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HC that Rich and Jake get more in love during summer and have summer lovin kinda nights where they sit outside during those soft warm nights and listen to music and lay in a hammock and watch the stars.

this is the most fucking peaceful ask ive ever gotten. sometimes they go to the beach and just hold eachother while they watch the sunset and listen to jakes overly peppy and upbeat love songs 

I Wanna Fucking Boo Love 😣😣😣

Like I Really Miss Staying Up Late On The Phone With Someone Just Talking About Any Nd Everything.. It Necessarily Don’t Have To Be Sexual But…Ya Know It Do Tend To Come Up. I Miss The Soft Voice You Get When You’re Tired Af But Nobody Wants To End The Conversation, I Miss Telling Someone About Things That Happened In My Childhood, I’m Starting To Crave The Essence Of Having Someone I Can Call Anytime Of The Night When I Can’t Sleep Nd They’ll Stay Up Nd Just Talk To Me Until I Fall Asleep. I Miss Boo Lovin… But I Don’t Have A Boo. 😞😔

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Only just discovered your blog. Honestly not a big fan of bucky fics but man, you made me feel a lot of things during a lesson in love. Plus you've heard of psych? I love that show. Basically I've known you've existed for like 10 minutes but im kinda already tumblr lovin you

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(Let’s just replace the word “Summer” with “Tumblr”) I’m honored that ALiL is the exception to you not being a big fan of Bucky fics. AND YAS. PSYCH IS LIFE. PSYCH IS LOVE. IF YOU EVER WANNA FANGIRL OVER IT WITH SOMEONE, I’M YOUR GAL. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist

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Send for a gif of how Iris would kiss you! || accepting

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It’s rather hard to act so casual and show such gestures to the prince around the Citadel, but Iris knows that Noct is a total dork who kinda-sorta needs some lovin’. It’s only when they’re able to hang out (most likely after school) that she’d bombard him with affection as much as she can, probably to the point of being annoying lol

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There’s a lot of nose-booping. Noct is probably done.

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