kinda effortless

Question : There are seven chairs and ten kids. The objective is to sit on a chair. What would you do?

Irene : Just sit on each other’s laps!

Molly : Or you could bring in three more chairs…kinda effortless.

Mary : or we could have a musical chairs game and fight for them!

Eurus : kill three kids

Mrs. Hudson : I really don’t care as long as I get to sit

thewillowyartist  asked:

Omg please talk to me about the stress of stage managing and about why I keep craving organization supplies? Like I hate being under appreciated by the actors yet I want to be prepared for their ever waking need.

It’s the draw towards chaos, the need to create order where everyone else sees an unorganized, impossible mess…oh, and the added ability to make the process seem flawless and effortless.

Kinda sounds like a god complex, doesn’t it? “Let there be light” is just another way of saying “Cue one, go.”