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LadyAlyaBug from @imthepunchlord‘s newest fanfiction Lucky Fox Paradox

I’m super excited to see how this one will go, with super serious Ladybugya calling the shots. I extended her mask to hide her beauty mark, considering that’s a DEAD give away. And I love the decision to give her a cape <3

Hang in there Chat, we’re rooting for you.


Nikita Efremov as Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia in Grigoriy R.

Everyone is going on about the parts of Thor Ragnarok they’re most excited for but honestly? To me it’s fact that I’m gonna get to see Māori people in a big, international blockbuster. I’m gonna get to see myself represented in a popular movie by someone other than Temuera Morrison, which is honestly an amazing feeling

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No idea if you answered this before, but why was keith thinking of the shack in episode 1?

My guess is,, it’s the same reason why he thought of it in BOM:

Whatever else everyone believes about Keith’s backstory, I think we can all agree that–to Keith–this is home. Even if his dad isn’t there waiting for him right now. Even if he returned there and spent a lonely year wondering the desert. Even if all his memories are tinged with regret or melancholy,, it was still his home

For him, he has no place else. 

At least,, until Team Voltron became his other home, of course 


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