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hey i’m claire and did you know that phil’s first youtube video would be getting its hogwarts letter today? yeah. i’m as shook as you are.🦉🌠🎉🎂

When you cry so hard your stomach hurts, your face is aching and tears aren’t streaming down your face anymore because you’ve exhausted your eyes and they’re dry and you need water but you’re weak, you just want to sleep but your mouth is dry and you can’t breathe]  

You want to stop crying but it just hurts so much to have someone look at you with beautiful green eyes with a hazel center, rip out your heart with no mercy and hold it in front of you, to watch it stop beating. It hurts to watch them walk away and leave you where you lay without turning back.  
It hurts when they don’t say I love you back, it hurts when they don’t love you back anymore, it hurts when you don’t know what’s changed or why they don’t love you anymore, and you wonder if they ever loved you at all because if they loved you why would they leave, now you’ve been lying on the kitchen floor for hours and it’s dark now and you’re cold and you just don’t want to get up anymore you just want it to stop hurting and it doesn’t stop hurting for a few months.
You’re at school now, walking to maths and they walk past you, and they look straight into your soul with those beautiful green eyes with a hazel center and you can see what they are thinking and they don’t care, they don’t care that you’re still hurting and they don’t care that they are the reason you’re hurting and they know that one hug and three words from them would make the world melt away but you know that they don’t care, and they keep walking past, to english with mr. W that they always have when you have maths, but they don’t know you have maths, they probably don’t remember your birthday or your favourite song or favourite colour, they don’t remember your favourite number even though it is the same as theirs and that just makes everything hurt more because you can’t forget their phone number no matter how much you try and you can’t forget how they’re hair felt in your hands or how soft their lips are or how safe you feel when you sleep next to them and all you want is a hug and you know they don’t care and if they aren’t coming back you just want a goodbye, because they know you have problems with closure, they know you can’t sleep without saying goodnight they know you can’t move on without saying goodbye and they haven’t said goodbye and they know it hurts.  

[It hurts so much and you can’t stop crying.

—  ………….
  • child: d-d-d
  • dad: omg is it's first word is going to be daddy
  • child: don't knock it til' u try it

y'all be so hateful towards baby lifters it’s astonishing, newbie questions get kinda old yeah and ditching tags in dressing rooms is definitely a bad move and should be advised against but how they gonna know if all u give em is “stfu newbie”? we’re all committing crime, be it stealing a $5 wet and wild or a $30 kat von d we all gotta start somewhere, goes to show there’s elitists for just about everything smfh 💁👋😒


im sorry fOR BEING SO INACTIVE school is kicking my ass… but i made more antags *tired jazz hands*

my grandma came to see me and when i told her that i’m lonely whenever i come here bc mom won’t spend time with me she offered to take me out for lunch tomorrow, i love her so much

Misty's confession to Ash!
PokéHit - Episode 22 - Xochitl Ugarte Interview
Misty's confession to Ash!

Here is a little fragment of an interview @pinkstar375, other friends and myself have with Xochitl Ugarte, Misty’s latin american voice actrees in 2014, yeah kinda old… but still, I just listened it again and I thought about sharing it with xD

Xochitl: Ow, how cute. Const want me to share with you, Const is my daughter, that her favorite Pokémon is… Pikachu!
All of us: Ahahaha aw~ *ignore our fangirl comments xD*
Xochitl: *she murmurs other things, reading the comment* Do you think she was in love with Ash? OW, BUT OF COURSE, OBVIOUSLY YES! *we laugh while she continue reading* Can you say him with Misty’s voice that you love him? Thank you, greetings from Ecuador! Awwwwww. It would surely be while he’s sleeping and she ontemplating him like in one scene, right? *we told her like in the song* Exactly! That’s how it’ll probably be. She would probably say something like:

Ash, I’ve never told you this but that’s why I follow you and I’m with you all the time. I do believe you’re an incredible trainer but, above all, I would like you to know that I love you...”

Xochitl: AWWWWW, just imagine if it would have been something like that!!!

All of us: Fangirling.

Me: What we never had in our childhood, thank you pokémon staff, thank you…!

And so, we spent a great time talking with Xochitl, showing her also some fanart about Misty, works from @moritosakura, @hollylu-ships-it and other ones x’D

Random Sleepover Idea

Alix: Okay Rose. Jagged Stone?

Rose: He’s kinda old, but yeah, I’d do him!

*Juleka pretends to be offended and everyone laughs*

Rose: Alya, XY!

Alya: *rolling her eyes* I’d do him in before I slept with him.

*Rose tries to plead the case that XY isn’t that bad but Alix is all for murder*

Alya: Marinette, your turn. Chat Noir.

Marinette: Uh….

Alya: Come on Marinette, given a chance would you sleep with Chat Noir.

Marinette: Uh……..

I don’t understand how some of y’all saw and listened to the Bangtan trailer and came away with “swag Min” or “ball is life” jokes. 花樣年華 was more intense, more emotional, and more impactful than the vast majority of Bangtan’s songs so far and (in my opinion) more than almost any of the songs on Namjoon’s mixtape other than maybe 각성.

I’ve seen a lot of people giving Yoongi the appreciation he deserves for this, don’t get me wrong. But the fact that this is the first time Yoongi’s work has been given the spotlight like this and a large section of the fandom is just rehashing tired “swag” jokes is kind of…frustrating to see.

The Feeling songs and Sans/Reader fics

I associated a bunch of songs together with fics I’m reading? Just. Just look ok

Don’t Make Me Sad - Personal Boogeyman (by SkeezyBreezyCovergirl)

I Thought It Was Over - The Lost Toy Problem (by @auntie-diluvian)

Never Be Lonely - Better Safe Than Sorry (by Milkynubs)

This Time - Feel It In Your Bones (by @dinkywitch)

Loneliness - The Party Incident (by @poubelle-squelette)

Spare Me - Resolve (mine)