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hi there i was feeling self-indulgent so have some freemance *tosses confetti*

INFP loops are fun wheeee

Fi: I’m feeling sad
Si: Yes here’s why: you fucked up this thing that was good, and then you DID THIS
Fi: Oh my god I did do that.
Fi: I don’t know how we didn’t consider this, Ne!
Fi: oh my godddddddd *self-pity intensifies*
Te: This makes sense, btw, Si is right
Fi: oh goddddddd
Ne: alright guys stop it let’s leave this in the past-

recursion - (707 x mc)

prompt: sob.

rating: 13+ (spoilers for all routes)

notes: ah. yeah. thanks guys for all your heart wrenching reset theory art. it inspired this monster of a drabble. it’s not even a drabble any more! it’s 2145 words too long! anyway, it’s written in the style of entertain the pain (tho the original version is arranged differently) and references some of my other works. ahahaha. so i thought, wow, this is a perfect celebratory piece.

in other news, there is an epilogue. ask and thou shall receive! though i like this ending too. :3 i hope you guys suffer as i have enjoy. <(_ _)>

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Owlboy HEAVY Spoilers!

DON’T read this if you haven’t beaten the game because it might ruin you the story!! Okay you have been warned!! I know a lot of people have already talked about this, and it will be no new news for many of you, but I just beat the game, and I´m still kinda feelsy, so I thought in gathering all the information we have about one of the biggest mysteries of the game: The Loop.


The only information we get about «The Loop» is in «The Book of Noctae».

Volume 1:

(…) It was here that the existence of The Loop was hypothesized / The existential anguish from the discovery of The Loop permeated Owl society / Riots began, and the Owl Temple was abandoned.

 Volume 2:

(…) They were determined to break The Loop, and worked tirelessly to advance their technology and knowledge /Finally the solution was presented: a Hex that would upend the laws of the universe /But it was a disaster. The Hex failed, and the world would never be the same.

(there’s a volume 3 but it talks more about the hex and anti-hex than any other thing).

To sum up, we know that «The» Loop was something related to the very nature of the universe (pretty big deal if you ask me). We know its existence created riots in the owl society. And that the Hex was created in order to break The Loop (which ended up creating the floating islands).


  • WHAT is The Loop? 
  • Did The Hex break it? Or was it the Anti-Hex?
  • Why did it create so much riot within the Owl Society? 

While «The Book of Noctae» is the biggest piece of information for everything related to «The Loop» there are some major clues left in the final conversation that Otus has with “Asio”, once the final boss is beaten.

At first, the logical conclusion is to assume that we’re talking to Asio. After all, it looks pretty much like him. However, there are some strange lines in the conversation. For example, these ones:

“(…) The fact that you are means the Anti-Hex worked / The islands will be sinking / Your generation will know the surface / as we did / (…) / We tried to change the universe, and we paid a price for that / (…) / In order to end The Loop we were willing to do anything / Even your our future, your present”

I remember asking myself: is Asio that old? I don’t remember if his age is stated in the game, but The Hex was created centuries ago, so it’s very unlikely that Asio was around that time (and I’m not sure if the game says how much an owl is supposed to live).

HOWEVER, we don’t need those pieces of information to come up with a conclusion.  Asio believes that the islands are floating in the sky thanks to the Owl Temple, when in fact, The Owl Temple has been shut down for ages. The islands are floating due to the The Hex, and there is no indication that Asio is aware of anything related to The Hex and The Loop.

But..if not Asio, then who?

If you beat the game, and you have collected the three ancients coins, and you have placed them in the right places, then you gain access to The Eternal Temple (so if you want to go and check it yourself, do it know because it’s pretty cool – or you can watch it on youtube dunno).

In The Eternal Temple, we can talk to the Ancient Owls yay! And we find this guy:

IN THIS PART, Geddy makes this comment: 

Hey! It’s Asio! No, wait. It just looks like him!

The similarity between Asio and This Guy is completely intentional. We’re supposed to believe we’re talking to Asio, when, in fact, there is a huge probability we’re talking to an ancient owl. 

Now we can analyze more clues he gives away about The Loop:


(…) /  All you need to know is that we wanted to discover the nature of the Universe, and in doing so, we lost ourselves / Maybe one day, in this life or the next one, you will learn about The Loop / But there are far more rewarding things about the universe than how it ends /.

To know about “The Loop” means to discover how the universe ends. But, at the same time, he says: “In this life or the next one”. This implies that The Loop isn’t only related to the end of the universe, but its creation as well. 

I am not an English speaker (forgive if I make weird mistakes!) so when I saw The «Loop» I was very confused because I didn’t know what it means. Then, I remembered the «loop» option in youtube videos, which allows you to endlessly repeat the same video. This is a dumb connection, but it seems that that’s exactly what the Loop is: the endlessly repetition of the events in the universe.

Now, let’s remember Noctae’s words. 

(i remember thinking he looked freaky until i realized he’s supossed to be a barn owl lol)

I predicted my own death to one of Aegolius’s machines. Not once, but again and again in infinity. No matter how I adjusted the parameters, I saw my own death there as an eternal wave function, over and over.

He didn’t see his own death once. And the “I saw my own death THERE as an eternal wave function…” seems to imply that he saw himself dying, an infinite number of times, in the same way. That’s how he discovered The Loop. So…what would be The Loop? A reference to the «Big Crunch Theory», it would seem. The Loop would be the universe destroying itself, only to begin again, with the same events happening, for the rest of eternity.


Solus states that he doesn’t know if the original Hex destroyed the Loop (but heck yeah it destroyed the world). And The Anti-Hex doesn’t seem to have other goal than to fix the planet, so we don’t know the state of The Loop, but there is some pretty important evidence suggesting The Loop broke.

Noctae’s words: 

I predicted my own death to one of Aegolius’s machines.
Not once, but again and again in infinity.
No matter how I adjusted the parameters, I saw my own death there as an eternal wave function, over and over.
And applied correctly, I could see every death. Every life.
Even a young owl named Otus, who dies in a great battle above a floating city.
And yet, Otus, my maths tells me that you will be at this hologram.
A strange inconsistency. 

You can’t get into the Secret Sanctuary before the credits. This is important, because it means that Noctae has seen Otus DIE, and then, he has seen him talking to him. There’s a little of confusion about the meaning of his words. Noctae said “a young owl named Otus, who dies in a great battle above a floating city.” This doesn’t refer to the Final Battle (that place isn’t a city, it’s a library)…it’s talking about the battle in Advent. According to Noctae, Otus was supposed to die there. However…he survived, which apparently contradicts the events of the loop. 

And if that’s possible, then Noctae could live a little longer in the next life, as he said: 

  ... Perhaps our Hex Machine worked, after all.
Tomorrow is the day that I die, Otus.
It is my hope that by doing so, my prediction will come true.
… So that I will see you here today.
And perhaps in the next Loop, I will not have to die after all.
Maybe then I could spare Aegolius some grief.

The issue with The Loop wasn’t the constant destruction and recreation of the universe, but the repetition of the same events over and over. Once The Loop breaks, it means that the universe will recreate itself, but the same events won’t be happening.


The final clue is the soundtrack itself. If you check the titles, you’ll see one of the songs (the one that plays when Otus is having visions, in the end of the game) is called “The Loop Has Ended”. This would imply that the original Hex did not break The Loop (but maybe the Anti-Hex did, or Otus, or the player with the check points, who knows).


We won’t get a canonical answer. This is only speculation. But you could guess that the very existence of The Loop would create controversy in any society . The question is…why did they need to go as far as they did to break it?

To be honest, I think it’s a matter of arrogance. The owls were too proud to accept the idea that destiny can’t be changed. If The Loop exists, then there’s no such thing as Freewill. At worst, we are just puppets playing the same role for the whole eternity. And the owls were infuriated to find such big obstacle to their “wisdom”.


It’s alright…I’m here now.

This was supposed to be cute but surprisingly I like pain and suffering drawing Grima!MU