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Phil: One time I had my fly unzipped the whole time until a mom said “We saw everything!” and I was like “Oh, no”.

Dan and Phil @ Night of Community - VidCon 2017


“I Can’t stand morons like you who can’t get to the damned point! Basically you’re saying, ‘we wanna cause trouble, be our pal!’ What a joke! I’ve always admired All Might’s triumphs. No matter what any of you jerks say… Nothing’s ever gonna change that!” 

20 signs of Typical Kpop Scenarios pt2

1.You being a traniee in his company and him pretending to hate you.. but instead he loves you

2.His manager tells you to break up with him.

3.You flinch during a heated argument because you ex was abusive..on the other hand he was just trying to fix his hair..LOL

4.Both of you are fuck buddies.. but you fall in love with him.. 

you ignore him.. he bangs on your door questioning asking you why?

you confess him out of frustration and he tells you that he was already in love with you 

AND then passionate love making.

5.Your baby having a nightmare and interrupting your AHEM* AHEM* sexy times and the both of you getting awkward.

6.He breaks up with you and is not aware that you are pregnant with his child

after few years he sees you in a park with a small kid

later he comes to know that he is the father himself.

7.Arrange marriage.. him hating you.. him bringing girls at home..him treating you like trash.. you falling in love with him.. but when try to divorce him .. he realises that he loves you too.

8.He is the leader of the mafia group and you are the carefree straightforward fearless girl whom he feels attracted to.

9.You come to know that he asked you out as a dare and you break up with him.. but he makes you understand that he really loves you.

10.He is from a rich family and his mother disapprove your relationship 

11.You work in the company cafe and he falls for you.

12. You are his stylist and he falls for you.

13.You are his neighbor and he falls for you.

14.He accuses you for cheating and breaks up with you because he saw you hanging out with a guy

later he comes to know that he was your gay friend who wanted to plan a surprise for his boyfriend’s birthday.

15.You guys are dating but for his image he has to date a celebrity.

16.Both of you fall in love on the set of WGM.

17.Fall in love on the set of filming movie.

18.Both of you are enemies but later end up falling for each other.

19.You are his noona and he really likes you.. and wants to date you.. but you oppose but end up going on a date.

20.Crazy fans harass you and he protects you.

anonymous asked:

Hi, Robyn! If you feel like it, would you write a story in which Kara wants to ask Lena on a date, and she does it like a game? Every day she'd leave a clue with Lena's coffee (Lena knows she's Supergirl and Kara's gotten the habit of bringing Lena coffee every morning, so when she gets out of her 1st meeting it'll be still warm and waiting for her on her desk) and 5 days later Lena ends the meeting early and she is there when she sneaks in to leave her coffee and even more cuteness ensues?

Hi there!! That’s kinda specific, so how about this

Kara wants to say something.

Usually when she’s reading, Kara will doze against her, all but falling asleep until she clicks off the lamp.

Now, Kara’s wiggling around in the sheets. Rolls over to her back and groans up to the ceiling.

She waits before asking, waits for Kara to have her thoughts together.

(It’s almost fun.

How well she can read someone else. Their mannerisms and wants and oh, it’s like clockwork.

She loves being able to say she knows Kara.)

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