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Love Potion

Day One

8:24 AM

This is so not worth the hundred bucks I’m getting paid to do this. I hate you Gus. I fucking hate you. Now for the serious part of this ‘scientific’ journal.

My name is Brian Vance. I’m seventeen years old and a junior in high school. I’m a virgin (is this really necessary Gus) and I’ve never been on a date in my life. The closest I got to a date was to asking my eighth grade crush on a date. She said yes, but stood me up. Who’s surprised?

Gus Katsoros is the 'scientist’ who concocted the 'Love Potion’. It comes in a cologne and drinkable form, supposedly helps you secrete natural pheromones to attract the opposite sex. I am one of three guys using both the cologne and the drink. I will be using the cologne and drinking one ounce of the Love Potion before I go to school, and at night will be drinking another ounce of the Love Potion before I go to bed. I’ll be doing that, now.

Ugh! Gus. If you’re going to label something a 'Love Potion’, don’t make it taste like mud. For the final product, for the love of god, add some honey or sugar. Hell, high fructose corn syrup, whatever gets the job done! Just don’t. Make it taste like dirt. The cologne ain’t so bad though. Smells like it tastes, which it makes a much better scent than taste. Off to school.

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I know this is like, kinda late to the chapter 18 meta party since chapter 19 comes out tomorrow, but I figured what the heck, I’d post it anyways.

Once again, I have no grand point to make here, but it’s something I noticed about that chapter and I haven’t seen anyone else bring it up. But I want to talk about the angle we saw Bum in some of the frames of this chapter. Y’all - I’m in even going to add pictures.

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Y’all loved Paladin Danse-Senpai, right?  Then let me show you something.

This is my contribution to the Fallout 4 fandom and I hope you will like it as much as I do @smokeauditore & @bloodymarietv :D

Now everyone get ready for… The “Notice me Sole-Senpai! Squad”

With its number one fanboy… Paladin Danse-Senpai!


Followed by our loyal nanny…Codsworth-Kouhai!

«Even at the worst of times, things aren’t so bad when                                        you’re around, Sole-Senpai.»

A round of applause for… Preston-Kouhai!

«A settlement needs your help, General-Senpai. Here, I’ll mark it on your map.»

She’s square but beautiful…Ada-Kouhai! 

«Traveling with Sole-Senpai has proven to be quite…uplifting.»

Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boooyy? Yes you are! Give a hug to this fluffy benediction…Dogmeat-Kouhai!

                                              «Bark! Bark!»

That girl sure knows how to get herself in trouble… Piper-Kouhai!

«Thanks again for sharing your story, Blue-Senpai. I’ll make sure no one forgets what happened.»

Let’s not forget our favorite detective… Nick-Kouhai! 

  «Well, if it isn’t my favorite former icicle, Sole-Senpai!»

That girl is an ass kicker…Cait-Kouhai!

«I know this must be difficult for you… I… I’m here if you need to talk, Sole-Senpai.» 

An angel who fell from heaven…Curie-Kouhai!

«It is so hard to wrap my head around what I feel for Sole-Senpai. Before, there was only duty. Now, something more.»

He stole many hearts and is kind of a badass… Hancock-Kouhai!

«Come on, Sole-Senpai! Let’s get this freakshow on the road.»

Is he really a synth or is it just another lie? Deacon-Kouhai! 

«This will be our finest hour, Sole-Senpai. Tales shall be told of our fight versus the rad roaches.»

He became what he hated the most as a child, a mungo… Maccready-Kouhai!

«For once in my life, everything’s going right and I have you to thank for it, Sole-Senpai.»

Gotta find that human milk…Strong-Kouhai!

«Sole-Senpai good leader. Better than Fist. Strong follow you always.»

The guy is more comfortable shooting people, than talking to them… X6-88-Kouhai!

«Yes, Sole-Senpai. Designation X6-88. I’ve already neutralized the perimeter guard. When you’re ready, we can move on the main flotilla.»

There goes our favorite raider… Gage-Kouhai!

«So far, you make a pretty good Overboss, Sole-Senpai, and it’s been fun running with you.»

He’s old but he can still kick your ass… Old Longfellow-Kouhai!

«You’ve got some grit, Sole-Senpai, I’ll give you that. Can’t say that about most folks I know.»


Elder Maxson-Senpai!

«You truly have become one of us, Sole-Senpai!» 

Knight Rhys-Kouhai!

«I can usually size people up a glance but you, Sole-Senpai…you’re different. And it’s bugging the heck out of me.»

And my favorite, the one and only one… Dovan my Sole-Senpai!

«I know my words aren’t worth nothing but crap to you, but let me give you an advice i should’ve followed myself when I was younger. Killing won’t bring your loved ones back. Killing won’t bring you peace. It is a poison that devours you from the inside until it is too late to be treated.»


Now, I am kinda curious to know what your Sole-Senpai looks like and what’s their own favorite quote. Please feel free to post pictures of your Sole-Senpai and their kouhai! :D 

Use the tag #SoleSenpai if you want to do this ^0^ I swear this is probably one of the best ideas I ever got.

***Every single screenshots in this post are mines except the Danse ones who originally belongs to @smokeauditore and I had a great time at making them more “kawaii”*** (I literally forgot to mention it. I’m sorry >o<)

Do MaYuki fight a lot?

Sayaya: So, you guys are super close, right? But I was wondering if you guys happen to fight a lot, or like, if you ever feel uncomfortable around each other…
Audience: NO THEY DON’T~
Yuki: I wonder… What was about the fight we had lately?
Mayu: The fight we had lately?
Mayu: I mean, we do pretend to fight a lot. 
Yuki: Oh yeah, we can do that in like 10 seconds, we quickly pick up a fight. 
Mayu: OY! 
Yuki: Oy! You wanna do it, huh!? You wanna fight!?
Mayu: Oy! Iromegane (which can mean both “colored glasses” and “somebody who has a biased viewpoint”)
Yuki: Oy! Just… Don’t call me that.
Mayu: And… That’s the kinda fights we have.
Yuki: Yeah, those kinda fights we do have a lot.
Sayaya: OK but what about REAL fights?
Yuki: I don’t think we have ever–
Audience: They don’t have real fights~
Sayaya: Why does the audience know about this?!
Mayu: I say there are real fights between us. 
Yuki: Are there? But I can’t really remember any…
Mayu: There aren’t much. Almost any. But there are some. It looks like there aren’t any, but there actually are some.
Yuki: Maybe it’s me the one who gets mad more easily?
Mayu: Sorry?
Yuki: I feel like I am the one who gets mad more often.
Mayu: Are you?
Members: *shocked by the sudden revelation*
Yuki: Yeah, like, “Hurry up!” or “You still there!?/Why you so slow!?” 
Mayu: Ah, that’s your getting mad at me?
Yuki: THAT IS, YES! 
Members: EEEEH!? She doesn’t even realize it!?
Yuki: I only get mad when we’re in the work enviroment, though.
Mayu: Ah, so that’s how you get mad.
Yuki: What did you think it was?!
Mayu: Just your ordinary way of talking to me…
Yuki: You’re kidding me!
Mayu: She’s a natural!

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Hello! I would like to request a scenario/reacts/hcs (whichever you prefer) where MC is addicted to an otome game very much like MysMe. She stays up late and giggles when she looks at her screen and answers the phone calls and all that. What would RFA+V+Saeran do, assuming they are already in a relationship? If this is too much, just pick the characters that you like. Thank you very much and good luck with this blog, you awesome person, you! 😆


☁ cuddling you while you giggle at your phone

☁ “whats so funny?”

☁ you show him the fake texts from imaginary boys

☁ “babe why. go to bed. it’s late”

☁ finds your love for those games adorable

kinda wishes you focused a little more on helping care for elizabeth


ツ is also obbessed 

ツ “babe look at how cute he his omg”

ツ will stay up late for chats with you

ツ knows every route inside and out 

ツ helps you get the guy you want 

probably has managed to hack your phone so you get the good end but it’s ok


☠ finds it cute as hECK

☠ but is kinda confused by your undying love for fictional people

☠ “can i see your game?“ 

☠ tries to get into it so you can bond☠ but still doesn’t understand

☠ "i don’t get it, but i love it bc you love it”



✍ tries to find mainly lesbian ones thought bc 

✍ gayhee

✍ “have you tried [insert game]??? so many cute boys and girls.”

✍ has managed to find sooooo many otomes for you two

✍ you two usually play together on the couch while eating


★ you show him dandelion bc jisoo

★ “????? thats a character i played tho???”

★ you got him hooked

★ good job

★ much like jaehee, you play together

★ he reads EVERY SINGLE LINE in different voices 


☂ boi can’t see

☂ so like

☂ he kinda hears it all the time??

☂ “is he handsomer than me?”

☂ ‘no one is handsomer than you, jihyunie’

☂ cuddles you while you play


☼ understands the addiction

☼ has you sit on his lap while you two play together

☼ like he plays LOLOL while youre doing your game on your phone

☼ teammates can hear you through his headset

☼ they oddly help you too??

☼ now you have a supportive team filled with your boyfriend and his teammates 

hope you enjoy! 

-mod jumin


Hey Mish (it’s been a while sorry) but I wanted to show you this pop vinyl I painted to look like Gube. Hope you’re doing good and merry late Christmas and Boxing Day

OMG WHAT THE HECK??? THIS IS AMAZING i kinda want it wow thats beautiful (’:

Look. I still think the Emiko thing is pointless and quiet honestly nothing actually new. (no shade twoards Emiko, I really am talking only about the whole crush thing….I’m against her inclusion but more because the book is so bad, not because of her)

Like Damian had shown similar kind of puppy crushes before, while it was never something long wearing or consistent, Damian showing interest in a older girl which displays how badass she is has been done before. And the whole Damian wanting to connect to her because of their similar background is *not* a valid motivation for him to develope a romantic interest, because there already are characters with a similar premise where none such a thing occured (Maya for example. You know. The character Ben Percy literally apparently forgot existed.)

And quiet farnkly, this whole thing seems like a total waste. Like if they really had to give Damian his first crush they could have done something a lot better then reheating old concepts and selling them to us as new ideas.

For example:

They could have used that idea of Damian experiencing his first crush to show his character growth and let him fall for somebody who isn’t some mighty warrior TM and doesn’t have some tragic past they can connect over. Simply let them be a person he enjoys himself around and feels comfortable enough with to actually act his age (not Jon. Don’t even suggest it ya nasties.).

Somebody who actually would be a realistic love interest to presue and doesn’t know about Damian being Robin would be nice.

This set up would give way for a lot more creative scenarios. It would add something to Damian’s character also that has been kinda missing this entire time, a struggle to keep two separate lives apart.

Like, that’s one of the biggest hooks in regards to young super heroes. Them dealing with having two lives to mantain. Two separate social circles. Especially with Batkids that’s been a huge hook.

But that kinda stuff kinda has been missing in comics lately. And with Damian it just never was really present to begin with.

Giving him some kind of meaningful relationship outside of heroing would be a great setup for a arc where he has to chose between what he wants and what he feels is his duty.

And the worst thing about this is that there already is a character who would be perfect for this role, which currently isn’t even being used anymore!

Maps Mizoguchi!

And it’s not just me shipping them speaking here! Heck that set up would work without and romantic connotations too! Like look:

Maps and Damian already have a established friendship, it’s been hinted that they regularly meet up to play their universe’s version of DnD and their interactions show some of Damian’s best sides.

He’s snarky but not assholey (It’s a word now, because I say so), he shows genuine care and tries to educate her, not undermine her when she does something wrong.

Both of them benefit from their relationship and their interactions are reminiscent of the Robin and Batman dynamic people have been missing dearly in recent comics.

Teen Titan’s premise is Damian feeling like he can’t really connect to people his age due to his Robin title, a good writer would PROVE HIM WRONG BENJAMIN YA DOOF!

And use said already established friendship to his advantage by exploring it deeper and letting Damian realize that he is allowed to be a 13 year old kid from time to time while also showcasing Damian’s struggles and insecurities. You know. Something actually relateable.

This could also futher Maps’ character and showcase more of her natural crime fighting and detective skills. You could also easily showcase some of her vulnerable and sensitive side as she feels more and more that Damian is shutting her out while said doesn’t want her to get involved with his other live too much out of fear that something might happen to her.

Literally you have a amazing opportunity to do a great storyline about trust, understanding, character growth and overcoming one’s own shortcomings and instead opt for a edgy storyline with no actual meaning stuffed full with bad ooc fanfiction tropes.

Jealousy (idk what to call this lol)

Request: Dang I’m late but can you do a cute Philip x Reader where he gets jealous? Thank youu

Warnings: none

Tags: non

Notes: man i suck at writing about people being jealous lmao but i got you my dude (psst- it’s a modern au too but like,,, it’s kinda obvious)



A lot of things are associated with that word; the color yellow*, fofos*, heck; it’s even a deadly sin*. Overall, being jealous is not a good thing.


Wish you would tell that to Mr. Philip Hamilton over here, glaring at others that hung out with you or showed any kind of affection towards you. Of course, you noticed nothing at all; seeing all these acts of affection and love as acts of friendship and care. But of course, Philip could not see it as that at all.

It all started when Philip realized an important smidge of information about you: he had a crush on you.

A really bad one.

So it’s no wonder why every time he sees you with someone that wasn’t him, he gets this feeling of…hatred towards the person.

He never planned to be like this, but he was just a shy boy who wanted to ask you out.

Was that too much to ask?


Philip was lying around in his room, playing some lame nerd game on his phone that some dude introduced to him a while ago. As he was playing, he dropped his phone on his face as he received a text from you. He shouted in surprise as the tiny box thing hit his face. He sat up and rubbed the spot where the device hit him before seeing what the text was about. He almost dropped his phone on the floor as he read what you sent him.

From: (Y/N)

hey yo dude- you wanna get some food later? all my friends are gone and i’m lonely :(

He audibly wheezed as he read over the message over and over again. You, the person he had a crush on, was asking him, some lame boy who didn’t know how to confess to you, to get food.


Philip scrambled to his phone again to see what you sent this time.

From: (Y/N)

haha whoops forget to add this-

i was gonna go get food now

His eyes widened as he read the word “now”. He quickly texted you a “yes sure where should I pick you up?” and ran to look for something decent to wear and found nothing. He cursed the gods for preventing him from doing his best. He quickly went through his roommate’s things and put together something nice. He scribbled a apology for borrowing their clothes without notice and left it on the bed. He grabbed his phone, car keys, and wallet before rushing out the door and to your house.

When he arrived, he parked the car and got out. He was just a tad bit nervous, but he managed to get to your door just fine. He pulled out his phone and quickly texted you before knocking.

To: (Y/N)

Hey- i’m outside your door :)

He waited for a couple minutes before he heard the doorknob turn to be opened. He was greeted with you face; something he could never get out of his head. Your eyes brightened when you saw Philip at your door.

“Ah hey- welcome! But uh…” You furrowed your brows in confusion before looking back up at him. “What’re you doing here?” Philip was now confused.

“You said you wanted to get food-” You squinted in confusion before cursing under your breath.

“That must’ve been Theo- she took my phone earlier and-” Philip waved to shush you.

“No no it’s fine- still wanna get food?” He asked hesitantly, giving you a shy look like. You nodded and a wave of relief washed over him.

“Yeah sure- I’ll go change. Go ahead and come inside; make yourself comfortable.” he nodded before walking in and taking a seat on your couch. You quickly ran upstairs to change. During this time, Philip looked around at the living room and found a couple of pictures of you and others. Seeing those pictures made that feeling of jealousy rise up again, but he kept it on the down low. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs and quickly turned to face you, a smile gracing his features when he saw you. He got up and walked out the house with you to his car.

Soon enough, the two of you went out to get some food and now you were walking back to his car; hands entwined. He didn’t mean for it to happen- it just did. He had his head turned away so you couldn’t see the red on his face from him being flustered. You just grinned happily, not minding the hand holding. Soon enough, you spotted a classmate of yours and you waved him over. Philip blinked before turning to face you again and was met with another person. Philip’s smile turned into a scowl as he realized who this person was. It was George Eacker.

“Hamilton.” George hissed out. Philip sighed.

“Eacker.” You blinked.

“You two know each other?” Philip and George nodded, the hatred for each other not leaving their eyes.

“So what’re you doing here with my (Y/N)?” George angrily breathed out and Philip felt himself grow angry at hearing that my.

“Excuse me- she’s not yours.” George scoffed.

“She’s not yours either.”

“Uh hey guys-”

“Not now, (Y/N).” George dismissively said, pushing you back. That was crossing the line for Philip. Philip grabbed your hand yet again and stormed off but not before throwing some sick insults and profanities (he learned that from his dad :) ) at George.

Once Philip got far enough away from George, you crossed your arms at him. Philip still had a angry aura around him, but he pouted slightly when he saw that you had that look on you face.

“What was that?”

“What was what?”

“Don’t you ‘what was what’ me, mister.”

“It was nothing.” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“…he pushed you.” You sighed before rubbing your temples.

“He’s like that Philip.”

“But you didn’t deserve to be pushed!” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m fine Phi-” A thought crossed your mind. You stared him down. Philip looked away, coughing nervously.

“Were you jealous?” He coughed out a “wha- no-” and you moved closer to him and he began rambling.

“YesIwasjealousbutit’sonlybecauseIreallyreallyreallyreallylikeyouandandand-” You held up a hand for him to stop. You heard something in there that made everything click together.

“You like me.” Philip’s hand flew to cover his mouth.

“Did I really just say that-” His voice a bit muffled from behind his hand. You nodded. He paled and you laughed. Philip moved his hand away from his mouth and gave you a questioning look.

“So you like me-” You stated once again. He covered his face in embarrassment.

“Stop bringing that up-” You placed a hand on his shoulder and he peeked at you from behind his hands.

“That’s too bad-” you hummed, rocking back and forth on your heels. 

“Because I like you t-” You never finished that sentence as you were smothered in his arms in a bear hug.





“Philip. I need to breathe-” His eyes widened before letting you go so you could catch your breath.

“Yes I will be your girlfriend-” His eyes brightened. “On one condition.” He blinks confusedly an urges you to go on with his eyes.

“If you give me a kis-” And there he goes- he leaned down to kissed your lips mid sentence. Your eyes widened in surprise before pulling away. You cursed yourself internally; you asked for this. He smirked at you and you wheezed on the inside.

“Hey you look pretty hot in your frocks- how about we go back to my house and strip down to ou-”



*yellow is actually the color associated with jealousy, not green (idk i read it on Yahoo Answers lmao)

*fofo is a type of yellow flower that is also associated with jealousy (again, Yahoo Answers)

*Jealousy is a synonym for Envy, one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The other ones are: Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Wrath, and Sloth.


Wow hey I finally finished this
I had like…no idea what to write for this
This is harder than I thought like
How do people coughTayah+Finnycough write so much like jfc

best friends w astro

part 3/??? (part 1 || part 2)

  • theyre having a photo shoot
  • and of course you got to go with them 
    • eunwoo: what time do you have to be at the shoot?
    • you: an hour before you
    • you: kinda sucks i was up super late last night and completely forgot about the photoshoot 
    • you: i need coffee 
    • eunwoo: up for a coffee date???
  • eunwoo takes you on a coffee date because youre going to be exhausted as heck during the photoshoot today 
  • he pays for you and you have a nice chat 
    • “what book are you reading?”
    • “i dont know, it’s just super long and super boring. people with no lives probably read this book in their freetime”
    • “i think ive read that book.”
    • oh…”
  • he buys you breakfast too 
  • you two go to the studio earlier than the other boys because theyre probably still getting ready and the manager doesnt mind the boys trickling in one by one,,, as long as they get there on time 
  • you brought your homework with you in case you get some time to yourself 
  • eunwoo doesnt talk to you because he knows youre exhausted and just want to lay on his lap
  • honestly what is your job because as the temp assistant youve just being paid to hang out with your best friends 
  • when the boys get to the studio, theyre super hyper
  • jinjin has ddoca and he’s filming everything 
  • fun fact: no one knows youre besties with astro bc youre scared of what ppl may say abt you 
  • but ya know, jinjin COMPLETELY forgot that you didnt want to be filmed 
  • you hiding behind sanha when you realize that he’s filming you 
  • sanha trying to shield you from the camera 
  • mj and rocky pushing you out from behind him
  • bin and eunwoo are first to get their hair and make up done
  • jinjin remembering and apologizing so many times about filming you 
    • “im so so so sorry, i completely forgot”
    • “its o-”
    • “you probably hate me now and want to quit your-”
    • “jinjin its cool i dont care anymore”
    • honestly fansites have posted pictures of you with astro so youre already kinda known if people study the faces in the background
    • plus you gotta be exposed eventually 
  • jinjin and mj gotta go get their makeup and hair done so youre stuck filming rocky and sanha doing dumb stuff
  • rocky and sanha try to stick stickers on as many people as they can
  • rocky doing some dumb dance and sanha insulting him 
  • rocky making you do some dumb dance and sanha filming it 
  • when socky gotta go get prettied up for their photo shoot, you’re left sitting alone with ddoca
  • you dont really know how to work ddoca so you kinda just hold it up and talk about yourself 
    • “hi im the temp assistant of astros manager while the real assistant is on maternity leave”
    • awkward silence 
    • more awkward silence
  • finally the photoshoot begins
  • you film the boys doing some poses and film yourself imitating them with the other members 
  • when its time to eat you basically hide yourself from the camera because you hate being filmed while eating
    • “hey, can i have your egg roll?”
    • “no you cant”
    • bin taking your food without permission 
    • “bin- cmon that was the last egg roll!!”
  • mj tricking and messing with you the whole time
    • “here you can have some of my food” 
    • mj feeding you with his chopsticks 
    • when they get rlly close to your mouth he swerves it and its the food he was going to give you 
    • “mj im going to fight you”
    • “no you arent” 
    • you tackling mj and mj being pinned to the ground by the boys
    • you and bin eating his food together as revenge even though bin took most of your food 
  • rocky, sanha, and you playing rock paper scissors for the last fry 
  • rocky ends up winning but sanha goes for it and eats the fry
  • rocky pretending to be made and staring into ddoca like hes in the office
  • mj, jinjin, and you are laughing rlly hard that this point 
  • eunwoo feeding you and bin 
  • when the photoshoot is over, the boys walk you home
  • on the way home, eunwoo and jinjin buy you bubble tea and you stop by a park to hang out in
  • praying that no one recognizes them because their manager thinks theyre going straight to their home 
  • sanha zipping his coat up all the way because of mosquitoes 
  • holding!! hands!! with!! jinjin!! because!! he!! wants!! to!! take!! you!! on!! a!! walk!! alone!!
  • you two talk about life
  • when you return to the rest of the pack, rocky and mj are singing at the top of their lungs 
  • everything is a mess 
  • bin is snooping through your bag and is kinda just staring in awe at your neat notes in your notebook
  • sanha was silently watching you n jinjin
  • apparently eunwoo was filming a majority of your walk 
    • “you know, im going to get alone time with y/n and im gonna have longer walks with them than you jinjin!!”
    • “the walk would be so short. you’d see a butterfly and runaway, sanha”
    • “s-s-shut up.” 
  • they walk you the rest of the way home 
  • a big group hug when you get to their door 
  • you closing the door behind you and your groupchat is already being spammed with messages from them
  • you dont go to bed till midnight because youre just chatting with them anyway 

anonymous asked:

14 and 18

(so very sorry for the long wait, anon!)

14. What got you into G/t to begin with?:

Oh loads of things! There were so many influences and I think it started way back before I can remember with George shrinks though. However I think like many people The Secret World Of Arietty is what kinda piqued my interest.

18. Would you be a shy and docile tiny? Or a brave and adventurous tiny?:

Well I mean I’d definently be shy as heck. I get anxiety around people my size so around giants… geez man. However I do like to think I’d be rather adventurous. Maybe make some cool tools or weapons.

(male)Pregnancy in a Gifset

Statistically speaking almost every case begins the same way. You ask yourself the question and do a little back and forth:

‘Could I be Pregnant?’

‘There’s no way I could pregnant…’

‘Am I pregnant?’

Then of course the realization: ‘I totally could be pregnant’. This is nearly always followed by a positive test and the need to tell everyone the news. 

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Some resolutions for 2018 if the Earth (hopefully) doesn’t go into another hellfire

  • Get my shit together, smile more
  • Interact with y’all more I mean come on I’ve been anti social lately
  • Hopefully start up speedpaint videos
  • Get my drivers license before Senior year
  • Get at least a B in my classes
  • Do more art, improve, blah blah blah that kinda important stuff
  • Get my portfolio and it’s shit together
  • Super cliche mate, but I need to get down those healthy habits
  • Commissions? Open shop? What the heck is that
  • Oh shit in a month and half I’m gonna be 17
  • Buy new nibs
  • Uhhhhhhh something else here
  • I need to get back to sleep deprivation it’s my only way of getting As
  • Just be a good fucking person man is that too much?
  • Make a Lupin VS Pato painting
  • #TeamLupin
Together We Go - bleu_bee - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Hey! So here’s my first fic in a long while! It’s of my two BNHA Oc’s Jun and Enko, both of whom are lgbt+ women! So hey, if you want to see two of my faves fall head over heels for each other in a relatively short fic go give it a look! 


The grand piano has stood in the corner of their salon next to the large windows for as long as Eren can remember. His mother had often played for him when he’d been younger, and on a few occasions had even allowed Eren to run his fingers over the keys as he sat on her lap. The ebony ones had produced more discordant sounds which he’d been particularly fond of, slamming his hands down on them with much more force than necessary and creating a cacophony that in no way resembled his mother’s beautiful playing.

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I’ve been thinking a lot, about how important this community is. I don’t really know how to put my thoughts into words, but I know I’m not alone in feeling like the channel is a safe place, like the community is a family. It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that Jack really does need us as much as we need him. 

There’s so much love here…

7 million strong and ever-growing.