kinda jogan

For starkiddaltonite, because I saw your rant on my other drabble. xD

When Julian and Logan finally got together, it was a welcome break for Derek. After all the fights, physical and emotional, Logan’s medicine, Julian’s constant leaving, and finally – most importantly – Hell Night, it was what all three of them deserved.

Funnily enough though, with his two best friends off canoodling and revelling in their new-found love in every spare minute, Derek found himself with quite a bit of spare time and no way to fill it. At first he tried throwing himself into his school work and sports, but there wasn’t really much you could improve on when you had a 3.5 GPA and were captain of 2 school varsity teams.

Then, a distraction happened. It was such a distracting distraction that it even managed to break Logan and Julian’s utter dedication to each other’s lips – at least for five minutes. There was a new transfer to Dalton Academy  - almost unheard of, halfway through Junior Year.

If Derek had been Logan, he would have said that the new transfer was interesting. But because he wasn’t Logan, he preferred to put it simply: Sebastian Smythe was damn good in bed.