kinda elliotts actually

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Could I request the bachelors/bachelorettes discovering that the farmer is secretly a dragon with a human form? May seem random but I mean they instantly regain energy and health despite being beaten to a pulp the day before in a mine, can chop so many trees in a single day, and are just all around super powerful so it's always been a headcanon of mine that the farmer is a magical dragon shifter tbh. May be why the wizard trusts them with arcane things as well.

Sebastian- “You ever do cosplay? I think you’d be pretty good.”

Shane- “uhhh, wow.”

Sam- “Ok, you need to come over the next time we play Dungeons and Dragons.”

Elliott- “Could I put you in the fantasy novel I’m writing?”

Alex- “Dude, do you play sports? Do you know how much of an advantage that would be?”

Harvey- “Well I guess you won’t be visiting me much, will you?”

Abigail- “Wait, are there others like you? Can I come visit them with you?”

Leah- “You’ve GOT to let me paint your dragon form sometime.”

Haley- “Ooo I bet your scales are really pretty!”

Penny- “Could you show the children? I’m sure they would love it.”

Maru- “Can I come… study you sometime? For science, ya know.”

Emily- “I always kinda felt something was different about you.”

~I gotta admit, this one was kinda hard😅. It was pretty fun to try tho.~