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kuroyaku is everything tho like, theyre the parents of the team? so they don't treat each other like kids? so they can get kind of hurtful with each other? like, they don't have to hold back for each other and they can be completely honest? and yet theyd be so protective of each other? can u imagine them going on amusement park dates :3

I know, they’re great!  And I mean, that would be such a disaster like-

Kuroo tries to ask Yaku to go to the amusement park, but somehow Lev overhears, and it turns into a team outing, much to Kuroo’s chagrin (and Kenma’s… somewhere far off in the distance when he realizes he’s going to have to attend a crowded amusement park on his one day off).  Yaku is also kinda disappointed because he thought it might have been a date, but then he gets pissed at himself for wanting it to be a date and spends the rest of the day storming around scaring everyone on the team.

So Yaku is already grumpy when they arrive because they gotta corral their pack of five-year-olds through a crowded amusement park on their not-date, and Kuroo is ushering a pouty Kenma through the crowds, but it’s okay- they’re ready for a day of FUN- even if Kai is already dragging Yamamato along by the collar because he ran off to try to flirt with the ticket lady.

But, anyway, positivity

Kuroo thinks they should hit up the drop tower first, because that line always gets super long, but Yaku wants to ride the roller coaster.  And of course Lev, bless his soul, can’t stop himself from loudly asking ‘Are you even tall enough to ride the roller coaster, yaku-san?’ Unsurprisingly, Lev gets kneed in the groin.  Kuroo has the gall to snicker a little too loudly and gets an elbow to the ribcage.

So yeah, that is to say they ride the roller coaster first.  And although Yaku is still kinda pissed he does end up sitting next to Kuroo, because pure coincidence, ofc.  And just because he and Kuroo still have to taunt each other whenever they get the opportunity he shoots him a shit-eating grin like ‘you can hold my hand if you’re scared.’

Except Kuroo really was gonna try to hold his hand but now he fricking can’t because there’s no way he’s going to give Yaku the satisfaction.  He sulks for like five minutes after the ride and Yaku thinks that it’s because he didn’t get his way so he gets even more miffed and really it is just such a disaster.

But undettered, the team drags them around and they ride a bunch more rides- None of which are the drop tower because Kuroo never gets his way, and everyone else all had their requests- Yamamoto wanted to try out bumper cars (everyone teams up against their captain, Kuroo complains of mutiny), Inuoka got really excited over the log plume  (Kuroo gets drenched and Yaku snickers obnoxiously into his hand), Lev insisted they ride the carousel 3 times ‘There’s no line though!’ (seriously just imagine lev with his lanky legs on a carousel what a nerd).  By the time they get around to the drop tower the line’s already too long- as Kuroo predicted- so they have to go off somewhere else

But even more frustrating is how little time he’s gotten to spend with Yaku, or okay, they’re together, but they can hardly go a few seconds without Yaku running off to reprimand one of their dumbass teammates, so it’s really not a date at all- not that it was ever going to be- um… yeah.

And Kuroo is so busy sulking he doesn’t even realize they’ve lost Kenma until Lev loudly points it out.

Kenma, is ofc totally fine, hunched over playing his ds in the least crowded part of the park, but it still causes quite an uproar, and by the time they’ve tracked him down everyone is complaining about being hungry so they have to go get food

After they’ve all had their fill of cotton candy and the garbage amusement park fare, they finally decide to humor Kenma and go to play some of the games.  They’re all competitive nerds over it- Yaku and Kuroo have a rousing game whack-a-mole, and yeah Kai swears he didn’t realize whack-a-mole could have so much sexual tension but… 


In the end, as broke high schoolers, they can only afford to play for a few minutes before they’re all out of cash, and Kenma’s the only one who has any real success.  He ends up with a giant plush cat, which he hands to Kuroo, sending a meaningful look in Yaku’s reaction.  Kuroo just blinks at him, but shrugs and agrees to carry it.  Kenma stares blankly forward, wishing desperately he were home in bed.

By now the park is going to close soon and Kuroo’s really hoping they might be able to get one ride on the drop ride, but then Kai pipes in, quietly requesting that they go on the ferris wheel.  And while Kuroo has no desire to ride the ferris wheel, he agrees, since Kai has been the one person who hasn’t asked of anything all day, and he is an incredibly kind person, after all.

The rest of the team is surprisingly quick to agree, even if Lev does make a request to ride the carousel one more time- he’s promptly ignored- but even this, Kuroo doesn’t think too much of, maybe they’re just too tired out to be contrary….. Ah, how naive he is 

It’s only when he and Yaku have stepped inside the doors of the ferris wheel that he realizes they might have just walked into the oldest and most cliche trap in the books. Kai winks -the nerve of some people- and suddenly remembers he’s afraid of heights, and the rest of the team all mutter similar excuses, (well, aside from lev, who just seems really confused as to why inuoka is dragging him away) All Yaku and Kuroo can do is glare at them while they make their hasty and rather unsubtle escape.

No one ever finds out what exactly happened on the top of the ferris wheel, but both Kuroo and Yaku are suspiciously red when they step out, and neither bother to murder any of their teammates for that stunt, so Kai calls the plan a success

Kenma prays they never take a team trip anywhere ever again


You know, that guy you’re wishing he would be I never met him. I only know this guy, and yeah, I mean, he’s a little weird, but, uh but I like him.


And darling never settle settle settle

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