kinda my favorite saying

Alright, it was pretty cute.

Well this meme was popular last year, I wanted to do one too. Kinda late. I`d say my favorites are February, July, August, November and December. What are yours? Anywaaay next year i shall learn to make backgrounds, too much white, oh my god. But i also have my last finals and graduation, so ill let background learning for July 2017

Anywaaay thank you for your support this year, you are great, and I love you all. 

Here’s my heart in color ! (Well kinda)
I just did this. I have to say its my favorite exam 💞
I can see and hear my heart in the same time !
I love that feeling.

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite Stony plot you've ever thought about or read?

weell, what is plot to start with?

Webster dictionary defines plots as a small area of planted ground

wait, not that definition

the plan or main story (as of a movie or literary work)

okay, then

my fav Stony plots I come up with won’t be a surprise to anyone, because they are the Double Trouble and Double Trouble Reunion series (so, I guess Stony threesome and foursome with alternative couples meeting and having their sweet sweet time) together with Meow Cafe (cat cafe fic)

as for plots I read, I am a big fan of Stony AU fics, and I repeated my favorite AU so many times I am getting kinda embarrassed to say that again (*cough* Tony is a hooker AU *cough cough*)

but I am also pretty excited about the Stony fic set in medieval times! just need to find a proper time to read it (can’t find the link right now, when I find it, I will link it)

and thanks to AvAc I am slowly warming up to anything with Stony high school or college

and lazy evenings or mornings in bed, and being domestic all the way!

…. okay this is getting too long and I could blabble more, but let’s leave it here

thanks for asking!!


that’s got to be the best pirate i’ve ever seen ♕ dead man’s chest


First Day Of Fall!🍁

Not that the weather shows any signs of that today, it did Monday but today its low 90′s, kinda a hot breeze too. Kinda really freaking excited for winter! and when I say kinda I mean F***ing stoked! It has my favorite holiday, snow, cuddling in a blanket on the cold porch ect ugh I can not wait! And btw when I say favorite holiday I totally mean thanksgiving. E and I have been in the house for too long I feel, my sister takes her to and from downstairs, other than that its here in the room, but she doesn’t mind at all, shes to happy and careless to even notice the time, unless its nap, then she notices lol. Just some shots from this morning, were in the nap hours so i’m just about to watch ANOTHER movie, I think this is my 7 millionth movie this week??? on a good note tomorrow is Friday means two things i’m 32 weeks And both of my babies are home for the weekend, and maybe a in room date night lol I hope everyone’s week is fantastic and always remember to stay positive!


3/8 gifs -> Hey! Say! JUMP 8th years anniversary : リトルトーキョーライフ