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the wonderfully evil miss fortune on her well deserved throne?

She’s beauty, she’s grace
She’ll murder you and leave no trace

(Please do open it in full because it looks much better when Tumblr hasn’t distorted the hell out of it)


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#MayWeDrawDaily Day 6 (I promise to start posting on the right day sooner or latr)

I drew a slightly modern Nenna (look she has a cellphone and a starbucks-y lookin’ drink thats the hint) because I missed drawing her. :’( I definitely imagine her being a nocturnal party animal as a human. (Or when trying to blend in WITH humans)


19 weeks of captain swan

week 8: captain swan in season two

Fic Rec Thursday ✿

good evening ♡ (previous weeks lists are here)

–> Reputation by @agoodflyting (WIP)
omega Hux but competent omega Hux, power bottom Hux, I love the direction this is going in and you all know how much i adore omega hux and this is super good

–> Ad Infinitum by @tokyotheglaive (WIP)
soulmates AU, Hux and Kylo are bad people but gosh, the dynamic is so good, amazing slow-burn

–> The Empire Needs Children by @permian-tropos (WIP)
gen, a look into Hux’s childhood (into little Tag’s childhood), I got emotional reading this, the relationship between Tag and his mother is gorgeous, bittersweet fluff

–> Ship-Wide Gravity Malfunction by @lady-starkiller
soft kylux, zero-gravity fluff, this will warm your day!

–> In The Dark Of The Night by @penpenhooray
part 1 of the incredible Dark Fairy Tale AU series, Armitage is to become Kylo Ren’s bride as a result of a deal his mother made years ago, so well-written and so creative, I’m in love

–> have you had enough of me? by @leettleteapot
Ben is forced to watch Hux’s execution, so heartbreaking and so tragic

–> now you’re just somebody that I used to know by @ellstra
Hux comes face-to-face with Ben Solo, the one who killed Kylo Ren, the one who killed the man Hux gave his heart to. For serious, I cried reading this. It’s so emotional and Hux is so angry at Ben for taking Kylo away from him. *insert sobbing emoji*

–> Fiddle Me This by @the-fluff-awakens
Hux discovers that Kylo has to play with the tip of a cock to fall asleep…and Hux indluges him. I adored this, its a perfect mix between fluff and smut!

–> I Thought My World Would End by @mumofthreedevils
Hux goes on a mission and Kylo worries…with good reason! Hurt!Hux and worried!Kylo, super cute

–> False Projection by @bubbaknowlton
omega Kylo & his twin boys get captured by the Resistance and Kylo is
so protective, super super good plot and a lot of kylux family feels!

–> I’ll Keep You Safe (Even From Yourself) by @ficlet-machine
Kylo has terrible nightmares and Hux looks after him, so fluffy and so heartwarming!

–> He’s Recovering by @ficlet-machine
Hux being worried over Kylo, post-Starkiller, THE FEELS

–> one fool, one liar by finalizer
break-up fic, so adorable but so sad!

–> Say It Again by @trashbinkrem
BDSM, sub!Hux, lots of Hux begging for Kylo to touch him, really really hot and well-written smut

–> bloom by icicaille
Hux is too quiet in the bedroom for Kylo’s liking so he decided to do something about it. ….Rimming. Just. Its so hot and Hux is an adorable mess of insecurities, stunning writing

–> My Own Breath by @saltandlimes
soft kylux, after an incident involving CPR, some things come to light about how touch-starved our boys are, stunning writing that’ll make your heart melt

–> Paranoia by Doteruna
Snoke breaks Hux’s mind as his punishment and Kylo rebels against his master to care for Hux, protective!Kylo and hurt!Hux, so adorable and such a good hurt/comfort fic

–> Space Carnival by @jathis​, @moonwalkingcrab​, rudbeckia, The_child_from_italy, valda
crack, everyone seems to be on shore leave at the same carnival, super super fun and adorable, please give this a read!

That’s it for this week!