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happy holidays, mysme fandom!


// june ‘16 spreads

hi!! i’m alive!!

i am very aware that its august but as you may or may not have noticed i have pretty much been dormant here (except for queue) for the past 2-3 months or so 😅😅  so now i’m back i thought i might as well share the spreads i completed in the mean time!! july spreads will come along shortly as well as an update!!

so in june i went on a grad trip with my pals to tokyo so most of these pages are travel related! um also before i get asked this, no, i didn’t do those pages while travelling because that would actually be impossible 😂  i did them after i got back home!

and also because i feel kinda guilty taking people’s pictures off the internet, pasting them in and kinda reposting them back on?? i’m going to include a reference list in the cut below from now on!!

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guess what? blogrates 💕

because i have stuff to promote. and my laptop is broken so i don’t have photoshop to make edits ://

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List to my ML Comics (Asobou)

Hard to navigate through my blog? I have listed all my ML comics for you:

1) The hand (Adrinette)
    - Comic: (Part1) (Part2)

2) What’s going on Adrien? (Adrinette) 
    - Comic: (Part1) (Part2) (Part3) (Part4)
    - Omake: (1)

3) Time breaker AU (Beedrien X Ladybug X Chat Noir)
    - How Beedrien was born
    - Comic: (Part1) (Part2) (Part3)
    - Omake: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

4) Sexy Back (Ladynoir)
    - Comic: (morceau)

I will be updating time to time ^^

Updated: 2016.11.02


just a small update on what I’m working on, I miss drawing MCU stuff so here’s a rough Tony with Dum-E and Ironman tsum! I’m gonna try and do some of the other Avengers in this style.

Main work is on doing the bonus/secret art prints for customers, progress has been somewhat slow but I’m getting there, I’ve just been exhausted mentally, due to anxiety and work woes irl.

I kinda of felt guilty since only some customers were getting the bonuses,So I made a free limited AVAC Bonus print for ALL customers who are kind enough to support me by buying my fanmerch. I thought it would be fun to change the design every few months to give away :)

1/6/16 | 29/100

it’s the start of juuuuune! but not the start of my holidays just yet. gonna go on intensive study during my 4 weeks break.. and I feel kinda guilty for unfaithfully following my 100 days of productivity thing HAHAHA. happy studying!

also, my new printables for June, July, August are out now!! go go check them or and tag me if you’re using it so I can see them!! :-) x

Do you ever watch a show for the first time and you get to a scene that you just know will make you feel sad or angry so then you stop watching the show and you avoid it for like days and days because you don’t want to feel that emotion

But you also kinda feel guilty because you know you can’t avoid watching that scene forever and you might as well get it over with

And so you finally watch it and then all those feels you were trying to avoid feeling happen and you’re just like fuuuuuuuuuuck

I find it quite sad that Mark and Jack didn’t interact much during the stream. I’ve always tried to ship septiplier respectfully but of course there are some people that don’t and go a bit too far. I feel like now this ship simply won’t let them interact in fear of giving more material to the ship.
Honestly, it’s just disappointing. I wasn’t looking for a bromance on stream, I was looking for a friendship, anything! It upsets me that they obviously have some kind of hate for the ship now, so much that they feel like they can’t talk that much.
Right now, I feel kinda guilty and sad. In my opinion, the ship really has died.

i’m kinda bad at reading and typing. i scan and misread words, type too fast, and forget to double check. this is easily a recipe for typos and mispellings, and i’ve kinda reached a point where i’ve gotten self conscious about it.

so if i ever make a typo, i’d really appreciate it if people didnt make fun of me for making one ! i know people lightly joke about typos with no harsh inentions, and if you have made fun of any typos in the past, i’m not mad at you !! i totally understand, and you’re not a bad person for it, but it just makes me feel like a living comic relief character who’s too stupid to type properly.

i’m trying my best to slow down and type properly though! i really hope this post doesnt come off as too demanding, because i’m trying to get rid of the root of this problem (my typing) aa aa ,, have a nice day

Jack’s first time back at the haus since he left is coming and he and bits decide it’s time to come out to the boys. They feel kinda guilty about hiding it because they don’t want them to feel untrustworthy.

‘What are we gonna say’ bits asks over skype. And a normal person would probably just gather everyone together and explain the situation and thank everyone for their support but. Please.

What they actually do is decide to just… Cozy up and act couple-y and let the guys approach them. Then there’s no awkward announcement and they also have an excuse to get close for Jack’s visit. This is a great plan they both think and air high-five each other because they’re nerds like that.

The day of the visit rolls around and Bittle is in a fit cooking up a storm, a little nervous but mostly just excited. And nervous. It doesn’t help that the haus is chock full. Everyone dropped by to see Jack. Even the tadpoles have all come up with flimsy excuses to hang around.

Bittle recognizes the sound of Jack’s engine as it pulls up to the curb and he’s off like a shot. Jack’s barely out of the truck before Bits is at the curb, and they hug so hard he’s lifted off the ground and Jack spins him in a circle.

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i feel kinda guilty bc i’m going to atlanta to see radiohead then like 2 weeks later i’m going to barbados and i’m spending so much of the money i’ve saved up for next fall but like once september comes around and i’ve moved to montreal and am in school i probably won’t have any money to go on any sort of trip until long after i graduate so like… i deserve some trips to hold me over for the next few years… right??

Started watching Ore Monogatari because I am trash and saw gifs that made me smile.

I regret nothing, this show is pure sugar and sparkles and I enjoy how positive it is. It could easily turn down a typical romance drama road but then it takes such lovely turns down sparkles and sunshine road that I can’t hate it for what it is.

I love that Yamato is full on physically attracted to him, they could have been all “He’s ugly but he’s a good person it’s what’s inside-” but then they’re like “no he’s a good person and she thinks he’s hot as shit like damn she thirsty”
It’s just nice to see :’D


might turn some of these practice sketches digital if I have time!!