukino
kunoichi of Kirigakure
born February 20th

(opening an image in a new tab to increase its size makes it look better! !! thanks tumblr )

“Your aren’t looking too hot. Wanna turn it up a notch?”

I DID IT. My computer broke and I found out about this awesome AU called Altertale so I sketched this pic out then decided to color and ink it in. Coming from a person who HATES coloring and inking drawings and would MUCH rather do it digitally, I’m ACTUALLY kinda proud of myself.

I love Sans!Toriel(Ima call her Sori) and highly encourage you to check out @friisans blog. Her art is AMAZING and I realized her AU doesn’t have fan art yet so BOOM! Geno!Sori sketch. Hope you like it @friisans (I’m going to call you TBH cause you write that a lot) ;) I made the Dremmur Beamers (aka Beamers) look like that cause 1:I can’t draw ram skulls 2:Sori is a goat, not a skeleton although I understand that the skull is for a death factor 3:I made them smile so that they are constantly BEAMING at you ;D Needless to say, this pic stands out the most in my doodle pad and helped me explore my limits so thank you TBH, thank you.

Korrasami Week 15 : Safe Again

Been so busy so I couldn’t draw out Prompt 3 (but i have the AU one…just not colored…) So I spend all my free time just doodling this on I-pad and running home to (kinda) color it. I’m kinda proud with how it came out tbh. I would say this take place after the ceremony, Asami sees Korra crying and takes her inside where she just completely shuts off.

She looked so fragile and lost . Asami almost couldn’t believe it 2 weeks ago this young woman was a ball of energy, running around trying to save a nation, and now she stares straight ahead so empty

“Oh Korra”

You walk towards her , trying so hard not to cry, trying to be so strong for her. Korra’s eyes almost follow you, the bags getting darker with each step, she’s lost so much weight.

“Korra it’s okay, everything is going to be okay , you’ll bounce from this I just know it”

But she just keeps staring forward , so blankly.Asami gently grabs her face, tucking it towards her heart. She’s rests a hand on her hair massaging the dark curls.

“It’s okay honey, your safe, your safe again