kinda inspired in anna from frozen

#marius pontmercy the sleeping beauty in courfeyrac’s couch.

the sign says “pontmercy’s corner”. courfeyrac pasted it on the couch when marius moved in so he felt that at least that small place was his, and that he felt a little more at home.

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Is it weird for someone with a diagnosed anxiety disorder/depression to identify so much with Anna? lol I feel like it's weird cuz I barely know anyone who does except myself and like, 2 other people. But looking through your blog and all the beautiful stuff about Anna makes me feel fine about being weird. I love how Kristen Bell wanted Anna to be so human. As a sick person, seeing Anna like that made me love her so much. Bless Disney, bless Frozen, bless KBell, bless Anna and bless you~

It’s not weird at all! Sadly i’m diagnosed with depression and anxiety too (i’ve night anxiety that’s kinda weird but nevermind) and I just love how Anna (despite have a lonely childhood, the dead of her parents and the constant reject from her sister) manages to have a warm heart and a kind personality, and she loves be with people even when she spent 13 years alone. She’s my favorite character so far, and is so inspirational.

Untitled Frozen Fanfic: Elsanna

Kinda inspired from this just more fluffy. Slightly nsfw

7:00 AM. Elsa looked at her sleeping sister with a warm smile as she placed the last few touches that would complete the image befitting of a queen. Anna was currently twisted among her sheets, her hair already in a severe state of disarray and her soft snores breaking the silence in the room. She climbed on top of the bed and gave a small kiss on her forehead before she quietly walked out the room and eased the door shut behind her.

8:00 AM. After a small breakfast of bread and goat cheese, washed with coffee, Elsa first went to her study where already a small pile of laws and decrees waited for her royal review on her desk. Some of them were fairly straightforward. Permission to allow the construction of new housing in the merchant’s quarter (granted), the Royal Commission of an excessively ornate and exceptionally expensive statute in the Royal Gardens (denied). But she was familiar with the tricks her Council and the nobles played and more specifically she knew that more often than not, they tried slipping clauses that would benefit them at the cost of her people. Which meant she had to scrutinise every word carefully, untwisting the words so that the true meaning became clear in her head. By the time she was a third way through the pile, she began to feel her concentration slip ever so slightly. She immediately asked Kai for a cup of coffee, feeling that wasn’t going to be the last one for the day.

9:00 AM. It was time for her weekly council meeting. Elsa waited at the head of the table as they slowly filtered in through, bowing and greeting “Your Majesty” as they entered. She began with both the most important and yet the most tedious part of her reign: her finances. As the Royal Treasurer explained, they were stable at the moment and would continue to be for quite some time. The effects of the coronation incident on the autumn yield were found to be negligible, much to Elsa’s relief. While the harvest was not as bountiful as they had predicted, they had enough to tide them through winter with a small surplus. She demanded a complete documentation of her finances, determined to verify that her money was not going in places they should not be. After another bout of exchanges regarding the trade with Weselton, Elsa still determined to keep the embargo on them, the Royal Director of Foreign Affairs began his report. After him, there were six other gentlemen waiting to make their reports. Elsa gave a mental sigh as she readied herself with another cup of coffee.

10:30 AM. After the Royal Council finally concluded the meeting, she stood up in a perfect poise of grace to watch them depart, never betraying how badly she just wanted to crawl into Anna’s arms and read or aimlessly chatter or just simply close her eyes. By now she was sure her sister was awake and doing…whatever Anna felt like doing that day. She considered hunting her down in the castle when a messenger boy burst into the boardroom. Between huge breaths of air and pants, he managed to tell her that there was an accident that required her urgent attention. Fearing the worst, she tugged up her skirts and sprinted out of the room, just before she heard where she needed to go. When she finally arrived at the site, she found out that the accident in question was simply a man who had lost control of his cart and crashed just outside the castle walls. Relieved that her sister was fine, she watched as her guards helped tend to the man’s wounds.

11:00 AM. Thus began easily the most aggravating aspect of her day. One by one, the nobles walked into her throne room and presented case after case, grievance after grievance. While some possessed enough sense and respect to enter with humility, most strutted inside like peacocks, expecting her to agree with them simply because their ancestor was so and so or they had been here for this many years. One of them even tried to bribe her to overlook the tiny fact that he was taking more from his workers, the fool. Quite offended by his arrogance, Elsa fined him for the amount he offered and then demanded that he distribute the bribe among those in his employ. But it wouldn’t do well to offend the entire nobility so she found those who was in genuine need of royal assistance, those whose plights were the result of misfortune rather than their own stupidity. Amongst all those thoughts and proposals, she still retained an amount of concentration wondering if Anna found her lessons just as boring as Elsa found listening to the nobles.

12:30 PM. As the nobles departed from her throne room, some content and some disappointed, Elsa was anticipating lunch with Anna when Kai suddenly informed her that several representatives from the various construction guilds were awaiting to talk to her about the new merchant housing projects. At first Elsa was prepared to use her royal authority to command them to meet another time but Kai’s face told her that was not an option. This time she audibly sighed and said, “Fine. But Kai, please, please tell Anna that I’m really sorry about missing lunch.” She knew how much her sister enjoyed their meals together. Kai reassured that he would convey his Queen’s deepest apologies to the princess but that hardly made Elsa feel any better. She hugged herself around her abdomen, imagining Anna’s disappointment upon seeing an empty chair across from her, as she walked to the one of the conference rooms with heavy steps that left traces of frost in their wake. She barely listened as each man presented their arguments on who should do the actual building, where the supplies should come from, and the many technical aspects that accompanied such processes.

1:30 PM. Anna still occupied her thoughts as this time the common people shuffled inside her throne room, ranging from prosperous merchants more wealthy than some of the nobles to the farmers without a land to call their own. Elsa found herself looking around the balconies where the princess was known to linger, watching the proceedings below. There was no sight of her sister. As two families disputed the ownership over some land, she noticed that a gentle spread of ice across the armrest of her throne as her concerns and worries gnawed at her. A cough from Kai alerted her to the families clearly expecting a judgment from her. Startled, Elsa said that she would review their case and make her decision on a later date. Apparently satisfied with her pronouncement, the two families walked away to make room for the next person as Elsa waved for another cup of coffee.

4:00 PM. At long last, the last of the court’s visitors bowed in thanks, bade Elsa good health and good fortune, and left the throne room. Standing up, the queen absentmindedly massaged the parts of her that had grown sore from sitting on the throne as she made her way into her study. However, on the way, she thought about Anna and how she should try to make up for her absence at lunch. The afternoon’s affairs could wait until later, she decided, as she began her search for her sister. However she was nowhere to be found. She was not in the painting room, she was not in the ballroom, she was not in the gardens, she was not in her chambers, she was not in her library. When she questioned Gerda, she said that she had not seen the princess since lunch and assumed that she had went to the city for the afternoon. Not entirely pleased with the answer, she returned to her study to try to do her work but Elsa’s worries only increased as she considered that Anna was upset with her and was avoiding her. Several times the ink in her pen froze completely before she finally gave up work as a lost cause.

6:00 PM. Even if she was mad at me for missing lunch, surely Anna would come to dinner, Elsa thought as she hugged herself again. It was not like Anna to miss meals. But when fifteen minutes passed by with no sign of her sister, Elsa began to consider summoning the city watch to find her. But before she did that, she asked Kai if Kristoff was still present as she idly pushed her spoon through her soup. “Kristoff, I believe, is away,” he replied. “If you’re still concerned with Princess Anna, perhaps she’s in his company.” Perhaps… That did make sense even if it didn’t make Elsa feel any better as now her spoon was scooping piles of slush in her bowl. If she was with Kristoff, there was no telling when she’ll be back. But she would have at least left a note for her…unless she was really really upset with her. Not for the first time, she regretted her decision to meet with the guild representatives.

7:00 PM. Elsa found herself much too worried and stressed to do anything remotely productive so after five minutes of just staring at the mountain of papers, she decided to retire to her empty cold bed. But as she shuffled to their chambers, she noted a small rose petal in front of the door. She looked and saw an entire trail of petals leading away from the bedroom. Curiosity seizing hold of her, she followed it to the baths. Through the crack of the door, she could see a dim light flickering inside and even muffled by the door, she could hear the content humming of a certain princess. Eagerly, she grasped hold of the door and threw it open. Immediately she was bombarded with the flowery scents from the hundreds of lit candles on every surface possible and the rose petals that covered the surface of a hot steamy bath. In the middle of that bath was her beloved sister, cheeks glowing with excitement and a smile from ear to ear.

“Elsa!” she squealed, standing up from her bath to reveal her naked body. “Took Your Royal Highness long enough to get here.”

“Anna…” she simply managed, feeling both relieved and confused. “But…but I thought you were with Kristoff?”

“Oh, yeah. I told Kai to tell you that so he wouldn’t spoil the surprise. He’s with his family right now and he asked me to come but I thought, you know, I would be better here. Well, get in, silly. The bath is going to get cold!”

Elsa jumped in, allowing the heat of the bath to melt her dress. She could always form a new one, after all. Immediately she waded towards her sister and pulled her into a hug.

“Oh, Anna…” she said, her head resting on her sister’s shoulder. “I’m so so so so sorry for missing lunch. I really didn’t want to….”

“I know,” she interrupted after cutting Elsa off with a kiss. “I know you wouldn’t miss lunch unless it was really really important.”

Elsa smiled contently as her worry dissipated from her shoulders. “So what’s all…this?” she asked, gesturing at the bathroom.

“Oh, well, when you didn’t show up for lunch, I asked Kai if something was wrong because you know you wouldn’t skip out on me like that. And then he told me about how busy your morning was and how you had to deal with so many boring things and how that one slimy noble tried to bribe you, like honestly, who does he think he is, huh? Anyway, I thought ‘Well, what my big sister needs is a chance to reeeelaxxxx’. So I went to town and kinda emptied three candlemakers’ stores and bought all the roses I could find for you because I knew if your morning was like, you would be really stressed out by the evening. And here we are!” Anna took a minute to catch her breath and then asked hesitantly, “…Do you like it?”

Elsa nearly laughed at the question. “I love it, Anna,” she moaned. She pulled her sister to another kiss, a deeper longer one that showed her appreciation. “You have no idea how much I needed this.”

Elsa had no idea that her sister’s smile could grow any wider but somehow it did. “Oh, almost forgot!” Anna exclaimed. She made her way to the edge of the bath and pulled a silver tray that was covered with chocolates. Elsa’s stomach growled in a distinct un-queenlike fashion at the sight as she was distantly reminded of her last meal nearly twelve hours ago.

“I…had a couple while waiting for you,” Anna said sheepishly. “But I saved the best ones for you. Here, try one!” She plucked one by random and held it front of Elsa’s mouth. The Queen ate it from her sister’s fingers and moaned in delight as the sweetness covered her tongue.

“I must be dead, right?” Elsa said in a weak voice. “Yes, that’s it. I died from exhaustion and caffeine overdose and I’m in heaven.”

Anna laughed, the sound cheerfully echoing the room, before, with a flick of her hand, she flung a small splash of warm water into her sister’s face. Surprised by the sudden attack, she patiently waited until Anna placed the chocolates out of harm’s way before retaliating. And before long, the bathroom rang with the bright laughter and giggles of the royal sisters.