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Why gay? What’s Chojete?

So, who is who…

They’re from @amnesiachara that’s a blog for @ask-the-asterisk‘s Chara (duh) ( Really cool blog, check it out, 100% will protect all the babies there, go follow)

And, this peep that y’all know already

“Whaatt?? Two Charas??? Whaaaa???!!”

Oh yeah, sweet Chacha.

So you’ve probably seen the word Chojete around. That’s just the ship name for these two dorks, that might seem cute but actually went through a lot of shit before. Starting with Choco’s reset //warning really old art// and other tiny arcs and events im too lazy to tag ( Still check out their body swap tho, it has major stuff for both sides, /Red’s  - /Choco’s )

And where did the name come from? Well. Red used to have a crack nickname long ago, Rojete, back when we started to ship them. Choco x Rojete = Chojete. //lmao

It all started with this harmless post and became stronger with rps and headcanons.

Tag is #chojete for both blogs, you can find all that gay shit there.

-Min OUT.

Bby’s Birthday

Junmyeon: Today’s your birthday bbyyyy

Yixing: bbyyyyyy

Junmyeon: bbyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Sehun: viviiiiiiiii

Minseok: Okay stop.

Kyungsoo: I even cooked a whole meal but…

Yixing: Guys…

Jongin: Hyung, don’t apologize!

Chanyeol: We…we get to hear your voice, that’s important.

Baekhyun: Exactly.

Jongdae: We can still find fun things to do on the phone.

Baekhyun: I can think about a few things.

Chanyeol: Gross.

Baekhyun: Gross your nasty ass, ye nasty.

Chanyeol: Fight me.

Baekhyun: I will.

Yixing: Guys.

BaekYeol: Sorry, hyung.

Jongin: We can play charades!

Sehun: He, er, kinda needs to see us for that.

Jongin: Oh right.

Minseok: Let’s play impressions. I’ll go first, ahem…

Yixing: Minseokie!!!!

Minseok: Xing Xing, I haven’t started yet.

Yixing: Oh.

Minseok: Okay… “Say that again.”

Jongdae: Soo Man? He’s kinda old so, yeah,,

Minseok: No, eh, wait, maybe a little: “I dare you to say it again, you ugly rat—”

EXO: Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo: hEY.

Kyungsoo: I’ve never said that to anyone besides Chanyeol.

Jongin: True, True.

Kyungsoo: And I don’t remember calling him ugly rat?

Minseok: You didn’t…but you’ve thought about it?

Kyungsoo: True, True.


Junmyeon: Spit it out!

Yixing: -gurgling noises-

Junmyeon: Uh, not literally.

Yixing: -swallows-

Yixing: Okay, “-moans-”

Jongdae: Oh wow.

Baekhyun: Baekhyun!

Yixing: Ding ding ding. Bingo!

Chanyeol: Eh?

Yixing: Baekie always does that when his stomach is full, it’s cute.

Chanyeol: oH.

Baekhyun: Ye nasty.

Chanyeol: Shut it.

Kyungsoo: Okay, my turn.

Junmyeon: Ohhhhh, actor sunbae-nim.

EXO: Ohhhhh.

Kyungsoo: -coughs-

Kyungsoo: Okay.

Kyungsoo: “Awaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

EXO, clapping: WOW.

Sehun: Da Vinci is snatched.

Minseok: That’s DiCaprio.

Sehun: DiCaprio is snatched.

Jongdae: I don’t sound like that.

Kyungsoo: “I don’t sound like that.”

EXO, clapping again: Woowowowo.

Kyungsoo, blushes: Thank you.


Yixing: Guys… I, gotta go soon, but, thank you. Thank you so much…I miss you.

Jongin: Not as much as we do~

Yixing: Wanna bet~

Baekhyun: …And we love you. So much, hyung.

Yixing: And I do to. I do to.

-the call has ended-

Moodboard - Oxford

When I was little, Oxford was my dream university. Actually getting to visit it this summer was a dream come true and I couldn’t stop taking photos :)

The digital version of archeology: I’ve been mindlessly transferring all my files from one computer to the next ever since the first time my family replaced a computer, and now I’m going through old deeply buried files on my laptop and I just found Harry Potter computer game (you know the one) save files last opened in 2004. That was second grade. I’m in my junior year of college.

I tried avoiding this mini rant/ airing of thoughts, but… I can’t!

I’ve been scarce from dA for… months? And I’m honestly limiting my time there for a host of reasons I won’t bring up here. (I’ve said them before anyway.) I can’t help but notice one of my very old pieces in particular (the megaloceros, done in 2008-9) won’t stop getting notifications. Like, 20+ a day, for several weeks now. It didn’t get a daily deviation awarded to it, and I’m sure I’d figure out why it was drawing traffic if I did some google fu, but part of me is reluctant to know where the traffic is coming from.

Call me selfish, but… I’m not fond of my old, time-stamped art being dragged back out into the light of day to flood my notifications. I know, people only mean well, and I think about that each time this happens, I truly do. Sometimes the fact that something is old doesn’t even occur to people sharing the art in the first place. But I have to tell you, it’s hard not to be discouraged when people regularly ignore your new work in favor of some dusty old pieces completed a lifetime ago.

Yes. I am a curmudgeon! The tendency for popular works to only become more popular is also a thorn in my side. Which gives me only one choice: to clear/store any works in the gallery over 5 years of age, while my Society6 will have some of said works available as prints/etc. To avoid the emotional outbursts this sort of thing tends to solicit, I won’t be announcing when I plan to do so. I can’t help it, I need a good art gallery PURGE!!!

(If it makes sense, I am the sort of person who destroys/gets rid of old sketchbooks as soon as they reach the “eyes bleeding” level of cringe. I don’t get nostalgic, and I don’t look back. I also don’t have infinite space for old art garbage to pile up.)

* It was… around two years ago…

The snarls of the monster on top of him were deafening. They had drawn blood already, and they would not stop until they had won. 

“YOU ARE A TRAITOROUS LOT!” A voice rang from behind his attacker. A fierce member of the royal guard that towered over the rest of them. 

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Lapis... Lance?

Hey all, this is an au where Lance is a gem-specifically a lapis gem-that’s stuck in/on a mirror in the castle of Lions! 


Everyone froze, staring at the mirror, then the gem that had skidded a fair bit away from it. There was a moment of silence before a bright, blue light burst from the gem. It glowed, floating high up into the air above the paladins and Alteans, becoming brighter and brighter before the light seemed to snap together. A humanoid form shifted quickly into different features, faster than they could really count, before it seemed to settle on a certain form.

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