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Clara Oswald Meme [9/?] 

I know who Clara Oswald is. I know how she came to be in my life, and I know what she will always mean. I found out the day we went to Trenzalore.


Oh boy, chapter 22….was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Lmao. Mostly because of Sophie. I was missing my ultimate number 1 daughter, aka Lucina, and I had an Exalt brand and I thought “why not make her a greatlord?” and I did! It was a great idea. I kinda stuck her and Siegbert together, and then just gave her a Blessed Lance, and then stuck her in front of the enemy. Let me tell you. She would not die. Not only does blessed lance heal her, but she has crazy dodge rates, and like a total of maybe 2 hits actually landed on her. Congratulations Sophie, you are now my favourite child. Sorry Kana, but Sophie is just so much better!

The faceless were kinda annoying though, especially the reinforcements that had Void Curse. It’s almost as if they knew you would grind here and wouldn’t let you. Lovely. I did manage to grind Corrin up to level 14 so I can FINALLY learn Nohrian Trust when I level up. 

Also Lilith died. Congrats on this game for making sad for approximately 5 seconds before I burst out laughing at the “WHY DOES SOMEONE AS PURE AS LILITH HAVE TO DIE” line. This is just such…bad writing. It’s so cheesy first of all, and second of all, it just doesn’t fit the tone. Also Xander is a bit of an ass since the first thing he says to Corrin when Lilith dies is “suck it up lol” or something along those lines. Xander. NOW IS NOT THE TIME!!! I mean I never really liked him but this is just…bad. I get he’s speaking from experience and is worried for Corrin but this seems incredibly insensitive to say just when Lilith died so soon. Jesus. This is almost as bad as Azura’s “pep talk”. Can the game be any more tone deaf?

And god. I’m trying really, really hard like this game, and really realy hard to like these characters…but I really can’t. I can’t stand Corrin. I can’t stand how every single plot point and character is somehow convenient to Corrin, coddles Corrin, and does the “UWU CORRIN CAN DO NO WRONG” thing all the time. This is why I can’t stand Cordelia because everyone is like “uwu love her” when there’s nothing there for me to like, and it’s only the same with Corrin. I don’t hate Corrin to the same extent, mostly because Corrin has some sort of personality, but she’s so boring tbh. Most of these characters are so one dimensional and only has one trait, it’s actually kinda terrible. It’s the same reason I wasn’t fond of Olivia or Lon’qu in Awakening, I still liked them, but they weren’t my favourites because Olivia is just “uwu shy” and Lon’qu is just “I’m scared of woman”. Obviously they had other traits that made me like them but Conquest? I don’t like anyone. I don’t care about any of them. Honeslty my favourite character is Takumi and he’s not even playable in this game. I don’t even know if I want to do a m!Corrin run through, Conquest is just such a joyless experience. Sorry, idk what to say other than the fact this game really sucks.

Although I definitely see the value in having separate spaces in which communities can talk specifically about their issues. I also kinda think that the fact that the l and bpq communities on tumblr are so incredibly detatched from one another kinda creates an atmosphere of animosity that really shouldn’t exist?

Like when we speak about our issues on completely different platforms, because we aren’t face to face with one another as individuals, the opposite community to our own kinda becomes a faceless group; which I think in turn has really negative consequences.

tbh I think that this depersonalization is what leads to people going on hate rants about ‘the monosexuals’ and ‘the bihets’. I just think that people are far less likely to rant about why they hate ‘the monosexuals’ when they’ve just heard a young lesbian talk about how she feels like she can’t come out of the closet for fear of being kicked out of home. In the same way, I think people are far less likely to rant about ‘the bihets’ when they’ve just heard a bi woman talk about spending the first 27 years of her life being unaware of her attraction to women due to compulsory heterosexuality. (Random examples but I think you get my drift.)

And really, in combination with the call out cultures of tumblr, I think this detachment becomes all the more problematic because the only bloggers of the opposite community that people are exposed to are the hateful ones, which makes the opposite community not just a faceless group anymore, but a faceless enemy. (Which really is nothing short of a tragedy.)

I just kinda think that having very separate discussions is a double edged sword in a lot of ways and I think it would be worthwhile for lbpq ladies to invest the same amount of time into wlw solidarity tags as they do into separate l and bpq community discussions.