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pa pa pa pa, plucking petals off each flower

I'm Busy Mending Pieces Of The Life I Had Before

Warnings: Constant mentions of depression, suicide and self-harm, and use of a common phan song in a slightly unconventional way which idk if works but ayy. Oh and Dan is a carrier, so mentions of m-preg.

A/N: I literally had no idea what c-section scars looked like so I actually looked them up (not expecting to get any results) and wow people actually share pictures of those scars for other mums to see what the fuck even is the internet man. For the phanfic weekly challenge.

Phil hates saying it, but he knows they never should have had the kid.

They never should have gone through with it. And it breaks his heart to even contemplate that thought, but the way that Dan visibly flinches when Phil even suggests that Dan hold their son for just a moment tells him that having this child was probably the worst decision of their life.

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Exciting Things Ahead

So guess who finally got an AO3 (Archive of Our Own) account? That’s right, this trash can did! Anywho just a little update that I plan on extending my Blind Lance AU and making it into a full fic, so wish me luck! I hope you like it! Also, my account is watsonthebox (shocking, I know). I will update you all when I’ve posted. Thank you for all the love and support!!!  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

“Lonicera Paellax”

Ignis/Aranea (FFXV) | 3.2k words | I’ll tag it M but it doesn’t really deserve it

Authors Notes: Oh god, there wasn’t enough content for this ship so I made some??? Have 3,000 words of Ignis over-intellectualizing the entire universe, and Aranea being her generally sassy self. Pre-Altissia. Canon compliant where there’s actually canon to be had. Vague musings of Iggy’s backstory. Allusions to Aranea/Ravus. 

“So what is this plant we’re hunting for, again?”

Lonicera Paellax.”

“Great. Got anything more helpful than that, Ivory Tower?” Aranea’s voice was a taunting barb a few paces behind him as they picked their way through the beach rose and scrub pine of the Vannath sea-cliffs. “I’m not writing a dissertation. I’d just like to be able to spot the damn things before I’ve crushed them all to hell. These boots aren’t exactly ballet shoes, you know.”    

Ignis smirked. Of course he new that the scientific name was useless in their current context, but he liked the sound of the words… and maybe the sound of her frustration.

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anonymous asked:

genuinely idk what ready for it is about i kinda assumed sex ? but what do u think idek anymore

i’m really not sure why people are sticking with the sex interpretation after hearing the full song…to me it’s a juxtaposition between how people think she approaches a new relationship vs how she actually does. in the verses she adopts the maneater persona so regularly associated with her and in the chorus i think she’s being herself..she’s saying look this is what people are going to say about us but i’m going to be dreaming about how we’re going to spend the rest of our lives. when she says “you should see the things we do” she’s talking about any number of things they could be doing together that they “can’t” because of who she when she asks “are you ready for it” she’s asking are you ready to withstand all of this to someday realise what i see in my dreams

f.r.i.e.n.d.s inspired au prompts
  • ‘you found out someone once unclasped my bra with just a look and now you won’t stop staring at my chest for fuck’s sake will you finally quit it?!’ au
  • ‘we’re having a trivia night with another couple and it turns out I don’t really know all that much about you and the others are totally kicking our asses but it’s okay, they’ve known each other for ages… wait, you answer everything about me correctly shit now I feel guilty’ au
  • ‘I just got glasses and I look hella fine so I’m trying to get everyone to notice but no one says anything and then you come and tell me it’s because I’ve always worn glasses what the fuck do you mean?? I haven’t?? yes, I’m sure oh my fucking god you’re the worst girlfriend/boyfriend ever I’m breaking up with you’ au
  • ‘I made up a joke and you sent it to a magazine/newspaper and they published it and no, it’s not your fucking joke so stop being so smug it’s mine I’ll fight you’ au
  • ‘I’m really into bubble baths and you don’t see what’s the big deal until I force you take one and now you won’t stop stealing my baths’ au
  • ‘the first time I kissed you I panicked and I told you it was because I needed chapstick and you still tease me about it fucking let it go already, it was a dry day okay?!’ au
  • ‘you have a date and I am not happy so I just happen to show up while you two are waiting for your table to be ready and I ‘casually’ bring up all the embarrassing things that you’ve done but shit I forgot you also know embarrassing stuff about me and oh hey would you look at that, your date left! … let’s have dinner together? not that I want to or anything but you’ve got a reservation and it’d be shame to let it go to waste so…’
  • ‘my friend and I agreed to set each other up with one of our other friends and go on a double date and I said I have a friend with your name but I don’t so I go to a random café and call out the name, hoping someone will answer and you do and holy shit you’re hot! we go on the date but fuck, I think I have a crush on you’ au
  • ‘you’re my friend and I have a huge crush on you but I’m like 100% sure you don’t like me back so I’m trying to get over it and another friend suggests I make a list of everything I don’t like about you but I can only think of one thing and I don’t even dislike it I am so screwed… oh you found the list… listen, I can explain’ au
  • ‘I exchange every gift I get and you’re determined to get me one I actually like good luck with that buddy’ au
  • ‘what do you mean you don’t cry at movies? not even when Bambi’s mother died? that’s it, I’m making a list of the saddest movies I can think of and you better get some tissues ready because you will cry mark my words!’ au
  • ‘every year I try to find the chirstmas present you’ve gotten me but I never do and this year I finally find it, ha, take that! … oh… it’s an engagement ring’ au
  • ‘I just bought my wedding dress and I literally had to fight another woman for it and it was tough but I won and why are you laughing? you shouldn’t be laughing you should fear me. feAR ME!’ au
  • ‘I just wrote my wedding vows and I’m pretty satisfied how it turned out but then I accidentally find yours and holy shit that’s beautiful mine can’t compare what am I going to do????’ au
Inserted (Chato Santana)

words: 1,784

request: Imagine Chato developing a crush on you. Just imagine all the glances, stares, and smiles at you. And when you sit next to him at the bar.


Could you please do an Imagine of El Diablo when he meets you for the first time in the yard, with all the bad guys? Please and thank you

requested by: anon

tagging: @aya-fay

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Captain Swan AU:

After a fight with her parents, Princess Emma decides to do exactly what her parents don’t want her to do and, for once in her life, goes out to have some fun. In a tavern near the docks she meets the famous and very handsome pirate Captain Hook and flirts with him publicly, just to disgruntle her parents. They spent the night together flirting, kissing and talking and in the morning, Hook insists to bring her back to the palace (good form and all). On their way, they run into the Dark One, who has a grudge against both of them and offers them an opportunity to clear their debt by obtaining a special magical object for him. Searching for the object, they go through a lot - good and bad - and grow closer together every day. Over the weeks, Emma finds herself falling for the pirate, with whom she, initially, only wanted to provoke her parents. Killian falls even faster for the beautiful, blonde Princess and is soon willing to give up everything for her. After they payed off their debt with Rumplestiltskin, Emma invites him to one of her parents’ royal balls and introduces him to her parents, who don’t really approve of their daughter’s man choice, but soon realize that they’ll have to like it or lump it that her True Love happens to be a pirate captain.

People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, “No, this is who I am”. You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.