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How about a rockstar meeting the hipster who doesn't know who they are while running from the paparazzi AU minific! You're awesome and I hope the stress isn't too bad and that the also awesome Captain Swan helps out!

(THANK YOU DARLING!  I’m good I just did some things at work that are necessary but not my forte and create a lot of anxiety so I’m trying to not over-focus on it and let it overwhelm me ^^;;)

(Also I kinda tweaked this a bit but I hope you like!)

The door slams closed, and he leans against it for a few seconds, breathing a heavy sigh of relief.  He still sees bulb flashes behind his closed eyelids, hears the veritable army of media reps and crazed fans (most of his fans he adores, but the crazies are always the most persistent) chanting in the silence.

That is, until somebody breaks it.

“ … . Can I help you?”

His eyes fly open to examine this unexpected refuge.  It’s a tiny, grimy little dive bar–empty in the middle of the afternoon, of course, save for the knick-knacks overflowing on every wall, and the blonde in the red leather jacket wiping down the counter.  She eyes him up and down with a bemused smirk. “Bit early for a drink.  Five o’clock somewhere, I guess.”

He lets out another sigh, this one far more resigned than the last.

“Yes, thank you, love.  I’d just like to duck in and get away from the cameras for a bit.  Once they’re gone I’ll be on my way.”

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