kinda of

I want you to love Winter as I do. Between the quiet, the cold, and the surrounding beauty, I can’t pick a favorite.


I shouldn’t have made some parts of this so complicated, but it was an experience.

[Belated] Congratulations to the Jacksepticeye community for 17 Million subscribers + 5 years on YouTube. Here’s to many more years of fun.


— “Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!”

ok some people don’t seem to see what’s wrong with a straight woman wearing a shirt with the word homo on it. that’s a slur coming from someone who isn’t gay. she’s not allowed to say that. she’s not allowed to wear it. she’s not allowed to profit off of it. because it’s not her word. what she did is…honestly really ugly and i’m apalled by it. she’s just profiting off of the LGBT community when she’s not a part of it, and that’s really not okay.