kinda cute idk lol


distorts are nice

we come in peace!!


So the other day I was laying in bed thinking, “I bet Mako would be the kind of person to love plants but keep only one and take super good care of it.” Then I dont know what happened and I started to imagine a little Haru growing from the plant…yeah, this is some weird au…



i thought it would be a cute idea to put a little video together of my streetcar experience. this video is for fans who weren’t able to attend the show and for those who want to relive it again. ENJOY! 

Ballerina Jack..?

Requested by @markiplier-in-pjs, I had no idea what I was doing with this so I’m sorry if it looks like crap heh

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Oh my ghhhhh.. how do you come up with the hugging/kissing/couple poses (where 2 ppl interact.. haha Idk how to describe)??? They are so so cute! !!! Aah!

AHH thank youuu ^^!!!! sorry for the late reply i’m a lil busy w school…

 if you have a hard time coming up with poses you can try practicing w photos! senshistock has a lot of great couple poses (and poses in general)!! i also sometimes use designdoll to pose the figure until i can find something i like too… but usually i  just think of an idea… sketch out a pose and then go from there..

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Mini request, that kinda sounds cute lol. Uh, idk if you do Vanderwood, but do you have any basic/fluff headcanons for them?

Yes mini request :3 thanks for being my first one :’D

Vanderwood is so unappreciated that I will do my best to do this: This man has the habit of putting others first. He wants to see other people happy due to the fact he isn’t happy with himself. So he lives through other people’s happiness.

Relationship: THIS MAN LORD JESUS. You don’t wanna cook? Shit you Gucci. He will cook and clean the dishes for you because he will treat you like you deserve to be treated however; he does appreciate when you do clean the dishes. He loves communication, he loves hearing your voice change pitches whenever you are happy or sad. While you are talking about your day, he gives you a foot rub while you rant to him and best believe he is actually paying attention. This man…..he will die for you. He would do anything and everything to see a smile on your face because you are his world. :3