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I don’t have many in terms of reacts? a lot of pics were just my oc and some relatable Samberg faces but that can work lol

I tag uhh @papidanse @formerly-android @andoy-blog @mirelurk–cakes you don’t have to do it but there ya go

I know we’re all pretty down rn so here, have some cute pics of svalbard reindeer

it’s the smallest subspecies of reindeer on the planet and it loves you

the svalbard reindeer is also the northernmost herbivore in the world, and during winter they survive an average of −16°C (3°F) weather

look at those small fluffy ears and kind eyes, the reindeer is cheering you all on to stay strong in these trying times 

just like the arctic winter, this too shall pass

the svaldbard reindeer proves that even under the most extreme of circumstances, life finds a way. so please, please keep on fighting


These photos aren’t the best (actually pretty bad) because a) indoor shooting is my weakness, and b) it’s a fish D:

But look, it IS a fish! The newest (and potentially grumpiest) addition to my 20g aquarium. c:

While I’m trying to fight anxiety to write or draw again I forgot I had this lil guy that I never uploaded so HERE YOU GO. -shoves the art down your faces-

This is supposed to be a sona version of that echo flower png person.
He wasn’t supposed to be that cute at first but Ootani and Kaweii drew him so cute and round I kinda followed the flow-

His name is Patachou.

This isn’t my main sona, but one for a collab blog~

OH! Let me explain about mermaid purse Peter! I’m awake now lol

Tony’s a Tiger Shark and Tiger Sharks give birth basically live. So the eggs hatch inside mom and swim free after birth.

Peter is a different type of shark (I didn’t decide which) but the mermaid purse he’s in is kinda more like you’d find a Skate in. Because….it was a dumb doodle and I didn’t 100% research mermaid purses lol

Apparently not many sharks lay their eggs that way but I always liked them. Here’s my favorite one bc it looks really cool. A Port Jackson Shark egg!

Day 45 of #365Days
& Day 3 of Rizumo Week

When your girl is making obligatory chocolates but you still get jealous xD.

//This was a second piece, I felt that the first one was not chocolate-y enough for the theme so… yeah.

Chocobros at the Beach (Headcanons)


  • Really loves the beach and everything about it. 
  • Especially the fish. 
  • Kinda afraid to take off his shirt at the beach.
  • Depends on who’s with him.
  • Noctis really loves to swim though. 
  • If he were to participate in a competitive sport… it’d be swimming. 
  • He definitely loves swimming in the ocean compared to a pool or a lake. 
  • The smell of the saltwater just totally relaxes him. 
  • Noctis actually has one of those sound generators that help him sleep and he just listens to the ocean wave setting. 
  • Can actually get a tan without completely frying in the sun. 
  • He just has to be very careful. 
  • Still wears sunblock. 
  • Ignis makes sure the Prince is properly lathered with sunscreen.
  • Skin cancer is a thing.
  • Really loves beach volleyball. 
  • He’s really good at it to.
  • Becomes super competitive. 
  • It’s kinda scary.
  • His go to teammate it always Prompto.
  • Can spend an entire day at the beach.
  • Dusk until dawn.
  • Galdin Quay is his go to place for vacationing. 


  • Sandcastles galore.
  • End of story.
  • Nah, I’m kidding.
  • But seriously, Prompto loves sandcastles.
  • Over the years he has become very, very good at building them. 
  • Of course, when he’s done, he snaps a picture and adds it to his plentiful collection.
  • Prompto has a fear of the ocean.
  • As a child, he was stung by a jellyfish. 
  • Ever since then, it takes a lot of convincing to get Prompto to stick a single toe into the water. 
  • To get Prompto totally submerged in the water… you’ll have to push him.
  • Just prepare for a lot of screaming. 
  • Prompto just enjoys the activities that take place on land.
  • He lives for picnics on the beach.
  • Never takes his shirt off.
  • He had a lot of stretch marks remaining from his weight loss 
  • He’s still very self conscious about his body.
  • So swim shirts are a must.
  • He still looks 10/10
  • Gets sunburned so easily.
  • The boy can be wearing sunblock and still get a horrible sunburn. 
  • Sun glass and Sandal tan lines for life.
  • Beach volley ball is when he really shines. 
  • He’s the real MVP.
  • Prompto and Noctis are unstoppable. 


  • This man’s body was built for the beach.
  • Definitely goes to the beach to pick up dates.
  • Never approaches others.
  • Others approach him.
  • Loves feeling eyes wandering onto him.
  • Perfect opputunity to show off his tattoo.
  • Thin layer of sunblock.
  • Great at getting tans.
  • Never gets sunburnt?
  • It’s a miracle???
  • Gladiolus really enjoys swimming
  • It’s the only way to work out without totally sweating to death. 
  • It works every muscle of the body, so it’s just all fun times for Gladio.
  • You can bet he can beat the current.
  • Why am I suddenly imagining him being a life guard?
  • Idk I’ll leave those fantasies up to you guys.
  • Really enjoys fishing with Noct.
  • As we have seen, Gladio has no problem with jumping into the water to pick up a giant fish to get it on shore.
  • Loves to grill on the beach.
  • Only time Gladio really takes over the duty to cook.
  • Grilling on the beach is his THING.
  • Steaks, hamburgers, MEAT IN GENERAL. 
  • Hope you look your food well done.


  • Not a fan of the beach.
  • Sand. Is. The. WORST. 
  • Ignis is in charge of bringing all the materials.
  • Towels, sunblock, picnic basket, umbrellas, volley balls… everything… snacks included.
  • He doesn’t like when Gladio cooks…  
  • Rather would have rare cook steak than well done. 
  • He brings a little something extra to hold himself over until he gets home to cook a meal he enjoys.
  • Seagulls never leave him alone.
  • Beach Day = Bad Day for Iggy
  • No issue with going shirtless.
  • Thanks, God.
  • Can’t get a tan. 
  • Can get a sunburn.
  • Eyeglasses tan lines
  • Lathers on new coat of sunscreen ever hour on the hour.
  • He can’t stand sunburns.
  • Another reminder that skin cancer is a thing.
  • A lot of people flirt with him
  • But then I attack them
  • He’s definitely oblivious to all of it.
  • Gets a giant number of onlookers while playing volleyball.
  • He uses all his versatile gymnast abilities to kick some serious butt.