kinda happy with the eyes though :d

I am really getting the hang of digital art lately, so here’s another one of my babies! Can you tell Voltron’s season 2 really got to me yet? I’m way too invested in Galra Keith…

This honestly started out as a doodle I did while bored in bed cuz I was sick, but apparently I have no chill when I’m bored because this got detailed really fast. :X I ended up liking it so much that once I recovered enough to use the computer again I immediately started working on turning this digital and BAM! I love it even more now! :D Kinda wanted to add both the Voltron and Blade of Marmora symbols, but with one in horizontal and the other in vertical it wasn’t working out. So I had no choice but to exclude them. I cry. 

Seriously though if nothing else I want to at least see Keith with yellow, pupil-less eyes. Literally if that’s the only Galra trait he ever gets I’ll be happy. I really like the eyes okay?


The Crossroads (Report: Day 5-7)

So, the backgrounds are completely done :D Yay! Now those are out of the way, I can can get on with the fun art.

Speaking of which, I have been working hard the past couple of days on the MC sprite.

Report- Day 5-7:

BGs: 6/6

MC Sprite: Completed!

Oh man… it was some work- I forgot the intensity of character customisation- and I did think about quitting at one point. But, it’s done! And, I’m really kinda happy with the result.

It’s only skin colour, hair colour, and eye colour, but hopefully it will be a bit of fun for people (though, she does also have a date variation of outfit and hair- but I will leave that as a surprise in game ;)  ).

I will be moving onto the love interest sprites next, which I’m super excited about!

Hope everyone is doing well :)

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I'm never gonna get over how you edit Anti's eyes. They give me goosebumps every time.

This makes me happy!! :D they’re honestly the hardest yet most fun part to make! Even though they kinda get “covered” by all the glitches so it’s hard to find a good balance between too much glitch and not enough glitch :P

One day I kinda want to post all the Anti edits but without the glitches! They really look weird!

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Would you mind sharing some positivity/ happy stories with us? Feelin kinda Not Good and I'd really appreciate it (It's okay if you can't though! I'll 100% understand if you can't but regardless I hope you have a lovely day!)

Hmmmmm, I’ll tell you about my two idiot cats. That usually cheers people up.
So Spock the cat has this habit of being TOTALLY CHILL™ one second and then SUDDEN POSSESSED SPAZ CAT the next. I’m talkin’ crazed eyes, running around like there’s a damn fire, trying to climb the door jams, it’s hilarious. I’ll have to try and record it one of these days.
Jem likes to hear himself meow in the middle of the night in the middle of the house (we think he likes the acoustics) but his meows sounds like a little kid saying “hello?”
So when my roommate started working midnights at her job, she came home to a dark house with everyone asleep and heard “hello?” In a voice she’d never heard. So she instantly was like: O___O;;;;; H-HELLO????
and thought she was going to die until little fat cat Jem trotted out of the dark.
I hope this helps and I hope you feel better darlin.
All the love

Tadashi never gets to meet Akiteru before Kei finds out about his lies. He was supposed to be introduced to him after the big game, when they were all celebrating. But then he follows Kei’s line of sight, across the court, and his heart shatters. The big, strong brother that Kei had described – the starting player on Karasuno – was there, staring right back at Kei, a horrified look on his face, and Tadashi knows. He knows, he isn’t meeting Akiteru any time soon.

“Let’s go, Tadashi.”

“Yeah. Y– Yeah, Tsukki. Of course!” Tadashi rushes to follow Kei, his heart beating fast. Kei’s voice was so…cold. So devoid of emotion. Oh, god. What was going to happen now? He doesn’t want Kei to end up like him.

They reach the front of the stadium, and Tadashi stops, breathless, hands on his knees. Kei is standing there, fists curled at his sides, but there aren’t any tears rolling down his cheeks. Not yet. He’s gasping for breath, and Tadashi can’t breathe for some reason either. He wants so bad to reach out and touch Kei, to tell him it’ll be ok, but he can’t. This is Kei’s brother, he feels betrayed. Tadashi knows he needs to deal with this on his own.

“What now?” Tadashi pants, standing straight.

“I– I wanna go home. But I can’t. I– I can’t, that’s where he– that’s where he lives. I can’t see him.”

“Of course. Of course, um…” Tadashi wracks his brain. Home. Home. He could take Kei to his own home, but he said it himself, he doesn’t want to go home. “Let’s go to my house. My place. You’ve been there before, and I can call our moms and tell them. Ok? You can stay there as long as you need. I promise. Ok?”

Kei nods, and Tadashi takes him by the hand, leading him to the train station. He’s glad everyone’s at the game; the train station is empty, and it’s quite easy to get from the stadium to his home. He’s glad; Kei is in no state to be out with large groups of people talking and shouting.

“I’m sorry it’s a mess…” Tadashi mumbles, unlocking his door and letting Kei in.

“It- It’s fine…”

“I– I’ll call my mom…” Tadashi quickly rushes to the phone, dialing his mother’s cell phone number. He doesn’t turn back to Kei, but he hears the shuffling of feet as he calmly walks off to – his bedroom, he supposes.

“Tadashi? Sweetie? Is everything alright, how was the game?” The soft, worried tone in his mother’s voice brings some reassurance to Tadashi and he sighs.

“Hi, mama. I’m– I’m fine, but, uh…Tsukki and I left early. Tsukki’s– he’s upset with his brother, and didn’t want to stay. Do you mind if he stays over?”

“If it’s alright with his mother.”

“Of course! We were going to call her right after this.”

“Then, yes. I won’t be home until late; you think you can find something for you two to eat?”

Tadashi smiles softly, glad for the familiarity of the call. “Of course! You went shopping, so I should have stuff to make for dinner.”

“Good. I’ll see you when I get home, tell Kei I love him.”

“I will.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Tadashi and his mother make kissing noises into the speaker, and the call disconnects.

“Ts- Tsukki! Come c- call your mom!”


Kei wanders into the kitchen, holding a long arm out to grab the phone. Tadashi gnaws on his lip nervously as Kei dials his parent’s number robotically, holding the speaker to his ear.

“Mom?..Yeah, I went…I know. Mhm. Mom, can I stay at Tadashi’s?..I know, we asked…alright…Love you too…Bye…”

“You can stay?” Kei nods. “That’s good! Uh…M– My mom won’t be home until late, so we’ll be making dinner… I hope you don’t mind…”

“It’s fine.” Kei sets the phone back onto its stand and turns, walking back to Tadashi’s bedroom. Tadashi trails behind him, still nervously chewing at his lower lip and fidgeting with his hands, closing his bedroom door behind them. Kei is on his bed, holding tight to one of his pillows, as if he were loosen his grip even a little bit, it would run loose and wreak havoc through town.

“Tsukki, are you–”

“I’m fine.” Kei snaps, his grip on the pillow tightening and turning his knuckles while, making Tadashi flinch. “Let’s do something.”

“S- Sure, Tsukki…” Tadashi scrambles to the small bin of toys he has, once again embarrassed at the lack of toys Kei would like. Most of the toys he owned were hand-me-downs from cousins, as were most of his clothes, and he had a multitude of barbie dolls. Not that he cared! He knew his mother couldn’t afford a lot of things, and besides, he liked playing with the dolls…he just wasn’t sure Kei liked them much.

“I wanna be this one.” Tadashi flinches as Kei reaches a hand into the bin, pulling out one of his darker skinned dolls. He hadn’t heard him approaching.

“O- Of course, Tsukki!”

“Yamaguchi, stop.”

Tadashi flinches, his eyes widening. “Wh- What? Stop what?”

“Stuttering. You only do that when you’re nervous, or feeling awkward, or– or having an anxiety attack and none of those things should be happening, especially with me, you got it? It’s just a normal sleepover. Nothing bad happened.

Later that night tells a different story, however; as they tuck themselves into Tadashi’s bed, Kei breaks into sobs, letting out all of his unshed tears, clutching Tadashi like a lifeline.

Tadashi does get to meek Akiteru, almost a month after “The Incident That Shan’t be Named”; it’s after practice (yet another that Kei’s sat on the bench with a feigned injury), and they mistakenly go to Kei’s house out of habit. They’d been going back to Tadashi’s to do homework together as of late, and Kei would often spend dinner with Tadashi, sometimes even his mother, when she’s home – wanting to spend as little time at home as he can. Kei unlocks the door and opens it, and they enter, only for Tadashi to run smack into Akiteru on his way into the kitchen.

“Ah! S- Sorry Tsukishima-san, I didn’t know you were home to– uh…today…” Tadashi bites his lip upon seeing who he’d really run into, and looks to Kei for help, but he’s already headed to his room, surely, meaning he’s alone with Akiteru. He gulps. “I– I mean…uh…”

Akiteru smiles warmly and kneels down to reach eye level with Tadashi. “Hiya! You’re a friend of Kei’s?”

“I– I, um…I–” Tadashi nods pathetically in answer instead of vocalizing himself, and Akiteru laughs.

“That’s good! Between you and me, Kei doesn’t have many friends, so I’m glad you’re here! I’ll need help keeping him in shape. Say, do you play volleyba–”

“Hey, you coming or not?”

Tadashi flinches at Kei’s voice right behind Akiteru, as does Akiteru himself.

“Ah. Kei! How wa–”

Kei grabs Tadashi by the hand and tugs him past a shell-shocked Akiteru. “Let’s go, Yamaguchi.”

“W- Wait! This is Yamaguchi-kun?! The Yamaguchi-kun you –”

“Oh, shove it.”

Kei continues to drag Tadashi up to his room, slamming the door behind them.

“S- Sorry, Tsukki…I didn’t know what to do…” Tadashi whispers, fidgeting with his shirt hem.

“I’m sorry, too. I forgot he’d be home, since he doesn’t have volleyball anymore.”

Tadashi shakes his head. “I mean– I mean, I’m sorry about…”

What was he sorry for?

“Yeah.” Kei says as if he gets it, but Tadashi isn’t sure he does. “Yeah…”

Silence fills the room, and they both stand there, awkwardly shuffling from foot to foot. “…Tsukki?”


“…A- Akiteru-kun…he– he’s nice…”

Kei scoffs, and rolls his eyes, but Tadashi can see the tears forming in them. “Of course you’d say that.”

“S- Sorry, Tsukki?..”

“It’s fine.” Kei snaps. “Let’s just get to work, I have a video game we can play if we finish our homework before dinner.”

“O- Ok…”

“And quit. Stuttering.”

“O- Of course, Tsukki…”

They pull out their books, and it’s silent for a while, until Kei grumbles, “That’s not how I wanted you to meet him…”

“I know.” Tadashi whispers, because he does. It’s all Kei could talk about, how he was finally going to meet his big brother after the big game, and they’d go out for ice cream after Akiteru got home from his team’s celebration.

“I wanted to be celebrating another win with my big brother as the ace of a powerhouse school, and I wanted my best friend beside me as I congratulated him.” Kei insists, sounding urgent now, and Tadashi flinches. “Why couldn’t it have ended up like that? Why?”

“I don’t know…” Tadashi says, because really he doesn’t know. He wishes it was different, too. If it was, then Kei would still be playing volleyball – wing spiker, to be just like his brother – and he’d smile more, and they could go out for ice cream with Akiteru and go to Kei’s house instead of his own, usually messy, apartment across town from school. Kei wouldn’t cry in the middle of the night (something Tadashi knows from many sleepless sleepovers trying to comfort him). God, does Tadashi wish things had turned out different. “I don’t know, Tsukki,”

“Hey…” Tadashi doesn’t even realize he’s crying until Kei is kneeling in front of him, desperately trying to wipe away his tears with hands that are probably twice as big as Tadashi’s own and twice as strong, and then Tadashi is crying harder. Kei is so strong, physically, why can’t he be strong emotionally, too? It hurts knowing his best friend, his guardian, his knight, is hurting; especially when he knows how much it hurts, feeling betrayed by someone you loved. “Hey, don’t cry.”

“S- Sorry, Tsukki,” Tadashi says with a watery laugh, sniffling. “I c- can’t help it. I don’t l- like seeing you hurt…”


“Don’t even pretend the whole situation doesn’t make you upset! I know you better than anyone, and you’re hurting and won’t say anything to me and I hate it! It’s pathetic. Why can’t you just talk to Akutieru-kun?!” Kei stares at Tadashi, frozen, and when Tadashi finally realizes what he’d said, he gasps, eyes widening. “I- I’m sorry, Tsukki, I d- didn’t mean–”

“You’re right.”

“Wh- What–”

“I’ll talk to Akiteru.” Kei looks at his fidgeting hands in his lap, and gnaws at his lower lip.

“Y- You will?”

“Yeah. I– I will…” 

And even though Kei knows Tadashi feels guilty – like he’s pressuring Kei into talking to his brother – his smile brightens, and his eyes widen with a happy sort of surprise. “That’s great, Tsukki!” 

“Not right now, though…”

“Oh, of course not now; let’s get our homework done, Tsukki!” 

“Yeah, yeah…” 

So they do. After Tadashi leaves, Kei talks to his brother – for real. There’s a lot of tears, snot, things Kei will likely never admit to; but they’re…repairing. 

The next time Tadashi meets Akiteru (Tadashi and Keil say it’s the first time, but they all know it’s not) is a lot happier. He’s glad. And he’s pretty sure Kei is, too. 

…But My Eyes Are A Reflection Of Yours; a TLC fanfic (Cresswell)

because it’s been so long since I’ve written Cresswell and i forgot how happy they made me, and I was supposed to write the wedding for the “I Can See The Stars In Your Eyes…” fanfic! (see how the titles work???? :D SO PROUD OF MYSELF)

keep in mind that they’re in the same universe as my other fanfic, “I Can See The Stars In Your Eyes…” so they’re a lot older! And a lot more mature! The first part is a little flirty and kinda full of innuendos, so watch out :P there’s a lot of younger kids in the fandom, so I don’t want anyone to become scarred (even though my stuff isn’t THAT bad, I hope)… 


* * * 

“WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!” Cress is screaming in excitement, and her excited energy is so cute that Thorne can’t help watching her bounce around the wing in the royal palace of the Eastern Commonwealth that they’ve been given for the past week. 

“We’re getting tomorrow,” Thorne agrees, and Cress squeals. He checks the time. It’s 11:30 PM. 

“C’mon, hon, we’ve gotta get to bed,” he says. 

“I won’t be able to sleep,” she says, and she’s unable to focus her gaze on one individual place, and then her eyes meet his and lock there, her grin so wide that her jaw isn’t closed. He can’t stop smiling as big as her, but he feels something domestic and big inside him as he watches the excitement of the woman he loves— and he feels that excitement, surging in his veins. 

Cress holds open her arms. Thorne surges forward into them, pulling her cheek against his chest as he presses several kisses into her hair— then cringes and says “ew, Cress! Your hair smells gross.”

“Well, we put off the wedding plans so I’ve had to sacrifice a couple showers to get everything done.”

“That’s disgusting. C’mon.” He pulls her by the arm towards their bathroom. Cress looks around in confusion, and then her eyes bolt open in horror. 

“Oh no—” she starts, but he keeps dragging her. “Carswell, you know that we won’t be able to sleep if we shower right now, do you know what water does to your body, the hot water is going to keep us awake until we sleep at three-thirty in the morning or something, you don’t want to be late to your own wedding—”

There’s a jacuzzi, we’re not going to skimp on the wonderful bathroom that Kai’s given us.”

He slams the bathroom door shut behind him and pulls off his shirt. Cress’s words die in her mouth as she stares at his torso, mouth slightly tipping up at the corners— they’re pressed close to each other even though there’s ample space in the huge, palace-style bathroom. He hears her breathing pick up. 

“Don’t worry, I know how to get you to sleep,” he says, smirking and stretching his arms, making sure to reach his hands high high up and tilt his hips in the way that she always likes best—

Then Cress is smirking back at him, and she crosses her arms, leaning back and admiring the view. He freezes, shell-shocked, and she sees his expression and grins a half smile that he’s only ever seen in mirrors, aces what kind of woman is he about to marry, she’s using all his tricks against him— 

“Why did you stop? I was loving the show.” She leans back, dropping her hands on her hips, and gives him a long, dragged once-over, her eyes stopping at select places and her teeth coming up to bite her lips at others. He’s still staring. 

(she’s really hot when she acts like him; and a part of Thorne will always know that she’s hotter when she does it.)

“What kind of woman have I created?” Thorne says in astonishment, but he grins and pulls her body against him, hips against hips, thighs against thighs, chests against chests. He kisses her deeply, and Cress’s hands wind up around his neck and into his hair; gasping against his mouth, she says “you reap what you sow, babe.” 

He laughs, he’s so in love, and kisses her again. He doesn’t think there’s a better woman for him to marry tomorrow. 

* * *

“Hey,” Thorne whispers, grinning at Cress’s mussed hair and her slack jaw, nose pressing into the crook of his arm and her back against his chest. She groans and turns around so that she’s buried her face in his chest. 

“Cress, babe, wake up. We’re getting married today.”

She grumbles but her mouth closes, and she turns so that she’s facing the ceiling— which means she’s awake; Cress never sleeps on her back. She squeezes her eyes shut and turns her head to him with a sleepy grin. Then she stares at the clock on their ceiling. “Wow, it’s eight-thirty. We woke up.”

“I’m going to be falling asleep during the ceremony.”

“Aces—” she yawns hugely— “yeah, me too.”

“Kai’ll wake us up.”

“Yeah,” she says, curling into his bare torso. “He probably will.” 

Then she nuzzles her still-slightly-damp hair against his chest and kisses the base of his sternum, falling asleep. 

“Spades,” he says. “Cress! Wake up! We’ve actually got to get ready for this wedding!”

She doesn’t shift. 



“I’m not taking you to the altar in your nightgown! Even though those shorts look great on you— how did you get on your bra last night? I thought I took it off.”

A pause. Then, “Girls can—” yawn— “girls can summon bras at will.”

“Oh, so now you’re awake.”

She turns her face infinitesimally until he can see her you need to shut up expression. Then he takes this opportunity to heave her torso up and sit her up on the bed. Cress groans, but slips off the covers and shoos him away.

“You can’t see me in my wedding dress,” she says, and then she has slammed the door to their bedroom and Thorne’s left in his pajamas and the shirt and shorts that Cress shoves through a sliver after she opens it for a half second— 

“Where do I go?”

“I don’t know! Kai and Cinder’s room!”

“Alright,” he says. “I’ll go there.”

“Wait!” she says, and then opens the door, poking just her head out. She grins at Thorne super sweet. “Can you call the girls over here? I want them to help me with makeup and stuff.”

“Of course,” he says, and puckers his lips for a kiss. Cress leans forward and he kisses her gently. “Can I come in? Just to say bye? It’s cause the next time I see you we’ll be getting married.”

She smiles, eyes glowing and her smile soft. “Yeah, sure.”

Then she opens the door wide, and Thorne shoves himself inside, pulls her lips against him and his fingers into her hair, curling them in the locks. He tries to memorize the feeling of her body against his, even though he doesn’t really have to, cause he’ll have her for forever after today. 

“I’m so excited, ya know?” he says against her mouth, and she nods and grins and giggles and kisses him deeply again. 

“I know, I know, I’m so excited, Carswell.”

He kisses her forehead once and pulls away. Blows a flying kiss at her (stars, what a sap he’s become— he still loves it), and salutes at her, eliciting a giggle from his bouncing fiancee, before he closes the door behind him. 

“Don’t forget to get the girls!” she calls out, and Thorne rolls his eyes and pretends not to hear her. 

“Thorne!” he hears her snap, and then the door opens with a bang and he cackles and runs down the hallway.

* * *

“Oh my stars, Cress, you look heavenly!” Winter exclaims. They’re all on the bed, and Cress is standing in front, in her wedding dress, an excited grin on her face. Scarlet bounces Tamara in her arms with a gasp of agreement, and Tamara squeals. 

“Mara likes it, too,” Scarlet says, and Mara gaggles, reaching for Cress with pudgy fingers. 

“Do a twirl,” Cinder says, and Cress spins, her dress billowing out around her. Cinder leans comfortably back, eight months pregnant, and grins. 

“He’ll go crazy.”

“You got this,” Iko says with a cheerful smile. “I’m so excited for you! He finally popped the question. It took him so long!”

“Now all that’s left is me and Jacin,” Winter said. 

“Honestly, Winter, you don’t have to wait,” Cinder said. “Just propose to himself yourself. Ditch all the stupid gender roles; if you want to get married just ask him.”

“You didn’t do that with Kai.”

“Because he wanted to marry me before I wanted to marry him! He’s a hopeless romantic, there’s nothing I could have done to prevent him from getting on one knee and pulling the whole net-drama scene.”

“You still loved it, though,” Scarlet says. 

“I’m not saying I didn’t love it! It was just the most cliche thing I’d ever seen in my life.”

Cress’s excitement is bubbling over her in hysterical giggles; her friends are more like family and she’s never felt more at home than she is right now, with her friends all around her and her fiancé waiting to tie himself to her forever.

(And, she is in a gorgeous dress and she feels like a princess.)

* * *
The nerves, and the confusion, and the worry, and the shock hits Thorne in a huge, sudden rush. 

He can’t believe that this is happening. Stares at the huge mirror and at himself inside it, looking small and timid and afraid, but still so sure and so ready. Because that’s what he feels like— his love feels all-encompassing, he feels like it swells outside of him and takes up all the space that he can’t fill. It’s all for Cress. Obviously. 

He’s in a suit, and a tie, and it reminds him of that day at the ball, the day when he had realized how much he loved her— the day when he had realized that he wanted to be with her the same way she wanted to be with him. 

He turns this way, that way— admires his reflection, thinks about Cress, soon to be at his side, and he can’t stop smiling in excitement at this guy in the mirror, this scoundrel that’s somehow lucky enough to be marrying the best woman in the world. A little dash of insecurity hits him in that moment but he shoves it aside before he can let it consume him. He loves Cress. She loves him back. He’s not worried about that. 

He assumes that all the girls are having a slumber party, with chocolate and gossip and excitement. Wolf’s silent, as if he’s itching for his daughter, but Kai, Jacin, and Kinney have livened the place up a little, bringing alcohol and cards, and finally Wolf went out of his stupor to play a decent game of Lunar War with Kai, Jacin and Kinney. Thorne’s just staring at himself as he gets ready. Thorne’s just thinking about Cress. Thinking about the weight of today.

“You excited?” Kai asks. They’ve looked up from their card game— Thorne’s guessed that they’ve finished. 

“That’s one way to put it.”

“Nervous?” He walks over to the mirror beside Thorne, then sits cross-legged next to his feet, staring at him through the mirror’s reflection.

Thorne doesn’t respond, just looks away.

“Ya know,” Kai says. “Apparently your body’s reaction to nerves and excitement is the same. Fast heartbeat, adrenaline— Cinder’s cyborg warning system gets her excitement and her anxiety confused all the time.”

“That’s great to know,” Thorne deadpans. “That helps me how?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ll do fine,” is Wolf’s gruff response. “You’ve been dating her for so many years.”

Stars, Thorne can’t believe that he’s taking relationship advice from Wolf of all people. But… at the same time, Wolf knows what he’s talking about, all the time. Whenever Wolf has to say something, it’s relevant. 

Maybe Thorne should be taking his advice to heart. 

* * *
Wolf turns to Cress, holds out his hand. She’s reaching for it before she knows what she’s doing, and her breath comes shallow in her lungs. But she’s ready for this. His hand is dwarfing hers and she clutches onto his arm like it’s a lifeline. 

“You’ll be fine, Cress,” Wolf says, and his voice is quiet, calm. Mara’s walking forward with her mother’s hand in hers, and she’s throwing flowers around the audience. Wolf follows his family with his eyes. At that moment, as if she can sense Wolf watching him, Scarlet turns and grins back at her husband. He smiles excitedly back.

“Thorne loves you,” he says, once again turning to Cress. She can see him, standing with his posture a little tense and nervous, at the altar. He looks like he’s waiting desperately for her to come.

“He cares. You have nothing to worry about.”

“Okay,” Cress says, and she realizes that this isn’t hard. She’ll be just walking up to the man she loves and she’ll be staring into his eyes for a while and then she’ll kiss him and they’ll go back to how they used to be, how they’ve always been. She’ll call him “her husband” and they’ll get money together and she’ll be Crescent Moon Thorne and their relationship won’t change. 

She doesn’t have to be nervous. 

She grips Wolf’s hand and he begins to lead her down the aisle. 

* * * 


posted on AO3, read it here!! will be on soon!!!


Kiyo bounced in excitement as he watched some recruits come back from a mission, purring softly as he pushed up his glasses. It was always really interesting and wonderful to see. They usually found new people or an entire different kinda food or culture. He’d always go inside afterwords to see but it was the best part of his job to see everyone look so happy when they came back as he looked at everything.

The sorcerer tilted his head as he saw what looked like a cage though, frowning as he heard something moving inside. What could that be? He carefully lifted the sheet over it and gasped in surprise at what he saw, his ruby eyes filled with curiosity as he felt Ki’s confusion as well. It was someone who looked just like him except with cat ears and a tail. He was sleeping too and he looked cold from how much he was shivering.

Kiyo immediately summoned a blanket for him, frowning as he saw how hurt he was. He had to help him! What the hell!? Its damn something seeing someone just like us sap… Heh it was going to damn happen at some point though with the shit that you attract… Shit… What happened to the guy though… He looks like he’s been in hell…