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moon-jellyfish  asked:

Hello. I saw someone do a Voltron/Free! matchup and I thought, "Gotta ask." So. Can you do a Voltron/Free! matchup please? I'm 5'1, a blue eyed blondie. I'm really into anime, manga, and occasionally yaoi. I'm a little shy and talk way to much when I first meet someone. Probably the more you get to know me, the quieter I get. I enjoy books and I'm kinda smart. I enjoy arts like ceramics and drawing. I'm an anxious person too. Thanks for doing this. I'm a little nervous about asking.

im sorry this took soo long but i can do this for you! always ask. there are rules to search on the blog so always come to me. 

Free! match: Rei Ryugazaki 

- talks too much too. it’s totally fine that you talk a lot. 

- he likes to have an intellectual conversation with you. 

- takes you on fun dates. 

- always gets you new things to draw with. 

- not much into anime and manga but hey that’s you. 

Voltron: Hunk Garrett 

- likes manga so he’ll like to switch and show you new ones. 

- thinks its soo cute that you just talk it’s just so nice to listen to you. 

- your so tiny and he feels like he must protect you the most. 

- likes art likes your art

- don’t worry about being anxious he’s anxious.