kinda fan art


wyld concept: Keith loves and cares for his friends and wants to express that

[lance is hoping he won’t be excluded from Keith’s hug spree]

Drew this comic a while back … before s2 . This is kinda what I was hoping would happen after they all found each other again.

I never got any hugsss !!!!! SO mad :///

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 

Hi. So I’m not super vocal in the Carmilla fandom but I’m a HUGE creampuff. I’m also an amateur cake designer.

I really wanted to contribute something but I’m no good at drawing. Sooo…this is my interpretation of fan art - a Carmilla series themed cake.

It’s taken 3 days to complete and I’ve tried to include as many references to the series as possible. It’s tested all my cake decorating knowledge but it’s honestly the most fun I’ve ever had working.


So this is how dates work right

This was one of my absolute favourite moments in the whole podcast. 

Also inspired by this hilarious animatic:

(spoilers for the Crystal Kingdom)

Taako’s complete guide to seducing your future boyfriend:

- eat one of his body parts
- tentacle his dick
- offer to make fanfiction based on said tentacle porn
- tempt him with souls of the undead

- die about ten times

- invite him for a date without telling him it’s a date

- comment on his skin condition
- confess your crippling self doubt about your own abilities
- try to kill him with your umbrella while his back is turned
—> he’s smitten!

(Kravitz you poor soul)