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What do you think is the deal with rebsgoddess? I know you like her, but I don't understand how one can be so into columbine, yet, defend a bully. I really like you alot, your blog is amazing and everything about you is lovely and graceful but I'm just kinda confused. Thank you for all the time and passion you dedicate on this blog💝

Thank you very much for the kind words and the compliments. They’re much appreciated. =)

I don’t want to get in the middle of that shitton of drama that’s been making the rounds here lately in any way, to be honest with you, and so I’ll keep this reply very brief. The last thing I want to do is offend anybody or get dragged into back-and-forth arguments, so the following is probably all I’ll say on the subject in this public setting.

Rebsgoddess and I get along all right and have occasional conversations about Columbine and some other things when we feel like it. We’re on friendly terms at the moment, though we also disagree at times and have had arguments in the past. She will likely be the first to attest that I call her out on her shit in private whenever the situation calls for it and that I don’t tend to budge on my observations/opinions in that regard. She knows exactly how I feel and think about things, just as she knows that I will not get involved beyond offering her my honest opinions and advice. I will not be the one to call her (or anyone else) out in public, as I find that only leads to more issues and doesn’t help anybody.

I don’t condone bullying. I never have, I never will, and I will confront people about it if necessary. I believe that we can achieve more by being kind to people than we ever can being rude to them. The grace with which I’ve run this blog over the years is the same grace I extend to people in private, though it’s not without its sharp edges. It’s natural for me to be a voice of reason more than anything else, which is probably reflected in how I have chosen to confront any type of drama inside of our community. There’s a difference between building up and breaking down. I prefer to do the former. I will not engage in the latter.

You know what gets me everytime?

when Allura is giving away the bayards..

and everyone get their own special weapon

and look so cool

and excited

and happy

and then comes Shiro’s turn…

And you knoooooooo he was watching them all get all the weapons and getting all excited himself like “oooh I wonder what my bayard is gonna turn into! the black one must be a very special one! cuz i dun see it here.. Allura is probably saving the best for last!”

and hes standing there like “I’m so ready! give it to me! sooo ready! gimme!

and Allura’s just

Shiro, I’m afraid your bayard was lost with its paladin.

and his face just goes:

and then he like smiles and all “I guess i’ll just have to make do..


does anyone else with cptsd or bpd get these moments where you’re just lying or sitting and suddenly you’re having this feeling that feels like the worst feeling ever, it’s not panic or depression or anxiety, it kinda feels like guilt and you feel so gross and you just wanna rip your skin off, anything, to get rid of this feeling? It just makes you feel like you’re gonna throw up?

and it doesnt even last long, its just that when you feel it its the worst, and you dont feel like you can take this feeling for one more second?

i have had this since i was like 8 but it has been worse lately and its just The Worst

Witch tip!

So I am one of many witches, it seems, who lets out a little groan when a spell calls for a candle to burn all the way down until it puts itself out. “But that takes FOREVER. And I got shit to do, and I don’t wanna sit here for that long.” Because we wouldn’t ever leave a candle unattended, would we. For other lazy witches like me, or perhaps simply busy witches who don’t got time for that, little tip for ya…

Birthday candles! The fastest burning ones last literally a minute or two, and the slower ones, like these, last for maybe 5 to 10. It feels kinda like cheating, but in the best possible way. Also makes a great addition to a mini travel altar.

I actually can get really into it if there’s a short chant that I feel inclined to repeat. It’s the perfect amount of burn time to get lost in the words, but not so long that you’re all like, “Uh, ok, I can feel myself getting older. We done here?”

I’ve got white, blue, pink, and yellow here, but there’s just about every color in existence if you look hard enough.

And they fit in my little jars. Because JARS. Everything looks better in a jar.

drabble: public thrills

so i was going over some stuff in my head last night and this idea just sort of came up so i figured i’d type up a kinda longer drabble/shorter story for you guys. maybe like a precursor to something more with this one. even though this is josh/reader/tyler it’s not part of hourglass. i just thought i’d give yall something fun.

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You stand looking at the whips and handcuffs that lined the wall of the oversized sex shop, not impressed by anything you saw. You had lost Tyler and Josh somewhere by the vibrators, as they mentioned they were looking for something to get you for your birthday; you laughed it off, assuming they were just being their normal, teasing selves. But as you examine a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, you feel an arm snake around your waist, pulling you flush against a body with a very apparent erection.

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in the spirit of november 30th and the last day of “no shave november” i give you this zimbits fic. in which jack finally shaves his moustache and to say that bitty is thrilled would be an understatement. it’s all very warm and fuzzy, but not in a movember moustache way.  

When Jack get’s home from the game the apartment is dark and quiet, but the light over the oven is on and he can smell butter and bananas, so he knows that Bitty’s still awake. The Falconers played the Lightning and won the game 4-2. Jack scored the opening goal and got an assist on the last one that helped to keep them ahead. He’s feels exhausted, but he perks up when he sees Bitty shuffle out of the bedroom in a Falconer’s hoodie and that pair of red shorts.

“Jack! I didn’t hear you come in,” Bitty exclaims when he notices Jack standing in the doorway, his shoes still on and his bag still slung over his shoulder. “Congrats on the win, sweetheart.”

Jack smiles and drops his bag before he welcomes Bitty with open arms as the other man walks over for a hug. “Thank you, mon lapin,” Jack replies before he presses a kiss into Bitty’s hair. These moments are his favourite. Coming home to a warm apartment that looks and smells like it’s been lived in while he was out. Bitty left a couple of bowls on the counter and his textbooks are strewn over the coffee table. It’s perfect. Jack likes having someone here with him. He likes coming home to someone. 

Jack pulls away slightly and tilts Bitty’s head up with a finger under his chin, but when closes his eyes and leans in for the kiss, instead of lips, he feels two fingers hold him back. His eyes snap open as he begins to worry that something is wrong. “Bits?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” Bitty sighs when he sees Jack’s furrowed brow and he takes his fingers away from Jack’s mouth. “But… you promised…” he trails off as he traces his thumb over Jack’s moustache, making a face of distaste as he does so. 

Jack smirks as he remembers the conversation that they had last night before bed, and the night before that, and the day before that over the phone. “I promised I’d shave off the moustache when I got home from the game on the thirtieth,” he recalls, like a mantra.

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One thing that’s bothered me about RWBY hasn’t actually been the show and the writing? It’s been the fandom, and how they’ve reacted to Yang losing an arm ever since it happened. Ever since then, people having been yelling about her getting a robot arm, and that’s just… made me really uncomfortable?

It just seems like people see her the way Taiyang seems to see her - not quite complete and could be doing more for herself, somehow, but Yang said that having one arm was normal for her now, and that’s a completely okay and valid way to feel. She doesn’t need two arms. She has the option, sure, and it might make things a little more convenient for her physically, but… I’m just gonna go ahead and say “so what?”

She doesn’t. need. two arms. And Yang is no less of a person if she chooses not to use the one Ironwood made for her. She put it on last time we saw her, but it was pretty clear she did that for Ruby’s sake, because she doesn’t know where her sister is and she feels like she’s holding Taiyang back from searching for her, not because that was something that Yang wants for herself. 

Maybe that’ll change, but maybe it won’t, and that’s okay too. Our first thoughts shouldn’t be about how much ass-kicking Yang might do if she gets two arms again, they should be about how she feels about potentially using that new arm and whether it’s something that’s good for her mental health and ability to cope with what happened to her.

So can we please stop acting like Yang using a prosthetic is some really weird narrative requirement? Because it’s just a little bit fucking ableist.

Newt Scamander x Reader - Grandfather Always Said...

Title: Grandfather Always Said…

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Rating: G

Word Count: 7339 (holy cow…)

Warnings: None

Another long one I’m afraid.

Honestly guys. Most of these just come to me when I’m working. I’m finally getting around to writing them and such. Also, this kinda feels a bit more like Pickett x Reader friendship X3

@the-art-of-arguing @smalldogmemes @t-adash-i

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Anything for You//Stiles Stilinski & Pack

Originally posted by alfatwolf

Hey, I was wondering if I could get an imagine… Recently I’ve been feeling really down, and one thing that helped me a lot was your imagines so… Can I request one, where the reader is feeling very down so all the pack (Scott, Lydia, Allison, Isaac, and Stiles) are trying to help her feel better? Something cute and funny, but something special with Stiles (since he’s my favorite character ever) It would make my day! Thanks for all your hard work, I love you 💕


Today has sucked. Actually, all week’s kinda sucked. I made my way down the busy high school hallway, finding my last class and plopped down in my desk. Stiles came in like the ball of energy he is, as he sat beside me.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked with concern.

“Nothing, just tired” I replied. It wasn’t technically a lie, I was tired, but after the crappy week I had been having, I just want to go home and sleep the whole weekend. The only thing I can focus on is my yearning to leave. The noises and bustling of students just made the day worse. The bell rang and I was up and out of my seat as fast as possible.

I didn’t look back as I heard the sound of my friends call my name from the corridor. I rushed to my car and sped all the way home. As soon as I got there, I dropped all my stuff in my room and headed for the bathroom. Maybe a hot shower will help wash away the week.

Stiles’ POV

Y/N hasn’t been acting right all week and I am determined to fix it. I met up with the rest of the pack after school so we could come up with a plan.

“Look guys, something’s up with Y/N” I began

“Yeah, Y/N’s been really distant lately” Allison said

“She doesn’t answer any of my texts either, we should do something nice for them” Lydia added.

“Alright, I’ve got an idea.. Here’s the plan” I explained.


As I stepped out of the shower, I heard my phone ding from the other room. I saw Lydia’s name flash across the screen with a text that said “Pack meeting at Stiles’ house ASAP”. My heart sped up at the urgency of her text, but at least it didn’t say hospital.

I pulled on a pair of jeans, threw on a sweatshirt and my vans before heading out the door. This isn’t what I wanted to do with my Friday night.. I was planning to curl up and watch Netflix all night to block out my problems but unfortunately that didn’t go as planned. I pulled up to Stiles’ house, seeing everyone else’s cars here, I must be the last one to arrive.

I take a deep breath as I prepare myself to go inside. I loved my friends, don’t get me wrong, but the last thing I want to do when I feel like this is sit through hours of a pack meeting. I compose myself enough to look halfway decent as I walked up to the door, letting myself in.

I looked around the Stilinksi living room and what I see makes me smile. Allison and Lydia were setting out tons of fuzzy blankets, Scott and Isaac came out from the kitchen with tons of snacks and Stiles was shuffling through movies.

“Surprise!” They yelled, when they finally saw me.

“This doesn’t look like a pack meeting” I said in surprise, a small giggle leaving my mouth.

“We noticed you’ve been a little down lately and we wanted to help” Allison smiled.

“Who’s idea was this?” I laugh, “I love it”.

“All Stiles’ idea” Scott said with a smirk. I looked over to the blushing Stiles and made my way over to give him a hug.

“Thank you” I whispered into his ear “I really needed this”.

“Anything for you” he replied, his eyes locked on mine.

Our moment broke as Isaac burst in with “Let’s get this party started!’. We all ate pizza until we couldn’t eat anymore. The rest of the night continued with lots of snuggling (especially next to Stiles) as we watched my favorite movie. As the night came to a close, I stayed back to help Stiles clean up. When we were finished, he walked me to the door and stopped.

“Thank you again Stiles, you always know how to cheer me up” I said. Our eyes locked once again as I saw his eyes glance down at my lips, then back up at me. His hand came to cheek as our lips met. We stood there for what seemed like forever before breaking apart.

“Anything for you”.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon, I hope you love it! Requests are open. -M

fish emoji ranking

a solid fish, quite realistic. i like this fish, but do not trust it. 8/10

a little lumpy. i like the realistic approach. loses points for being long and kinda ugly. 6/10

what the fuck is this. 2/10

a more realistic approach. why does it have lips tho. what the hecke. 0/10

a round boy. fairly rendered. ill give bonus points for reminding me of a sunfish i saw one time, but it doesnt really deserve them. 5/10

i like the different color. this fish seems like a friend. but not a friend i would tell secrets to. 7/10

i like the unique position, but this fish almost looks like its attached to an invisible fishhook. a chilling image. 0/10

i like the uniform color and the rendering attempt. i do not like the feeling i get from this fish. 4/10

some say this fish looks butt ugly but i like it. its still ugly tho. 6/10

a cuter version of the last fish. it seems like a friend i would trust my pets to. though i do not trust them with it. 10/10

i like the bubbles but dang that it a large eye. what do your fish eyes see. loses points for existential despair. 7/10

i have eaten a fish that looks exactly like this. 1/10



There is a severe lack of art of Hunk so here is some drawings I did of Hunk just doing Hunk things uwu~

He feels like the kinda guy who genuinely likes academics and studying (that particular book is an irl physics book – thanks @cdromeoandjouleiet xD). Of course, the second drawing can go without explanation.

For the last two, I actually noticed how well my neo-80s/sythpop/vaperwave playlist  just really matches Hunk (at least to me) aesthetically? I realized that he would totally be that guy who listens to 80s electronic rock and sings along, out loud, badly and off-key with a screwdriver as a microphone, and using his still-working cassette player/Walkman that has been stuffed in one of his pouches this entire time shhhhh

So then with the last one,  I took the idea to an extreme because he would unironically wear vintage 80s fashion and rock it so hardcore and no one can tell me otherwise.

Hopeful Romantic

To make it an even better week I met a guy last night. It was just a casual meet up after the bars to watch tv and just chat. But it didn’t turn out quite like the casual encounter I was expecting. We talked, and I liked it more than I usually do. I felt something. And I could tell by his smile he felt the same and he didn’t seem to want to leave. We were both laughing pretty hard at one point, and that’s when we both just looked at each other and started making out..for awhile. Clothes came off of course. But it was just raw and honestly kinda nice coming from a guy that’s not interested in hookups. We just made out naked and I was so damn into it. And that was it. He grabbed me and didn’t let go until the morning. It’s rare for me to be able to fall asleep with a guy and to feel that level of intimacy without sex or even getting off (I was also incredibly attracted to him holy shit). He graduates while I’ll be in Germany so I probably won’t ever see him again, but it makes me look forward to the future for when I actually will find a long term thing that makes me feel everything I felt last night.

Sole Survivor Ask Meme - Send me numbers to answer!
  1. What is their name? Do they go by the same name they did pre-war?
  2. What was their relationship like with their spouse?
  3. What are other people likely to notice about them first?
  4. Are they introverted or extroverted?
  5. Describe their voice
  6. Describe their most fond pre-war memory
  7. Describe their smile
  8. Describe their general appearance, post a screenshot or draw them
  9. What were their hobbies pre-war?
  10. What is their weapon of choice?
  11. Do they get attached to their weapons sentimentally, give them names etc?
  12. What is their sexual orientation?
  13. What kind of situations are they likely to avoid?
  14. Do they have any fears or phobias?
  15. Describe their morality. Is it black & white or are there grey areas?
  16. Which faction/group(s) are they affiliated with, and why?
  17. Which faction/group(s) do they dislike, and why?
  18. Did they find romance in the commonwealth? Who are they with?
  19. What do they love the most about their romantic partner(s)?
  20. Do they suffer from any mental health issues?
  21. Do they partake in anything that could be considered escapism?
  22. Do they have any memories that make them physically cringe with embarrassment?
  23. Describe their butt. You heard me.
  24. What are their insecurities?
  25. What boosts their confidence?
  26. What makes them angry?
  27. Do they cry easily? What’s likely to set off the waterworks?
  28. How do they cheer themselves up, or how would other characters cheer them up?
  29. What do they miss the most about pre-war life?
  30. Who is their bff post-war?
  31. Has the post-war commonwealth changed them physically?
  32. Has the post-war commonwealth changed them mentally?
  33. How do they react to being humiliated, intentionally or otherwise?
  34. Do they/did they dance? Describe their funky moves.
  35. How do they feel about ghouls?
  36. How do they feel about synths?
  37. They’re in a bar fight. Did they start the fight, are they getting beaten on, or are they trying to break it up?
  38. What ’S.P.E.C.I.A.L’ stats do they value/embody?
  39. When the going gets tough, your sole survivor….
  40. Who do they think is indisputably the most important person in Vault 101: He who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland, and to whom we owe everything we have, including our lives?
(closed! I’ll die if I get more haha thank you guys!)Commissions?

Thank you for not getting angry for the fact I’ve already posted 3 times this day ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ 

I just have one thing last to say.

Um would anyone commish me? I kinda want to buy some merch but my mom won’t lend me money and my paypal is kinda desserted ( ´△`) (the only left there is like 9 dollars that belong to my sister, I’ve got

All I really need 25.97 dollars so I guess I’ll at least earn 26 to be sure. I would stop once I reach my goal tho! 

I’ll make something like this

and this

I’m still not sure how to price it so I thought that the price range for start around 15 dollars? Or lets talk about it in the messages. We could disscuss o v o b I’m panicking to be honest haha

If you’re wondering whyy the price is like that I actually don’t know, just gut feelings haha but if it seems to expensive please do tell me, I don’t know the price range at all. This is my frist time doing this here so I’m so scared

Oh and I would prefer if you would make me draw Mp100 characters beacuse I love them oh so much! But if no it’s okay too! As long as it’s not mecha, mega buff man, very sexy person and furry animals please! I would just dissapoint you so sorry, Ah and please don’t make me draw anything explicit, I’d die

I hope you guys would help me out! I really want those adorable mp100 buttons I’m crying 

So hey I’m on mobile and I can’t put this 100% tiredness-induced rambling under a read more so sorry for that in advance oops. Anyhow, topic: I still lowkey feel like doing stuff on YouTube could be a fun time?? A couple of my pals maintain channels atm and idk– besides drawing and sleeping, entertaining peeps is among my top 5 fave things so like??? Hm~
((That said, last time I tried to make one it gave me a major anxiety spike but hey maybe after I’m (hopefully) in a steady job outta uni???))
Mostly it’s a case of: I love video editing but I get next to no chances to do any– plus from what I’ve seen, challenge videos etc with friends seem like they’d be super fun to do, and obvs I could always upload speedpaints of my work, but otherwise I wouldn’t really know what to do in terms of vloggier(?) content. (Tfw u enjoy talkin but got no idea of what to talk about.) idk.
In any case it’s fuckin 1.30am and I oughtta crash.

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What if the more the bonds between the lions and the Paladins grow, the Paladins stay to act like lions or cats in small ways. And like they start to get more touchy with each other and a lot more protective of each other.

i actually have a headcanon that the more the paladins form voltron, the more “in-tune” they become with each other! every time they form voltron, their emotions and instincts kinda? mesh together a little bit? which makes it so they can fight as one being knowing exactly what to do and how to maneuver their lions. 

this has lasting effects on them too, such as feeling more closer to each other when not formed as voltron, and getting anxious when being separated from each other. and developing this deep instinct to protect each other and stick together, almost like a wolf pack?

but i love the “start to act like cats” aspect, thats really cute lmao. 

i feel like I’ve seen so many posts talking about dva needing a support-figure in her life (and I’ve done a lot, like w/Ana and pharah and a few others scattered here and there) but like honestly what about lucio?

who’s the older, wiser character keeping an eye on him and giving him advice for dealing? Who’s the one who pulls him aside after a rough mission and gives him a tight hug when it gets to be too much, and is okay with lucio waking them up before the sun’s up because of a nightmare?

let me argue, against the skeptics for a minute: Reinhardt

Listen. Dva has the amaris, in my opinion, who watch out for her emotional well being and are ready for any breakdowns. 76 is hella caught up in his own shit, I don’t think mercy could ever, eveeeer be a good mentor b/c she’s a prodigy and can only connect w/other extreme geniuses, and mccree seems like a #HotMess in the last comic

So I argue Reinhardt

Reinhardt thinks it’s great to have such sprightly, energetic young adults in overwatch. Lena, Hana, and lucio are joyful and friendly, and while Reinhardt imagines that will mellow out with experience (he remembers jack’s easygoing laugh and Ana’s bright smiles, gabe’s snarky but kind demeanor, after all) it’s refreshing and keeps spirits higher than they’d be if it was just the old crowd

it takes awhile for him to notice. at least four or five missions past when someone /needed/ to notice.

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I work two jobs. One is technically full time, about 37 hours a week, with a regular schedule and decent pay/benefits etc, so that’s nice, but at my my second job I’m considered “on call” and I keep it just to kinda fill in the gaps financially. I work evenings and weekends, usually a couple days a week, around 10-20 hours. I’m pretty flexible about working with them, usually covering shifts other people don’t want, and they’ve told me many times they don’t know how they’d get through without me. But over the last two weeks I’ve only worked one shift, and this week I’m once again not scheduled for any shifts. And I’m annoyed. Not to mention, I’ve yet to hear anything about my annual performance review (and potential raise) that I was told in my initial interview that I’d get, even though it’s been well over a year that I’ve been working there. I just feel like if they value my help as much as they claim, they’re not showing it very well right now.

On one memorable Valentines day Ryan gives the whole crew hearts. Not chocolate hearts or candy hearts or even heart-shaped balloons, oh no. Fresh, hand-picked, unequivocally human hearts. More thoughtful than any store-bought gift if he does say so himself.

They’re carefully thought out, each presented differently; If Ryan’s going to do something then he’s going to do it right, wasn’t about to just throw slabs of bleeding meat down on the table and call it a day - he’s not an animal.

While it took the longest to obtain, Geoff’s is the  most simple. Sitting in a basic cooler, nothing fancy, easy to identify and not meant to last. For Geoff the gift is not the organ itself but the inevitable demise of the man it came from, the involuntary donor who’s crew will no longer be trying to push their way into Los Santos.

For Jack there is a necklace, long and elegantly simple, the tapered rose-gold vial engraved with a small heart that makes her smile. Its unassuming, decorative and fashionable, perfectly belying the way the lid is sealed shut to preserve the ash within.

Ryan has never stuffed a heart with explosives before, hadn’t quite anticipated the difficulty of it, but his efforts are instantly rewarded by the involuntary way Michael snorts into laughter at the sight of the fuse snaking out of an artery. Its impossible not to join in when it goes off, humour infectious as Michael’s eyes light up, bellowing his amusement as gore rains down around them.

Ray receives what another might consider a serial killer’s love letter. A dismembered hand left in his favourite spot points him in the direction of a warehouse containing carefully arranged entrails which in turn lead to a breadcrumb trail of teeth. Thoroughly entertained Ray follows blood and gore all around the city before finding himself on the roof of an open-air parking garage, a giant blood red heart painted across the floor with the real deal placed carefully at its centre.

Gavin’s heart is in a ornamental jar, carefully preserved, bloodless and somewhat alien in appearance. It’s an almost shocking display of thoughtfulness, concession to the fact that Gavin, of all of them, would be the most disgusted, yet also somehow the one most likely to want to keep his gift. When he doesn’t have to smell it, feel the muscle gone cold in his hands, deal with the red stain of someone else’s life, Gavin is really quite delighted with the whole deal. Absolutely horrified, sure, but in that squirmy gleeful kind of way he gets, amused by his own revulsion, calling Ryan disturbing and lovely in the same breath.

Jeremy, who knows he definitely hasn’t been with them long enough to warrant a heart of his own (thank god?) watches it all play out with a bizarre mixture of amusement, horror and the tiniest pang of longing that comes along with feeling left out. At least until Ryan appears before him, as silent and terrifying as always, and thrusts a black plastic bag into his hands before ghosting away. The moment of shocked dread (whereupon Jeremy instantly realises that yeah nope warm-fuzzies of being included aside he did not need a human heart in his life actually thanks) is instantly washed away by helpless laughter when he opens the bag and catches sight of the anatomically-correct toy heart smiling cheerfully back at him. 

Taurus risings

ion know any of ya hoes.


I actually do know two Taurus risings LMFAO! oops! I was thinking of my friends and I know a few bad bitches with Taurus risings. No, but seriously one of them is THICC and she’s super sweet too and gorgeous as hell.

Taurus risings have this calm aura to them. Like… i KNOW tAURus’ get shit for being boring or whateva, but fr… I could be next to a Taurus rising and i feel like i aint get nO typa sleep last night. 


They are so kindhearted and they look like they got their life together and you aint shit compared to them. That’s really what they look like. You kinda just want to go to them for guidance and advice!! But most of them mF’s don’t know what to do with themselves LMFAO oops! ❤️

they are v beautiful!!