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The One With The Insecurities - Jack Avery Imagine

Requested: No

Summary: Jack feels insecure about his weight and you reassure him that he doesn’t need a diet.

Word count: 584

A/N: This one’s a bit short so I’m kinda iffy about it but I’m gonna post it anyway. I got inspo for this imagine from a video I saw of Jack where he said he couldn’t eat his birthday cupcake bc he was on a diet. Let me know what you think! Also btw, I’m sorry for my terrible summaries, I suck at them lol. Xx 

You flip another pancake as you sing to yourself, enveloped by the warm sunlight coming through the kitchen window. You never usually cooked since you’re pretty terrible at it but the one thing you could cook was pancakes, and everyone loved your pancakes. You were always really proud of them.

You place the another golden brown pancake on the towering pile you’d already made. It was only you and Jack so you weren’t sure how exactly the two of you were going to finish nearly ten pancakes.

“Mmm, what are you cooking, babe?” Jack’s raspy voice is heard through the kitchen as he enters the room. You turn to Jack who’s hair is sticking up at every angle, and smile. He was so adorable. He wads over to you, still half asleep and curls his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to his chest.

“Pancakes,” You hum in response as he places a kiss on your temple and then your neck. He groans against the crook of your neck and the vibrations send a tingle down your spine.

“What?” You ask, confused.

“I can’t have pancakes!” Jack groans again, but this time it sounds more like a whiney child.

“Why?” You couldn’t work out what Jack was talking about. Did he have an allergy that you didn’t know about or something?

“I’m on a diet. I can’t have it,” He whines again.

“Why are you on a diet?” If he says what you think he’ll say next, you’re going to personally kill him.

“Because I am. I need to lose weight, Y/N, and you’re not exactly helping,” He says as lets out a small laugh. What? Was he insane? Why did he need to lose weight? He was perfect the way he was.

You put down the spatula you were holding and loosen his arms around you slightly so you can turn around to face him.

“Jack, you don’t need to lose weight, you’re perfect the way you are.” A frown crosses your face as you run your thumb across his bottom lip, which was slightly pouted. He was so goddamn perfect, how could he not see that?

“Yes I do,” He says in a small voice, looking away from your blazing stare. “I’m not skinny like the other boys.”

“Baby, you don’t need to be like the ‘other boys’. I love you for you and so does everyone else. I don’t want you to change yourself for the benefit of others, okay?”

“Y/N-” He begins but you cut him off before he gets the chance to put himself down again.

“-I wish you would see yourself how I see you because then you’d know that you wouldn’t need to change a thing.” You place a light kiss on his jaw and hug him closer to you, hoping that maybe if you hug him tight enough all of his insecurities will disappear. You hated when he doubted himself like that, you couldn’t stand it.

“I love you, you know that?” Jack says quietly as he stares deeply into your eyes. Your heart leaps at the intensity of his gaze. You smile and a small laugh escapes your mouth.

“I love you too.”

You turn around and give your attention back to the last pancake that had now finished cooking. “So, are you going to have some pancakes or what? Because I can’t eat all these by myself,” You say, pointing to the plate with a mountain of pancakes sitting on the bench.

Jack rolls his eyes at the amount of pancakes you made, you always cooked too many. “Yeah okay,” He smiles.

Happy birthday, Takano!

This is my part of a collab I did with @deathday1313! Her part can be found here!