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What Happens In Earth Two Stays In Earth Two

Request: “Can u write a earth2-Snart/reader where reader is part of team flash on earth1? she goes with barry n cisco on earth2 n ended up meeting with mayor snart? reader couldn’t believe her doppelganger is dating leonard snart, because on earth1, reader and snart doesn’t exactly get along n watching the couple all lovey-dovey make your stomach turns. Idk maybe reader also has to switch places with earth2-reader n having to ‘date’ with mayor snart. Pls? im kinda obsessed with captain cold right now….” -Anon

Pairing: E2!Leonard Snart x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2377

A/N: This one is extremely late and I really do apologize for that. I hope this is what you’re looking for. Enjoy! :D

“Shut up.”

“I don’t shut up, I grow up, and every time I look at you, I throw-”

“Y/N, that’s enough,” Barry interrupted.

Your head snapped in his direction with wide eyes. “Are you going to completely ignore the fact that Snart started the whole thing?” You said his name with disgust.

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apparently today is *think about, write letters I’ll never send to, and make angsty stupid playlists about my former best friend who I was kinda in love with and who I was far too obsessed with and we never talked about it but now we don’t talk any more and I mess her so much but she also is Right to not talk to me* day

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1: Ever since I was 13, my favorite book has been Interview with the Vampire. I have read it at least once a year, every year, since then. 

2: I don’t really like berries. Not any kind. Nope. 

3: I love naps. And when I say love, I really mean love. I could nap every day, if it were the least bit feasible. I want to be napping right now, to be quite honest. Life feels okay when I’m asleep. Life does not feel okay when I’m awake.

4: I would live in Disneyland if I could. It’s my favorite place in the world. (That I’ve visited thus far, anyway)

5: My favorite superhero growing up was She-Ra. I kinda still wanna be her. 

6: I mean, if you’ve been paying attention to this blog at all, you know that when I obsess, I obsess HARD. Been that way since I was a boy-crazy child of 11, doesn’t seem likely to change now that I am a person-crazy woman of 36. #sorrynotsorry

Waste The Night

I wrote this for my friend and I think it kinda sucks but I hope you guys like it anyways! This was inspired by Waste The Night by 5sos btw I am obsessed with that song right now!

Originally posted by yass-jams

You couldn’t believe your boyfriend… Well… Ex-boyfriend. How could he? After a year of what you shared he left for her. Her of all people. You had been crying into your pillow for too long and now you had just run out of tears to shed. You were going through the break up phases. There was sadness and then anger and then regret. Sometimes you blamed yourself but others you blamed him and most of the time you blamed her.

All your crying made you feel weak and cold and you didn’t want to do anything. Your bedroom door was open, letting in a small breeze and allowing you to hear the cars passing by on the street below. It was dark now and your room was lit up by the street lights. You didn’t want to feel this way ever but you also didn’t want to do anything.

Your friends had been texting you and even your ex-boyfriend tried to contact you. You wanted to block him or at least erase his number but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Some friends wanted to go out to cheer you up and others offered to bring over ice cream and movies but you weren’t up for any of it. You laid in silence, drowning in your own thoughts until your phone buzzed again. You didn’t want to check it but you were curious to see if maybe, just maybe, your ex had changed his mind.

You checked your phone and was surprised to see who it was.

~Open the door~
Was all it said.

You didn’t know why him of all people would text you at this time especially since he was friends with your ex. You would think that it was some form of bro code not to talk to you. You sighed as you forced yourself up. You had nothing else to do and you really didn’t want company but something made you open the door.

You walked to your front door and turned on a few lights so you could see his face. You opened the door and slightly hid behind the door so he couldn’t see how disheveled you looked. “What do you want Taehyung?” you asked in a hushed voice. He looked nervous, just standing in the doorway. His hands were shoved into his pockets and he was biting his bottom lip. He looked you straight in the eyes and had what looked like a sad expression on his face.

“Suga’s an ass,” is all he said. You would’ve teared up but you were too tired to at the moment.

“Is that all?” you asked, not understanding why he was even there. He took a deep breath and shook his head. He put his hand in his dark brown bangs and put a soft smile on his face.

“I came to cheer you up. You don’t deserve to cry over him,” he spoke. You moved to let him into your place but he shook his head. “This way…” he said, moving to let you pass him.

“No Taehyung. I look like a bum,” you huffed. He frowned and rolled his eyes.

“You look fine. You always look great,” he complimented you. You found yourself blushing at his words but went back to the situation you were in.

“Where are we going?” you questioned him, not understanding what he was up to.

“Anywhere. Anything that gets you to smile,” he answered you. He had never acted like this with you before and you were just taken aback. Suga was his friend but instead of sticking with Suga he’s here being your friend.

“I don’t even have shoes on or my purse,” you argued.

“Slip some shoes on and you won’t need your purse,” he explained. You were really against doing what he asked of you at the moment but every time you hesitated his smile weakened a bit and it made you feel bad so you slipped on some shoes and grabbed your keys, shoving them into your pocket.

“This better not be some mean joke,” you warned him, pulling your jacket closer to you. It was chilly once you got outside and you were a bit nervous being alone with him. You guys had always got along but he had always kept his distance.

He started walking a certain way and you quickly followed. It was late so the streets weren’t as crowded but it was still dark. You walked for a time way past your patience and you began to complain. “Taehyung, please just tell me where we are going,” you whined.

“Not until I figure it out,” he replied making you stop in your tracks.

“I’m not in the mood for this. I’m going back home,” you sighed.

“Oh no you’re not! You’re not backing out now,” he spoke. All of a sudden he picked you up and slung you over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” you exclaimed, starting to get angry with him. It was pretty much midnight and you were alone with someone that you probably shouldn’t be.

“No! I promise you’ll have fun tonight,” he protested. You sighed in defeat, not wanting to fight at the moment. He kept walking with you over his shoulder until he suddenly stopped.

“What?” you asked, not able to see over his shoulder.

“There’s a dark grass field over there,” he said excitedly.

“That sounds scary,” you remarked.

“No! That means fireflies!” he cheered. He began running to the field and once you got there he put you down.

“Fireflies? How is that supposed to make me smile?” you scoffed.

“Well, try looking around. You never know,” he shrugged. You looked around you and saw the never ending flash of small yellow lights. You had never seen so many in one place and you had to admit it was gorgeous. “Isn’t it cool? I’ve never seen so many.”

“Yeah… Me either,” you replied. It was like stars all around you and for a moment you forgot about Suga and everything he had made you go through. You reached out to catch one and smiled softly when you saw it glow inside your hand. You didn’t let Taehyung see your smile though. You wanted to see what else could happen.

“Oh! I just got an idea,” Taehyung gasped. He grabbed your hand and began to run back towards the street. You were sad to leave the magical moment but you were curious to see what would happen next. You ran around corners and down alleys, hand in hand and your heart was beating fast from it all. You finally stopped when you reached a public, indoor pool. You looked at Taehyung in confusion.

“It’s closed,” you stated. He just smiled and shook his head.

“Not when we have easy access,” he chuckled. Still holding your hand he dragged you around to a back door. You were now scared of what was going on. Why would he want to go in there anyways?

You reached the back of the building and saw no clear opening for you to get in. Taehyung finally let go of your hand and walked towards the door.

“What are you doing? It’s closed!” you whisper yelled as if someone was nearby to hear you.

“No. It never is,” he replied, opening the door with ease. “They haven’t locked this door since I was a little kid. I would come here with my younger siblings all the time when we were little.”

“Ok, but what are we going to do in there anyways?” you raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll show you,” he smirked as if he knew you would freak out. He disappeared into the dark building and you had no choice but to follow. You lost him in the dark hallway and got a bit scared, not being able to see anything. You got to the area with the pool and took off your jacket. It was warm in the room and you were nervous not knowing where Taehyung was.

All of a sudden you were falling into the clear water. You screamed as you fell into the surprisingly warm water and fell deep into the liquid. You rose to the top and wiped your eyes. You looked up to see a smiling Taehyung.

“What the hell?! You could’ve given me a heart attack!” you yelled at him. You kept kicking your legs to keep yourself above the water and struggled with your shoes still on your feet.

“No I couldn’t! Now watch out because now it’s my turn!” he cheered. He jumped into the water, making a big splash so you had to shield your eyes. You saw him rise to the surface and shake his hair out of his face. “Take your shoes off!” You glared at him as you slipped your shoes off and threw them to the side of the pool.

“I hate you right now,” you grumbled. He just laughed and went back under the water. You looked around, afraid he was going to do something stupid and you were right to be afraid. You felt his arms wrap around your legs and bring you under the water. The pool was lit up so you opened your eyes so you could see him. He rose to be face to face with you and gave you his signature square smile.

You loved that smile and even though you tried to stay mad you couldn’t help but smile back. You ran out of breath and went back to the surface and began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, not understanding what you found so humorous.

“I guess you just really surprised me. Also, your hair is sticking up,” you kept laughing. He rolled his eyes and splashed you. “Hey!” you gasped, splashing him back. You got into a game of splashing and a fit of giggling before you surrendered to his waves of splashing. “We should leave. I’m afraid we’ll get caught.”

“Yeah… Let’s get out,” he sighed. You both made your way to the edge of the pool and he lifted himself out with ease. You struggled with how high the ledge was. He offered you his hand and lifted you out. You looked up to say thank you and froze when you realized how close your faces were to each other. You never noticed but now you saw just how handsome Taehyung was. His deep eyes and perfect lips had you staring at him and for some reason he was looking at you. Neither of you looked away and you found yourself blushing. “You’re really beautiful,” he whispered as if you weren’t meant to hear it but you did.

You blushed even harder and you saw him shift nervously. “Sorry,” he whispered again and looked away.

“Why?” you asked him, not understanding his actions.

“No, I don’t want to ruin the night,” he argued.

“You’re ruining it by not explaining,” you remarked. He looked back at you and let out a deep breath.

“You’ve always been Suga’s girl. I never had a chance when you two were so close so I kept my distance because I really liked you. Well, I still do,” he chuckled anxiously.

Your thoughts raced. You thought back to all those times you thought you had done something wrong so Taehyung didn’t talk to you as much but you saw it now. Whenever you were with Yoongi he always seemed distant.

“Good thing Suga’s out of the picture right?” you told him. He looked surprised by your answer. “What?”

“I thought you were going to tell me I was crazy or something,” he replied honestly. “I mean you did just go through a break up with one of my best friends.

“Well, then maybe I’m the crazy one,” you shrugged. “Now let’s not waste the night. I have place I want to go to,” you smiled at him. You quickly put your wet shoes on and grabbed your jacket before racing out of there. The two of you ran back the way you came and returned to your apartment building.

“Why back here?” he asked.

“You’ll see,” you answered him and walked up the stairs to the front entrance. You rushed up the stairs inside and put Taehyung in confusion when you passed your own apartment door. You ran all the way to the top until you reached a door.

“The roof?” Taehyung asked. You nodded as you opened the door and showed him the place you had made a long time ago even before you had dated Yoongi. There were two couches, a table and a few blankets up here on top of the gravel floor. “Whoa,” he gasped.

“It’s my little hide out and I guess it can be ours now,” you smiled. The two of you walked to the couches and looked out at the city. You could see pretty far out and the city lights looked like stars scattered around the Earth. You turned on the light you had plugged up on the roof and relaxed onto the couch. Taehyung fell down next to you and looked happier than you had ever seen him.

“So, you never showed Yoongi this?” he asked, his eyes still glued on the scene.

“I never had the time to. I haven’t been up here in a while myself,” you admitted. “But you made me think about it after all those fun things we did.”

“Well, I’m honored,” he said, finally looking at you. You made eye contact and your heart went skipping beats again. You didn’t know why you felt like this all of a sudden but Yoongi didn’t even cross your mind as you shared this moment with Taehyung.

You unconsciously leaned into him and neither of you hesitated. Your lips touched, creating a soft kiss that flashed with sparks. The longer you stayed like that the more passionate the kiss became and your bodies soon collided as well. It was a feeling you had never had with anyone and you never wanted it to stop. He placed his hand to cup your cheek as the kiss deepened and you placed your hands on his chest. You both pulled away only to come back for more, hungry for each other’s lips.

When you finally pulled away for good he bit his lip holding back his excitement. He had dreamt of that moment for way too long and you had waited to feel that with someone forever. It wasn’t the same with Yoongi. It felt too normal with him and this felt like an exciting journey with no destination. The trip is the best part and you were ready to pack your bags for that one way road.

You both looked away to see the sun peaking up from the horizon.

“So was the night a success?” he asked as you both kept your eyes on the light blue tint in the sky.

“You tell me?” you replied with another question. He smirked and cocked his head to the side, his hair following his movement. You shared his expression as you leaned into him again. The whole night had been yours and you couldn’t wait to own a day together too. You spent marvelous hours together and it was a night spent discovering something new. You would never waste another night without the thought of Taehyung and the feeling he brought with him.


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Hii just felt like sending you a message because I saw your dramione fanfic recs and I am now obsessed and spending all my time reading them LOL ^^ do you have an absolute favorite out of all of them?

it kinda switches a lot but right now definitely 

  • Reverse by Lady Moonglow - dramione is slow but plot is insane

At war’s end, Hermione is swept into an alternate world of opposites where Dumbledore rules as Dark Lord and Muggle technology and Dark Magic have revolutionized Britain. Light wizards who attempted resistance under Tom Riddle’s leadership have been left to a nightmarish fate. Can Hermione fix another shattered world - and still get back to her own? HG/DM, canon compliant

  • Silencio by AkashaTheKitty - REQUIRED READING

One late night, hate turns to lust.

  • Secrets by AkashaTheKitty - SAME AS SILENCIO

Sequel to Silencio! Nine years after Voldemort’s defeat, Hermione decides to take a holiday from her life to work out who she is and what she wants to do with herself. She soon gets the feeling that Draco Malfoy might be the key to her salvation, but Draco seems to be consumed by a need to keep secrets that are destroying him and does not want her interfering. Armed with a determination to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved, she sets out to see how he might fit into the oddly shaped puzzle that is her life.

  • Atonement by SomethingBlue42 - just really cute 

After Lord Voldemort’s victory, Hermione Granger is bought by Draco Malfoy, the Dark Lord’s most trusted servant. The longer she stays at Malfoy Manor the more she comes to learn that while Malfoy is vicious and unrelenting, not everything is as it seems.

  • A Pound of Flesh by Pennilyn Novus - smut. + heartbreaking alternate ending which made it a fave ofc

Becoming attached had never been part of the plan. Neither was falling in love. One night out on the town, Hermione comes face to face with Draco Malfoy–Memory Charmed and living as a Muggle–and an opportunity too good to pass up. What starts as revenge quickly grows into something more, and as Hermione delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the man who can’t remember who he is - the man everyone thought was dead - she might discover more than she can handle.

  • Uncoffined by lady_of_clunn - i love voldy wins AUs

When all is lost, we are willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

When Scorpius and Lily announce their engagement, it really couldn’t come at a worse time for Draco and Hermione.

He was her savior, a bloody angel with bloody hands, a soothing touch, and so much pain in his eyes that she ached with the need to protect him, take him into her body—protecting him with her own—and never let him go.

Even if it is the right thing, even if it is expected, letting go is the hardest thing if it is for something you love.

He dove in after her… but why?

AU. Is it still a sin if God is wrong? Lucius Malfoy procures Hermione Granger as a companion for his ten year-old son.

  • Nanny Diaries by Em North - the only fluffy + hilarious fic on my list tbh

Draco’s release from Azkaban comes with some … interesting stipulations.

Weird obsession

Okay I personally think that this imagine is a little bit funny. This is inspired by my beloved mom. She bought a juice maker and she’s really excited to use it and right now our kitchen is full with vegetables and fruits and I’m kinda scared 😂


Joe’s P.O.V

“Joe! I made you some carrot and lemon juice!” The voice of my girlfriend, (Y/N) boomed through the hall.



Bloody hell.

(Y/N) recently got a juice maker and she’s obsessed with it. She asked me to drink juices every breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes after we make love.

I love (Y/N). With my whole heart but her obsession is getting out of hand. Yes the juice she made is not disgusting but it’s not delicious either. Besides, I don’t want to spend my life drinking juice every single hour.

“I’m coming, baby.” I mentally groaned and headed downstairs just to see my beautiful girlfriend is smiling with a glass of juice in her hand.


Carrot and lemon? What the fuck.

“Here, babe.” (Y/N) handed me the juice and I took it with a fake smile.

I take a sip and hummed. “Hmmm, it’s good!”

“Good babe. Because I read that drinking juice will make you more energetic so we’re drinking them before we have sex.” She giggled and my eyes widened.

“That’s it! I can’t do this. (Y/N) love, I love you but I hate them. Your obsession over juice is getting out of hand.”

She looked at me blankly and tears started to spill from her eyes.

“I can’t believe you!” She screamed and covered her face with her tiny hands.

“Love, please don’t cry.” I take her hand in mine. “I promise I’ll drink that stupid juice every single second if you want. Stop crying baby. I love you.”

Shit, I make her cry.

I’m a terrible boyfriend.

Damn it, Joe!

She cried harder.

“Baby please! I love you. Stop crying. I’m so sorry baby!” I pecked tears that spilling from her eyes.

“I hate you. First, you said I am weird then you called my juice stupid.” She hit my chest.

“No you’re not weird. You’re special. I love you. And the juices are not stupid. I am. I am a bloody idiot!”

“Could you please say that again?” (Y/N) asked smirking.

“No you’re not weird. You’re special. I love you. And the juices are not stupid. I am. I am a bloody idiot! Wait what?” I asked as I realised she’s laughing.

“YOU JUST GOT PRANKED BITCH!” (Y/N) laughed and did a weird dance move.

“Wait what?”

“You pranked me for your video and now I pranked you to be on your vlog and video.” She smirked.

“You made me drink disgusting juices for 2 weeks. I thought you have gone nuts.”

“I know. I am so awesome! I got all of that on video. I can’t wait to post it on Caspar and Zoe’s channel and yours.”

“Wait what?” I asked my shady girlfriend.

“They helped me. They are behind all of these. THIS WILL BE EPIC!”

“You sneaky little shit. I’m so in love with you!” I pecked her nose and she giggled.

“I love me too.”

I laughed.

“Love you Joe.” She kissed me.

“I love you too.”

ShAdow PlAy

Let’s start it off this way: There must have been a reason Charles wouldn’t let Spencer sleep in the dollhouse for like ages - and when he finally let her he had her waking up covered in blood.

Why do that? Well I think what Charles wanted to trigger was some kind of trip to Spencers subconcious mind. To make her remember something. We just recently had one of those trips when Spencer saw that little girl dance in Radley. She was sleep deprived then. But this happened when she lacked sleep once before - in Shadow Play (4x19). It was a whole episode consisting of Spencer’s said subconcious mind that Charles apparently wanted to trigger. Thats why I decided to look for answers there.

(Start of Shadow Play: ‘You start a question and it’s like a starting a stone. You sit quietly on the top of a hill and away the stone goes, starting others”.

This was before Spencer’s very vivid dreams started but I think it found its counterpart inside the dream later.. I’ve always wondered what was up with the following statement:

umm yeah thanks for the info Mona? There’s gotta be more to it. The only thing I could think of was that it may be an anagram. 

carrot stick = rock stir act

That was the only one that kinda made sense to me. And I think it might in two ways:

a) as a reference to the sentence written on the chalk board above and 

b) of course as in the act of moving a rock and hitting someone in the head ‘that night’

In the scene above Hanna took the last carrot stick and left with Spencer. And although Hanna was the one to take the stick I still think this whole thing was Spencer-related.. Let me just show you why. (all the texts on the following pictures that are from the shadow play episode are quotes, I made them while rewatching)

So is Spencer a cold blooded killer? I don’t think so, I’m pretty convinced there’s more to the story.

That’s it. Don’t forget this is all happening in Spencer’s own mind. I’m pretty darn sure that’s exactly what happened, or at least what Ali had planned to happen (“or maybe she tricked you into helping”). Spencer really did someone in the head, not sure if Ali or Bethany though. Plus I do believe she might have been tricked to do so. And I also believe that’s the reason Charles is so mad at the liars - he believes them to be heavily involved into what happened (to Bethany?) that night.

Now what was Ali’s goal?

especially to the point of hiding in plain sight:

Look at the bags. Ali was leaving in the first picture. The second picture shows the girls in Noel Kahn’s cabin long before Ali returned.

back to Shadow Play:

I think Ali was trying really hard to pull off a show to get Ezra to write a story about her. Her story that’d make her famous and bring her immortality. But why would she need Ezra to do that?

The answer is right away in the same episode. To be exact, in Ali’s diary. Everybody has always been looking at the mermaid story on the page next to this one but I think this also tells us a lot..

(Plain text: I have to admit: things are easy for me, to turn people, to play with them like putty in my hands, molding the situation in my favor. But to write, to sway, to control with the power of words, that skill I have [not] yet mastered and he [..] teaching it to me. [..] can’t stop thinking [..] Pedrson. It’s just been too long)

Two other people were very present in this episode:

Aria and Toby. Which isn’t really odd because Spencer thought Ezra was A back then and still had to tell Aria and was keeping the fact that she knew Ali was alive from Toby - so of course these things bothered her mind. But still, there were some things that I did perceive as odd nevertheless:

That wasn’t when we knew you Aria.. she stated she had been a tomboy ‘till then which she wasn’t when she was part of the group of the liars. In fact she was a girl with pink hair that a certain someone now seems to be kinda obsessed about..

What made things about her weird for me was mainly this one:

Mirrors and Aria.. again.

Aria said this to Spencer. She’s probably right. But why is she the one to say it??

And one strange thing about Toby here..

That’s right what he started off with. Who else do we know likes drinks? A. We’ve seen bottles of whiskey and vodka in A endings multiple times. But I couldn’t remember Toby having anything to do with alcohol apart from that very scene.. which is why I think it’s kinda strange for Spencer’s mind to have him say this.

What do you guys think? ♥

Underused Settings

I reached 500 followers and to celebrate that I’m making this masterlist and also because I’m seeing the same places in every roleplay - and by same places I mean: New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, etc. It’s time to use other settings; different and unique settings. What’s the point in using the same settings over and over again? I’m tired of it. Therefore, I’m making this masterlist to show you some amazing places that could be the setting to your new roleplay. Who knows? I will, as well, list some things you could do there and where you should go. I hope this helps you and I hope that you use one of these settings instead of the other boring and old overused settings. Okay, well, maybe not boring.

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Just watched Cap 2 and UGH! MY ROMANOGERS FEELS!!!

Every single interaction between them just screamed “I want you”!!

First of all, THAT BIKINI SCENE!! The when she shows her scar and says “goodbye bikinis” and the way he says “oh, I bet you would look terrible in one now” TOTALLY IRONIC! THAT KILLED ME!

And UGH! THAT LAST SCENE! That was kinda sad. She was like “you should ask her out” and when she kissed his cheek the look on his face was just “it is you that I want” and even tho he knew she had to leave he wished she had kissed him just so he knew she feels the same way about him and that it would be worth waiting.

lol I’m sorry. I’m just too obsessed with them and I’m an emotional mess right now!

Things I Learned In Neverland
  • Kelsea’s favorite color is teal.
  • She will never perform Secondhand Smoke live and it will never be a single because it is such a deeply personal song and she cries every time she sings it.
  • Her favorite song off of her album is Peter Pan – “You know, I got to write all of the songs on my album myself and I love them all – they’re all my children – but [I like] Peter Pan [the best].”
  • “Dibs is huge. If you put him next to a polar bear, you would have to look really close to see who’s who. He’s so good. My mom is kinda the dog whisperer so he’s with her right now. Hopefully that’s good.”
  • She has one more unannounced tour date
  • She’s PROBABLY gonna be performing on Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas show this year (Pretty positive she accidentally confirmed it because she said “I don’t know what I can and can’t say anymore” after mentioning the Christmas special)
  • “I’m obsessed with her. Well, not obsessed with her. But I love her a lot.” –Kelsea on Kelly Clarkson
  • Kelsea on her favorite thing about Taylor: “What’s my favorite…? I don’t know! I love her! She’s consistently the same person, like… because I’m a huge fan of hers and, like, I waited in line to meet her, but it’s cool to literally, like, see how she’s consistently the same. She’s consistently kind and wants to help and wants to love on people and I just love her. She’s awesome!”
  • Her favorite Disney princess is Olaf and she wants to be him.
  • Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift and a few other people inspire her. She loves them.
  • Lost and Found will not be on KB2 because it was part of a very emotional part of her life and it’s hard to revisit those emotions.
  • Her favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz.
  • She will always have sparkly red heels in her closet because of this.
Luke Hemmings and Y/N

“What’s up, Luke?” Calum asked with a mouthful of food. He sat next to me on the couch and smiled. I rolled my eyes at him, ignoring his question. “Luke?”

“What!?” I snap at him. “Cal. I’m sorry. I’m busy.”

He huffed and stormed off like a baby. But I was alone, so I don’t really care. I was on a mission to find someone on YouTube. There is a girl who posts covers with her friends or band or whatever, I don’t know, and I don’t think it’s really anything serious but she has an amazing talent and it can’t go to waste. I know her name was Y/N and that’s it.

I found one cover of hers. Its an old Sleeping with Sirens song. Honestly, it’s incredible. Her voice is so raw and beautiful.

“Lads.” I say and take the laptop into Michael’s bedroom.

“What?” Calum glares at me.

“Have you heard of Y/N from YouTube?”

“Nope.” Michael says and shrugs.

“Perfect!” I grin and show them a couple of her covers.

“She’s actually really good and hot.” Cal states without a filter.

“Easy bro. Luke has obvious dibs.” Michael teases me.

“Mike…” I roll my eyes at him. “I mean yeah she’s beautiful and has an incredible voice, but I just want to collab with her." 

"With our invisible car and invisible money?” Ash pipes up from looking at his phone.

“That’s just it. She live here.”

“Sydney?” Cal raises his eyebrows, getting excited.

“Well… no. Australia. Her accent. But I don’t know how to contact her or anything.”

“She has a twitter. Moron.” Michael points to the screen where I hadn’t thought to look.

“Yes!!” I slightly squeak and run off into the living room again to follow her and contact her. Or try to at least.


“I honestly can’t believe we are doing this.” Michael yawns next to me. It’s early and we are getting on a bus.

“It’ll all be worth it, I promise.” I smile to myself and check my texts.

I had successfully contacted her and she knew who I was. She had watched a few of our covers and liked our Heartbreak Girl video. We all looked dumb but I did get an “Aw, I think you’re cute!” text which sent my ego over the edge. Anyways, her and I have been texting for about 3 weeks now seeing as that’s the only possible way to talk. We are finally going to meet up and hang out and hopefully make beautiful music together.

“Luke, you’re blushing?” Ashton whispers in a confused tone and then looks at my phone. “Aw LUKE!” and once he yells that the other two peer over the seat and look. Thanks Ash.

Y/N lived in Melbourne which isn’t extremely far away. 

“Tell us Luke. Do you like her?”

“I don’t know!” I blush. “She’s really cool and super pretty. She makes me laugh a lot too, but I don’t know if I like her yet. We haven’t and if I do like her, what is going to happen? I would have to ride a bus to see her. She’s older than I am. Why would she even-”

“STOP!” Michael slaps my head. “We didn’t all get on this fucking bus for 9 hours for you to be a little bitch about this situation. If you like her, then awesome. If she likes you, even awsomer. You guys might really hit it off. Long distance relationships aren’t terrible. It’ll make the time you guys have together even sweeter.”

The other 3 of us just kinda looked at him.

“That was deep.” Ash chuckles then looks at me. “But he’s right, Luke. You’ve been obsessed with this girl for weeks now. This will really test things.”

“Okay..” I sigh and plug my headphones in. This ride is going to be so long. I don’t think I have enough music to get me through it either.


“Oh my God.” Michael whined when we got off the bus finally. Our butts were all numb and we were wired from the 4 redbulls we had.

“I can’t believe it’s only 2. You got us up way too early for that stupid ride.”

“Calum you slept like the whole time. Don’t whine.” I stated and checked my texts again. “Okay she said there is a really good restaurant about a mile from here called En Fuego.”

“Is she meeting us there?” Ash asks and nudges my side. I mumble a yes and we get a taxi.


The cab ride seemed like it took 2 seconds. I was beyond nervous. I was going to meet Y/N for the first time and I was shaking like a chihuahua.

“Luke pull it together mate. She’s just another girl okay. You can do this man!” Ashton giggled. I cracked a smile but only because of his prepubescent laugh.

Ash gave the taxi the couple dollars that it was to ride in the cab. I seen her outside on the patio. She had sunglasses on and was laughing at one of her friends that was there with her. I couldn’t move. Calum nudged me to move forward, but that’s the only reason I stepped forward.

“Come on, Luke.” He whispered, trying to help me. I tried to shake off the nerves and approached her.

“H-Hi.” I choked on my words. I was usually never like this with girls and it’s not like she’s famous.

“Luke!” She jumped up and hugged me. Her embrace and smell made me nearly melt. I almost didn’t hug her back. “How was the ride? Are you guys okay? Lunch? Hungry?”

“It was miserable.” Michael groaned and took one of the chips that were in a bowl. She looked at me and smiled. I grinned like an idiot.

“Okay well I ordered like 100 trays of nachos because the nachos here are pretty kickass.”

“Great!” Calum smiles.

“So Luke tells us you’re a singer?” Ashton starts up a conversation. I’m mentally thanking him. I can’t do anything but stare at her. She’s so beautiful. Maybe I do like her.

“Yeah. Kinda.” He bites a chip. “I have sang like my hole life, right and a couple years ago I started posting videos of myself singing then a couple guys were like ‘hey you’re awesome we want to play with and for you’ so I was like 'sweet!’ and then yeah.”

“Intriguing.” I gush like an idiot.

“How old are you?” Ash asks.

“I just turned 19. What about you guys?”

“I’m 19.” Ash states. “Cal and Luke are 17 and Michael just turned 18.”

“Rad.” she nods. Soon our nachos come out and I’ve started to loosen up and communicate with her. She is pretty much everything I want in a girl. Her black skinny jeans go nicely with her fitted band shirt and doc martens.


“So yeah, right here is where my first boyfriend broke up with me because I was too flat chested.”

“I think they’re fine.” I blurt out, not thinking. Oh God. I felt my cheeks fill with blood and burn. That was so embarrassing. Everyone gave me a funny look then simultaneously burst into laughter.

“Thanks Luke. Yours aren’t too bad either.” she winks at me.

We continue walking for a few more blocks. The 4 of us have our bags with our clothes and shit inside of them are getting heavy. She had given us permission to stay with her tonight and tomorrow so we could all hang out.

“This is your place?!” Michael yells in her large apartment.

“Yeah… my parents wanted me to leave so they offered to pay for my place as long as I looked for one and I did and this is what I got. It can be kinda big and lonely but that’s usually when I decide to post a video.” she shrugs and shows us to the “band room”.

“Holy shit!” I gasp and pick up an acoustic guitar. I strum a few chords from the first song that popped into my head.

“A drop in the ocean.” she says quietly. I hadn’t realized how close she was to me. The other 3 were wandering around looking at and touching things.

“Yeah. I did a cover of-”

“Oh I know. The other night I looked at all your covers. You have a real talent Luke.”

“But so do you.” I smile at her and set the guitar down. I stood up straight and our hands grazed each other and we both blushed slightly. I hate crushes and this is exactly why.

“Anyways! Lads.” The other 3 look at her and I. “I was thinking that tonight we all just chill and order a late pizza or 4 and watch movies. Kinda just to get to know everyone. You all seem fucking great.”

“AND SHE CURSES!” Michael cheers, making us all laugh.


The next day, we were all inspired and wanted to get this collab done and recorded and put on the internet. 

“Just 1 acoustic guitar?” she asks, starting to hand it to Michael. He nods and we all sit down.

“Okay I’ll start okay?” I say and wait for Michael to start strumming. Ash was sitting on a box thing like his while Cal, myself and Y/N sat there.

We chose Always by Blink-182.

“I been here before a few times. And I’m quite aware we’re dying.. and your hands they shake with goodbye and I’ll take you back if you’ll have me.”

Then she comes in and we harmonize with Cal and it sounds perfect. I almost forget what I’m doing because I am so wrapped up in her facial expressions when she hits a high note or drags out a note. God, she’s beautiful.

Her hand reached out and patted my thigh when my voice cracked a little bit. I was kind of embarrassed and she DID notice, but it was okay because she patted my thigh. I felt like everything was going to be okay forever and ever while she had her hand on my thigh which was a long time.

It’s official. I like her. A lot.

Michael was doing a guitar solo then Cal sang on his own then Y/N and myself harmonized perfectly again. I feel like the lyrics are strong and kinda make me want to kiss her and feel her and touch her.

She sang the last Always by herself. It was beautiful.

After the music stopped, she got up and turned off the camera.

“Oh my God!” she grinned at us. “You guys are fucking incredible!”

“You’re amazing yourself!” I smiled at her. She winked at me then offered some lunch. I stayed in the music room and strummed a guitar a little bit.

“Hey?” she knocked on the door, carrying a plate with a sandwich on it.

“Hey.” I say in a low voice and set the instrument down. “You really are super talented.”

“So are you guys. I can see you boys going so far.”

“As long as you’re there with us getting noticed too.” I say

“I’m just a single girl. You guys are a cute band.”

“You’re a beautiful woman with an incredible voice. I’m surprised you haven’t already been signed.”

“You’re sweet.” she looks at the floor.

“Listen.” I say with a huge breath. I don’t know if I am ready to say this or not. “This is a huge shot in the dark and I didn’t know whether or not if it was actually true when I got on the bus yesterday but now I realize tha-”

“I like you too, Luke. But that’s it. We can’t really do anything about it. We live 9 hours away from each other.” I felt so gutted. Torn apart. “Like I like you a lot and wish that Sydney and Melbourne were only a couple hours away, but they aren’t and-”

“I get it.” I sigh. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. She hasn’t been a part of my life for that long. How can I let her be so important?

“I am sorry, and maybe when you’re 18 and huge rock star we can, but for now, we have to just be friends who text and call each other and occasionally see each other, okay?”

“Occasionally like every couple wee-”

“How about every few months.” She laughs. What a beautiful laugh.

“I think I can do that. But a long distanc-”

“I have never tired but I don’t think they work.” she cut me off. “I mean maybe in a few months when we really know each other we can try..”

“So you’re saying there is potential in us being an actual us?”

“You’re so dorky. But yes.” she laughs at me. 


It was the day we had to leave and she took us to the bus stop.

“I’m going to miss you.” she whispers to me. We were by ourselves and the other 3 are goofing off. We were holding hands and facing each other. I kissed her hairline and sighed.

“I’m going to miss you too. And maybe next time I come here I don’t bring my posse-”

“Yes YOU WILL!” Michael yells over at us. He makes us laugh and then she looks up at me. Her eyes are so beautiful. Everything about this girl is beautiful.

“How about every time we hang out, whether it be at your place or here at mine, we do a song together?”

“I like that.” I say and rest my chin on her head, silently making fun of her height.

“Fuck.” she sighs. I turn my head and see that stupid black piece of- “Bye Luke.” she sighs.

“Not bye, but see ya in a few months.” Ash calls me. “I am really really glad I got to meet you and hear your voice in person. It has made me so happy.”

“Thank you for traveling such a long time and being with me.”

“Anything for you.” I press our foreheads together and close my eyes.

“Oh fuck it!” she says and pushes her lips against mine. I honestly can say I wasn’t expecting that, but I liked it. I kissed her back and cupped her jaw in my hands. It was a deep, single kiss, but it meant so much to me.

“Bye Y/N. I will really miss you.”

“Not but see ya in a few months.” she giggles and I run off. She stood there waving. I waved one last time before getting on the bus.

“Atta BOY!!!!” Michael cheers.

“She kissed me!” I say with the biggest smile on my face.

“Oh damn!” he laughs and nudges me. This time he is sitting by me, but that’s okay. I’m not going to be paying attention to him anyways.