kinda dream pop at times

i had a dream about kyungsoo last night like we were at a performance and he was like right in front of me so i started waving and he waved back but was trying to make it discreet for some reason and i turned to my friend and like held on for dear life bc i just knew that was the end for me like even dream me was going down and he like came over to where we were and my friend was like she’s ok she just really loves u and he smiled at me and helped me sit down and then like squatted in front of me and rubbed my arms and told me i was okay and he’d be right back and then he got up and he went off for a little bit while i breathed and he came back with this bracelet and put it on my wrist and he had a matching one and he was like see? as long as you wear this we’re connected and you’ll be okay and i started sobbing and threw my arms around him and he hugged me so tight and like whispered that i was okay and like cradled the back of my head so my face was in his neck and it felt so real and he smelled so good im really sofndgkjnf