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I’ve been listening to Creepypasta readings by the very talented MrCreepyPasta for the past few days while working on my fan comic. I think this one may be my new favorite, purely for its oddly hilarious, kinda douchey portrayal of the Devil. I kinda want to draw parts of this story; I feel there would be a lot of good facial expressions.

Also, in what other Creepypasta would you hear the line “I left the Devil hanging”?


Blackwall Greatly Approves

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ok so I asked if I should sit with my crush and his friends a while ago. I did it. It was awkward and he was kinda douchey but he kept looking at me and smiling and when I sat down he looked at his friends. I told one of my friends whose friends w him that he was a douche. She talked to him and he apologized and said he was a horrible person and that him and those guys are always douchey.

At least he apologized and recognizes that it was douchey behavior! Are you still interested in him?

so i’ve been playing with my current dnd group for like half a year now and i just now realized that we Are the leverage crew

ok hear me out here, we are a group of criminals and generally morally-questionable people trying to figure out how to do good together, and i know that’s like every other dnd party but wait till you hear the specifics

so first there’s ari (das me), the rogue with a negative charisma modifier. great at thieving, terrible at anything involving human interaction. usually just ends up stabbing people. also the youngest of the group.

then there’s salina, the sorcerer and the only other girl. she’s charming and manipulative as shit and always manages to flirt her way to getting us out of the messes ari gets us into 

and sansberry, the oldest of the group and the only one without a criminal background. started out in denial about becoming a lowlife like the rest of us but has kinda embraced it by now. the very reluctant and kinda douchey dad

and then there’s al, the grisled monster hunter and the only one in the group with any kind of strength. acts like he hates everyone an everything but is actually pretty protective his group

and finally, quentin, the wizard. a nerdy, weak, sarcastic lil shit. always provoking al (who gets all annoyed but i don’t think he actually minds that much)

…aka: parker, sophie, nate, eliot, and hardison. i’m just sayin’

I don’t fucking get why people who consider themselves “terfs” are always reblogging posts that say “terfs don’t rb” or whatever. I mean, a big part of the radical feminist argument on trans issues is about respecting boundaries (i.e., it’s fucked up to pressure lesbians to take dick), so why aren’t they respecting other people’s boundaries about their posts? Even silly, virtue-signally boundaries are boundaries and thus deserve to be respected. Violating these boundaries goes against their stated beliefs and is just kinda douchey in general. I don’t get it.


MORDECAI is CAPRICORN because you guys are serious with a sense of humor and know how to have fun

RIGBY is PISCES because they act like lil kids and you want to fight them sometimes yet you still somehow love them

MARGARET is SCORPIO because they always have a bae

EILEEN is CANCER because yall are cute and shy

SKIPS is SAGITTARIUS they’re pretty wise and have been thru some shit

BENSON is VIRGO because they’re kinda douchey but lowkey deep down inside want to have fun too

CJ is TAURUS because yall are pretty much the girl next door type also they lose their shit when they get mad

POPS is AQUARIUS because they’re pretty weird in a good way.

MUSCLE MAN is GEMINI because they like making your mom jokes and are also assholes

THOMAS is LEO because they’re pretty cool and you cant really say shit about them

HI 5 GHOST is LIBRA because yall are a true libro amirite

BABY DUCKS are ARIES because they look cute but will fight you GO AHEAD TRY THEM