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Hey guys, I know it’s already kinda in the middle of February but I had this printable lying around waiting to be posted so, ya know, better late than never, right? Anyway, hope you’ll like this; I’ve been using it to plan out my month and I thought I’d share it. Feedback would be very much appreciated, as I’d like to continue making these if it helps a lot of people.

Download it in my Google Drive :)

Nico Robin from One Piece, Happy Birthday

I missed her birthday by a few days but better late than never I guess.


Guess who! @cosmiipu! (I rhymed yess *finger guns*)

Love your lil mint sona, I just had to draw them! (Tried to finish this yesterday, so I could sent it to you to try and help when you were getting all those rough anons… but better late than never!)

I hope you like it aaaa (edit: I FORGOT EYEBROWS WHOOPS fixed it. Also added a closup wink wonk)

Daddy’s Gonna Take Care of You Now

okay so this is my first imagine agh! But I’m excited requests are open if anyone wants to submit any idea hope you guys like it!

Warnings: Alcohol, Smut, Physical Abuse? kinda, HEAVY DADDY KINK

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You hopped out of the shower getting ready for another night at work. You had been working as a bartender at one of the Joker’s clubs for just over a year now and had quickly become one of his favorite employees. You never understood why he took such an interest in you but hey, it’s better than him waving a gun in your face, right? You hurried to work praying you wouldn’t be late again. Boss liked you, but you could only get away with so much. You ran down the stairs and jumped in to your old beat up car, racing to the club. ”Y/N, Y/N you’re late again.” your best friend Jace teased “Come one Jace, you know it takes time to look this good.” You giggled. “Boss has a business meeting tonight so go make sure the VIP booth is cleaned.” Jace said as he nodded towards the VIP section. You looked back at Jace and smiled as you ran up the stairs to the lavish room. The room was beautiful, it overlooked the club, so you could see all the people dancing with white leather couches facing each other and a glass table in the middle for drinks. All around it had gold and purple accents. Very fitting for J. You had just finished tidying up the booth when you heard that infamous laugh. You turned and saw J come in with his henchmen following close behind. You had never told anyone, well except Jace of course, that you had a crush on the green haired villain. I mean, it was an innocent crush nothing would happen anyway.  He was the most powerful man in Gotham. He could have anyone! Why choose you? You rushed back down to the bar to help Jace with the growing crowd. It had  been almost an hour since J had arrived you looked up at the VIP booth and caught a glance of him and his business partner. “UM EXCUSE ME!?” some girl snapped at you, bringing you out of your trance “oh, um sorry…what was your order again?” You asked. “Vodka tonic.” She scoffed. If she wasn’t standing in front of you, you probably would have spit in her drink. Just as you finished the blond bimbo’s drink, Frost came up to you. “Hey Frosty, how’s it going?” You asked “Whiskey, neat for boss and a scotch on the rocks for his guest. Bring them up for him will you?” He asked.  “Sure thing Frost!” You winked.

You walked up the stairs into the luxurious room  “Mr. J.” You smiled. God, he looked good. He had on a white dress shirt that was buttoned half way, just so you could see his tattoos peeking out  “Ah, Y/N thank you for joining us.” He said as you placed the drinks in front of them. “Of course Mr. J. Anything else?” You blushed. “That’s it for now Y/N.”’. He said, as you turned to leave. Just as you made your way down the stairs, you heard his business partner comment “Damn J! You really know how to pick em! That bartender is hot as shit!”’ . You laughed to yourself and continued back down to Jace and the bumbling drunks. The evening was ending soon “Just two more hours…” You reminded yourself. You looked back up at the VIP booth noticing J and his partner still talking, damn this must be one important meeting you thought to yourself. Frost came down towards you again ‘Same thing as last time’ he said ‘Coming right up’. You once again, went up and delivered the drink. You felt J’s partner stare at you. “Hey babe, why don’t you come sit next to me? I tend to think better with pretty things like you by my side.” You looked back at J, he gave you an ice cold stare that sent chills down your spine. “Oh no, I’m sorry I have a lot of work to get back to, Sir.” You said as you started to back out of the room “Come on babe, I don’t bite” he said with a twisted smile “No Sir, really I-I need to go” You stammered. You could feel your face growing hot. You knew anyone who worked with J was dangerous, but J’s stare made it clear, and you were not going to disobey him. “BITCH. I  SAID, SIT DOWN.”  He shouted as he grabbed your wrist and yanked you towards him, causing you to fall forward. You heard the safety of a gun click. You closed your eyes in fear of what was to happen next. You were almost certain he was going to blow your brains out, but to your surprise you heard J’s voice. “Big mistake.” He growled.

You opened your eyes to see J with his gold and purple gun aimed at  his partner’s head. “J-J I didn’t mean any disrespect! I thought she was just some bartender bitch…” He stuttered. “Well then you were mistaken then. Weren’t you?” J asked with his signature sinister smile. “J no-no I’m sorry man just-” BANG! You flinched knowing the man’s fate. You knew J was a bad man. You knew he killed people. But, you had never actually seen it. You were a bartender for Christ’s sake! “Awh, dear don’t be upset.” J cooed.  “Come sit on daddy’s lap.” You were paralyzed with fear, but you forced yourself to walk over slowly and sit down. He wrapped his arms around you.  You felt weirdly safe. How could you be safe though? You were in the arms of a psychopath! “Now kitten, don’t worry your pretty little head, daddy will make sure no one ever touches you again.” You felt his warm breath on your neck. You turned to face him, surprised at how close your face was to his. “It’s okay doll, daddy’s gonna take care of you now”. You didn’t even have time process what he was saying before you felt his lips crash onto yours. They were surprisingly soft. You straddled him as the kiss continued to heat up, your breathing became heavier. You tangled your hands in his chemical green hair as he moved from your lips down to your neck, leaving marks as he went “Do you want this?” He asked looking you in the eyes, his icy blue gaze more intense than ever. “Yes.” you sighed, as you felt his bulge growing beneath you making you wetter than ever before. He began to unzip your dress at an agonizingly slow pace he lifted you up and pressed you against the wall as he undid his belt, your breathing increasing with every second just waiting for him to fill you. He teased you by running his fingers over your underwear causing you to whimper for more. “Already so wet for daddy?” He growled. You gasped as you felt your panties rip. “But -  those were my favorite.”  You pouted. “I’ll buy you more kitten.”’ He said as he crashed his lips back onto yours. You heard his belt hit the floor as you lifted your dress over your head with no warning he entered you and a loud moan escaped your lips as you felt him filling you up. His pace began to pick up and you felt the tension in your lower belly grow. Just when you were about to finish, he pulled out and slammed you on the table “But, daddy!” You whined, he pinned your hands above your head as he hovered over you. ‘You can only cum when daddy says so, got it princess?”’ He warned. “Yes, daddy.” You giggled as he suddenly thrust into you. You moaned so loudly that  you were sure the whole club could hear you, but you didn’t care. You were in pure ecstasy. His thrusts grew faster and harder as you felt your body start to tense again “Daddy I’m gonna cum!” You screamed as you felt your body tighten around him. Soon after his thrusts slowed, he rolled over next to you. “Oh princess, I thought I told you not to cum without daddy’s permission?” He smirked as he stared at you with those icy blue eyes. “I’m gonna have to punish you for that later.”. Oh, what a night you had ahead of you. You thought to yourself as you got dressed and headed to the parking lot towards his purple Lamborghini


Remember that post from 1000000000000 years ago when I said I would draw Anders in Morrigan’s clothes? And I did  draw him like about 10000000 years ago. Welp. Better late than never.

First one is Anders thinking: “where do I put my potiones in this???”

And I needed a reason to draw Anders’ hot, round ass… (that’s why there is this probably-impossible-to-make pose).

Oh, and Dorian as a bonus. Because <<Dorian>>. He kinda wore it better. xD

I realize I am a bit too late to the Avatar:The Last Airbender (ATLA) fandom, But as they say, better late than never and I was kinda bummed that “zutara” didn’t happened.. I mean it was so clear till the first two seasons, don’t get me wrong I love Aang but I just couldn’t ship “kataang”.. while zutara just felt so perfect.. (”-”)

Bonjour, everyone! This is later than late, but better late than never, I suppose! I’m Kelly (she/her, est, 16 years old), and I’m your local trash can of ideas who happens to suck at plotting. This is my brand new muse Cole, who is a huge daredevil, but also isn’t and kinda just likes to exist??? He’s dead inside just like me lmao. Everything you need to know about him is under the cut, give this a like and I’ll message you either here or on Discord (Tuan #2914)!

TW: Murder, Electrocution, Mugging, Violence

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Grumpy Australian and Drunk Scotsman Fuse. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Tits Clean Off

Wrote this bs for Demoman Appreciation Week! I’m kinda late for days four and five, when I intended this to be done, but Shit Happens. so here it is, better late than never. blease like and reblog if u dig it… 

Fandom: Team Fortress 2

Pairing: Demoman/Sniper (Swordvan)

AU: That au where fusion’s a thing that’s possible

[AO3 link]

The BLU Engineer’s sentry beeped placidly from its perch in the courtyard. Demoman was just below it; he had one shot at taking the damned thing out before they caught onto him, and that was if no one snuck up on him. He threw a glance over his shoulder and down the narrow corridor that led out to the courtyard, then lifted his grenade launcher. One, two, three grenades left the barrel and bounced off the wall opposite him, up toward the ledge above. With a bit of luck he’d at least kill their Engineer. Maybe then he’d have enough time to take out the sentry, and RED could finally push back. Demoman clenched his jaw, then grinned wickedly as he heard the explosion and resulting telltale clatter of metal.
“Dispenser down!”
Or not.
Demo quickly began to reload, finally feeling a bit of vigor. BLU had been beating them at every turn today, starting out with a lightning offense and then putting up a tight defense while their Spy tried for the final point. This one sentry was the cornerstone, and no one had managed to even get close. Heavy could hardly get into the BLU base without drawing almost all enemy fire, and the BLU Pyro was sticking too close to the Engineer for RED’s Spy to-
The BLU Pyro.
Demoman heard their breath through their mask first, and turned just in time to see them raise their flamethrower. But no fire came. Instead, he was sent sprawling backward by a powerful blast of air. Demoman opened his mouth to curse at them, himself, and all of the BLU team, but the sentry cut him off. With a few beeps and several rockets, he was headed back to respawn- again.

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