kinda crazy when you think about it

It’s time.
It’s the 1rst of March 2017 and that means that this beautiful boy, the reason of this account right here is 23 now.
I can’t really believe how fast time is flying but it is, faster than I ever imagined.
Wasn’t you just 16 yesterday, having your first world tour, wasn’t it just yesterday when my world came out, when you reached more and more goals that you had, wasn’t it just yesterday that this fanbase was created?
Well it’s pretty crazy to think about the fact that this was all nearly 8 years ago, isn’t it?
It is nearly 8 years ago since we started to watch you growing from this little kid into this beautiful young man and I can’t even say how proud I am of you, but just saying that I’m proud would be an understatement because it has been nearly 8 years since you decided to live this kinda life, to take us with you on your amazing journey, and since then, we’ve been here, we’ve been here with you through thick and thin, we stayed through rumors, lies, changes, mistakes, break ups. We stayed when you had the worst part of your life, when you were in deep depression, not knowing what to do with your life anymore, and now look at you my angel.
You rised like a skyscraper out of the ground, you handled your depression, you started to keep your life together again and most importantly, you found your purpose.
You’ve been through a lot, your journey was everything but easy I can tell.. you know, it was tough,
~ you had to deal with the fact that people called you a “ girl ” because of your voice when you were just 16,
~ when you became 17, you were rumored to be a father,
~ you were getting called gay by the age of 18
~ then, 2013/2014, or how we call it, your bizzle phase, you had to deal with more hate than I ever imagined, parents calling you a bad influence for their kids but the worst is that you had to deal with yourself and we had no clue
~ then you turned 21 and you were having a hufe comeback, you went through a lot of changes
~ and well, now it’s the time where I can say, with 22, people called you a jerk and they tried everything to tear you down, but you’re still here.
^ look at all of this, and people still call Justin weak? I’m sorry but for me this just proofs one more that Justin is one of the strongest people existing out there.
And even though you went through all of this, you still managed to love us, to take care of us, to make us feel like we’re worth it, and it amazes me everyday how you have the strength to do it everyday.
People don’t really get it, they will always question the memories I created, we all created with Justin, the stories we have behind all of this, they will never get it, but Justin, there’s one thing you should know and one thing people will always question,
you’re keeping me alive for a lifetime now.
In my darkest times, you were there.
When everyone turned against me and showed me their back, you offered me a hand.
When I thought that all hope was lost, you reminded me that there will always be hope as long as you’re there.
You brought the smile I’ve lost for years back, in such a short time.
You are the reason I’m fighting through a bad day, why I keep holding on.
You’ve always reminded me that I’m not alone, and that you’ll might not be next to me right now but that you will always be with me.
When I was struggling with anxiety, depression and panic attacks, I just had to listen to be alright and I knew that everything will be okay again.
Even though you don’t know how I look, you make me feel like the most beautiful princess.
Do you see this?
You’re the reason behind my smile,
you made me believe in myself,
you made me accept myself instead of bringing it down,
you gave me hope when I thought there’s nothing left,
you stood by my side when I was alone,
you helped me to get out of the darkest place in my life and yet, people still say that you’re a bad influence, shake my head at every single one of them, I wonder if they would still call you names, talk bad about you in front of us, or even come
up with rumors if they would know that you’re the only reasons why their friends, daughters, classmates are still alive.
^ but that’s a different story.
This day is supposed to be about you and only you.
I’m so endlessly proud of you, you’ve got a grammy, a diamond award, our fanbase keeps growing, you’re finally the person who you want to be, you started to figure life out and maybe you didn’t figured out completely, but you figured it out enough to be happy with yourself, and that’s all that matters, your happiness.
There’s so much more I wanna say, so much more things I’m proud of, so much more reasons why I love you, so much more reasons why I will always be with you, but I don’t even have any ideas how to put it into words, because you really do mean everything to me.
But since it’s 12AM,
Happy birthday my angel,
just remember that we love you, that we’ve always loved and that we will always love you because you might not know, but you’re the reason why so many of us are still here.
Happy 23rd birthday my beautiful little cupcake vanilla muffin puppy baby prince, I love you way more than to the moon and back. ❤️🎉

Bed Ridden


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1) I was in ur archives and I saw the what happened to the senju ask, & I wanted to share my long hc: so my memory of canon is shoddy, but when you think about it, tobirama making the uchiha the police force and basically keeping them in the village makes a sort of fucked up kinda sense? Here is a clan who goes batshit when their loved ones die. Who can see through illusions. Whose eyes can track movement and pick up changes and copy EVERYTHING.

Seems logical to put them in charge of inner village security- not inherently dangerous work so they’re not dying and going crazy, builds trust in the community with clans and civilians who didn’t like them before etc. And also, how many spies and infiltrators do you think would have managed to get past their eyes? They’re, like, ideal for protecting home base. The senju on the other hand where known as the clan of a thousand talents? Makes sense to have them running dangerous missions and on the frontlines because they can’t be countered the same way twice. So the uchiha lived and became bitter, and the senju just died out over time and the demands of the village.

YES. This is one of the reasons I always get annoyed with people painting Tobirama as this bigoted tyrant who forced the Uchiha into the Police Force, because honestly? There wouldn’t be a single clan better suited for it, and it’s not as if they were confined to it, because Shisui and Itachi at least both ran regular shinobi missions. The Senju part I hadn’t considered, but it’s an interesting twist!

THE ELLEN SHOW: The Final Chapter

A/U: So I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s read this monster. You’ve all been so nice and kind over the past 4-5 months and I cannot tell you how nice it’s been having you get excited or upset about what I’ve written. Having someone telling you how invested they are into something you’ve created is an amazing feeling. I’m bittersweet seeing this coming to an end because I only hope I can make something like this again and have you all support it as much as this. But until that day comes I will give one last thank you and say I love you. 

The Ellen Show Master List

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“Welcome back.” A guy with a headset said to me as I was waiting behind the set. He must have recognized me but I didn’t recognize him.

“Oh thank you for having me.” I smiled before pushing my hair back behind my ear shyly. He then processed to quickly give me a run down but we had both done this so many times now it wasn’t really needed anymore.

I heard my name a few seconds after the guy waved for me to start walking. A few moments later Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl came over the set and I smiled brightly as I came around the corner. Waving to the audience I walked across the flooring before looking up and seeing Ellen standing up waiting for me.

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dating nct taeyong!1!2!1!!

• taeyong wants love
• taeyong is not afraid to show you that he wants love, well he’s kinda shy about it
• but he wants all the love.
• okok jk, not really, but ok jk.
• taeyong is super nice honestly
• he rests his chin on your shoulders and the top of your head a lot like, watching tv? his chin is resting on your shoulder. cooking? his chin is resting on your head.
• PRETTY RANDOOM BUT he answers all of your questions like, no matter what.
• “…mmmmm…. you look good in red. so. red.”
• he looks so good in like, sleeveless shirts
• he’s so passionate about dancing and he loves it when you love his dancing and he’s just so bashful whenever you talk about his dance skills
• he looks good while dancing in sleeveless shirts and he knows you like it. he. knows.
• he knows most of your weaknesses but sometimes he doesn’t know that the slightest “hand brushing through wet, just showered, hair” action drives you crazy and kills you inside
• “…are you ok????” //the tiny shy laugh he does whenever he’s kinda confused of flustered//
• taeyong is like, lowkey (HIGHKEY VERY) protective over you
• esp w the members
• he won’t even share you w the younger baby rookies
• “jaem-”
• “hyung-”
• “jaemin don’t… don’t touch her” and he whines
• “hyung…hyung i high fived her”
• “i…knew that ok that’s ok.”
• he’s kind of… ok he’s not over protective and stops you from meeting people or hugging people but honestly he’s like “…,,,, why’d u hug that guy there”
• “taeyong that’s my cousin. and he’s 4. 4 years old. and 3 months.”
• “he’s SO CUTE OH MY GOSH THAT’S SO adorable. can we take a selfie w him”
• SUPER- OK IF EXPRESSIONS COULD BE MONOTONE- that’s just, like, a poker face.
• but y'all sometimes use like, really weird filters like dog filters and like, angel demon filters and both of tou are making the best facial expressions ever omg but those are, p r i vate.
• but those selfies are also your…um, phone wallpaper, profile pic for every social media site ever, profile pic on kakao/any messaging app ever, and you post them on social media.
• taeyong posts them on twitter and he’s like “whOOPS. HOW DID THOSE GET ON MY ACC- OH GOSH. but we’re cute, she’s cute ok this is cute aren’t we cute.”
• he brags about you in such a lowkey way to the members. it’s so cute
• “hm who’s this cutie? //looking at a picture of you on his phone//”
• you bicker w yuta and hansol a lot. SO VERY SURPRISINGLY TBH
• “you and taeyong are like, perfect for each other. it’s like a frog and an octopus in love. it’s really beautiful.”
• “…you should be the next world wide drag queen, yuta.”
• “it’s true”
• “shut up hansol”
• hansol and yuta stalk you guys on dates but THEY AIN’T SLICK Y'ALL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE DOING.
• you guys mess w them on purpose sometimes and it confuses them so much and it’s the funniest thing
• taeyong loves sharing his jackets with you
• you guys buy matching couple snapbacks. yes. it’s cute. you guys are that cute.
• sometimes you guys could just be sitting and talking in the empty practice room and suddenly you guys would just, dance and it’s both really romantic and really… idk it’s really special? and really, fun.
• taeyong is very open about his feelings on special days where you two just stay up talking.
• he cries sometimes talking about his past and his present worries and you comfort him and you feel yourself slightly feeling like you’re about to cry too.
• the pressure of being a leader, of being such a big part of this group, and being such a looked up to figure in this group, really breaks him sometimes but he just tries to think about how such a positive turn his life has taken after he met you, got into this group, got accepted to this company, etc etc.
• aegyo. no need for any more words. just. aegyo.
• you were sick once and like, in bed all day and taeyong felt so bad that he just got you, everything.
• “ok, my baby ok, first off i hope you feel better soon and, i brought you soup, i made your favorite ingredients, and i brought your favorite books, i brought you a teddy bear and i brought you some of my nicest jackets, and, OH. OH YEAH. I GOT YOUR MEDICINE.”
• kissing lee taeyong is either super intense and really hot or super sweet and soft and sensitive and slow
• one time you were like, w hansol, GOD KNOWS WHY BC THAT BOY TEASES YOU LIKE THERES NO TOMORROW, ONLY YOU WOULD KNOW, HE ONLY MESSES WITH YOU, but anyway, you were w hansol bc he’s an old friend of yours
• but you were just sitting at a cafe and just sipping your nice little, iced drinks and just talking about stupid memories from high school gym class, you were in like, 2 classes under him. but he still heard about your embarrassing gym stories. they. were pretty famous.
• and then suddenly this hand just, hit hansol on his back and was like “HANSOL?”
• AND boy was he hot. he had really nice eyes and he looked at you and he was, obviously surprised to see you w hansol bc hansol wasn’t. dating. anyone.
• “um, who’s this?”
• and you smiled and said “im hansol’s old friend”
• “oh, well, it’s nice to meet you!”
• and then, every time hansol met with you, it seemed like taeyong was always with him, and that he somehow always, “happened” to be there.
• and then well, meet and meet, you found out that, wow, lee taeyong is a great guy
• and you guys started talking without hansol, LOL SORRY HANSOL, and you guys, liked it. a lot. taeyong felt like he didn’t have anything to hide from you, and he felt so…comfortable.
• meet after meet, you guys just got a, bit closer, inch by inch, after three meets his hand would be on yours, after five, you guys would be hugging, and after seven, he’d be playing with your hair.
• but he never, asked you out. you know?
• but he probably got some weird lecture from hansol and yuta about how he’s gotta GO FOR IT.
• because one day, as soon as he met you, he seemed anxious and when you said “how was your day?”
• he was like “it was goo- hey you, wanna date? like do you want to be my girlfriend?”
• and gosh you could not stop smiling and you nodded and he smiled and gosh SO CUTE.
• taeyong loves you all the time, but he especially loves you when you bake, or buy him chocolate.
• or chocolate chip cookies. or chocolate flavored macaroons. you know he just really loves chocolate.
• he also just, loves you so much, just, he loves you.
• he loves it when you guys just, embrace each other and snuggle up on each other and watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn.
• he sometimes treats you like you’re 3 i swear- he’s such a grandpa omg but it’s cute you guys are cute
• you’re like an older sister to donghyuck and mark it’s so funny it’s just, damn it’s just really funny.
• you’re so nice to your elders and you’re so polite and taeyong loves that about you, he loves it so much
• he likes it when you don’t necessarily dress up, like doll up, you know? he likes it when you dress up too but he loves your casual outfit. skinny jeans and a shirt, a pair of joggers, trainer pants, everything casual, he loves it.
• he gets super shy and laughs and smiles a lot when you compliment him on his dancing or singing or rapping
• he feeds you a lot like “this is so good try this oh my god”
• he sometimes just stares at you and you look up at him and smile and you’re like “what?”
• “you’re just so pretty”
• but you like it so it doesn’t really matter
• this is super like, this is such a cliché thing but i can totally see taeyong cutely calling you “여보/yeobo” or like making up a really cute petname/nickname for you
• taeyong is one of those boyfriends who like, consistently tells you how beautiful and nice and wonderful and talented and pretty you are, so you don’t feel even the slightest bit insecure.
• because taeyong knows what it feels like to be insecure, not visual wise, but from the way others view him and he doesn’t want the person he loves the most to go through the same thing, and when you first heard him tell you that, that’s when you first realized that this guy is really, a wonderful and kind hearted person who’s been through so much and that he really loves you.
• ok but taeyong is such a sucker for cute babies he really wants kids
• but like, not now ofc, not now, not yet
• the closest thing he has to a child is the other 39 members of nct, yes even the older ones.
• one time you got kind of jealous bc he had this very, intimate acting session in a (future) mv but taeyong kept teasing you and hugging you and being like “nooooo baby you know i love you”
• working out w taeyong. is a thing.
• taeyong could literally go from, PERFECT MAM HE’S WONDERFUL WOW HE’S A GIFT WOW HE’S A 49495959 OUT OF 10. to omg he’s so cute he’s like 3 no jk he’s obviously like 4 months old goodness what a cutie pie gosh you’re so stupid and so cute and so precious im lovin it.
• taeyong cooks for you and he’s always like “can you try this for me?”
• it’s always tasty
• he loves puppies
• puppies are great and you will never see taeyong not gush over puppies when he sees one.
• taeyong once saw you take care of jisung once and gosh you’d be such parent material
• he once saw your little baby niece. he gushed all over her gosh he loved her and he loved you loving her and goODNESS.
• he’s super good with words it makes you just, QUESTION.
• taeyong has nice clothes
• taeyong’s a fashionista, that does not try.
• taeyong is so, TEMPTING SOMETIMES
• k that was so 19+ i can’t believe i did that he’s like 5 noOooOoo
• taeyong has this, laugh, that he does when a joke or something isn’t funny but he doesn’t wanna hurt the other persons feelings and it’s super obvious, and so, funny.
• his eyes also like, shake??? waver???? when he does that laugh and, IT’S SO AWKWARD HAHA
• “if doyoung and i both fell into a lake and was drowning, who’d you save?”
• “you.”
• “i can swim”
• “you.”
• you guys go shopping sometimes but 7/10 times you guys leave empty handed bc you guys are such parents omg you guys are like “I THINK WE NEED THIS BUT WE PROBABLY DON’T AND WE’RE SHORT ON MONEY”
• but the other 3 times you guys either buy food for everyone in the nct dorm or clothes
• “taeyong you’re going to the convenience store that’s 2 minutes away”
• he really wants cute little babies with you
• like he can’t wait for little tiny babies who’s half you and half him to run around the house and play with him
• he’ll be such a good dad
• it took him like, surprisingly a very short time to say “i love you” to you
• he just, said “i love you” the morning after you two talked all of your feelings out which was like, a few weeks after you two became official
• he totally prefers just seeing you in person, but if he can’t, he’ll video chat you
• sometimes it gets, really weird like, johnny comes in the screen and then ten and then they’re dancing and having a contest on who can twerk better and taeyong’s disgusted
• it’s super funny
• or sometimes he’s laying down in the bed in the dark and just smiling and quietly asking you how your day was and how much you mean to him and something funny that happened that day
• you guys go and take walks a lot, you guys love the other members and their crazy, chaotic selves, but sometimes you guys enjoy the quiet, and the breeze, and the crunch of the leaves during the fall.
• you guys sometimes just, go into animal shelters and pet stores and play with the animals
• you better love taeyong
• with all your heart
• i support this relationship yes i do yes
• pls don’t let my support go to waste
• lee taeyong deserves all the love


also this was requested by @yuyukar !!!! (i was working on both hansol and taeyong at once haha) i hope you see this and i hope it’s good haha

okay but hear me out for a sec

“that was my family! i dont care what they were!”
“i dunno, Morty, some people would pay top dollar for that kinda breakthrough”

“you know what, Rick, thats it! im done with these insane adventures! that was really traumatising! i quit! im out!”
“whoa, whoa, whoa, come on, Morty, do-do-don’t be like that! the universe is a crazy and chaotic place!”
“youre the one thats crazy and chaotic!”

do you think that Rick understood what Morty meant back then when he watched the fake Beth and Diane explode? the two instances are eerily similar and i feel like Rick was actually really traumatised by that fake memory he conjured up… just think about it for a bit.

My Thoughts On "These Boots Were Made for Stalking"

When ya think about it it’s kinda crazy how long the Liars rap sheet is getting: blinding Jenna, killing Shana, Rollins…🤔

Wasn’t Noel’s dad some big judge? You’d think the Liars would be in jail (or at least major suspects) considering Spencer was shot in the same place Noel was killed in.

Oh yes Veronica, Peter is TOTALLY avoiding Spencer lmao.

“When did you get a perm?” -Hanna confusing her Mona’s 😂😂😂

Idk how I feel about this Addison character. She’s such a throwback to the old Ali (aka my favorite Ali) but I’m so over another new character.

Holden pointing out how Aria met Ezra in 11th grade just reminded me exactly why Ezria grosses me out so much.

Jenna’s story has more plot holes than this show. Spencer’s reaction was perfection.

I know the parents are the worst but this Veronica and Spencer situation is breaking my heart.

Marlene we all know Ezria is going to be endgame (barf) so stop shoving this whole Nicole/Ezra drama down our throats.

Honestly I like the dress better in white.

Omg a Jumanji oujia board would be perfection. Honesty a oujia board is probably our best shot at finding out who AD is.

Why does Ali of all people have a spare key to Spencer’s barn?

Alright we’re in a shoe store so maybe we’ll find out 50 minutes in how this episode got its name.

Idk what’s worse, how dumb Hanna is acting or the fact that there’s a cage in a show repair shop.

Cue all the theorists examining S3E17.

“The road to every altar is paved with bad decisions.” God I love Holden. I would so be down for him and Aria to get together.

If Emily got herself to the school why does she now need Paige to give her a ride?🤔

So this episode gave us zero answers/new information. Glad to see some things never change. I guess the road to every A reveal is paved with bad filler episodes. LOL thanks for reading!

Lions and quintessence

Just a little something I’ve been thinking about..

Red acts with Keith pretty much like Keith is with Shiro.

Someone earned it’s respect and now it’s super attached and always rushing to their rescue and is very protective of them.

And Allura did say:

“The quintessence of the pilot is mirrored in his lion.”

So I kinda wonder how much personality the lions have to begin with, if at all? Or could it be that the lions just take the personality of the person piloting it? And not like a certain person has to match or not match a certain lion?

Like if you think about the lions just reflecting the pilots and growing when the pilots grow..

You can say that Shiro finally gets control of Black when he finally shakes off the control he believed Zarkon has over him and really fights back.

I guess meaning that up until the point he faces Zarkon, Shiro did actually believe what “Sendak” was telling him (which I guess means it was just Shiro’s actual thoughts after all and not Sendak?)

The Black lion just reflected Shiro’s insecurities about how Zarkon has already defeated him, and how he might have broken and reformed him. And that’s why Zarkon was able to take control until Shiro learned to trust more in himself and be more confident.

And I have to like go back and see if it works for the other paladins and their lions too, this is just what I remember right now.

But I wonder if the lions are kinda of a blank slate “personality” wise until they get a pilot?

Like the roles are still the same I guess, as in Black is the decisive head of Voltron, Red is still the fastest one, yellow and blue are the supportive ones, Green is whatever it’s job is… I dunno

But like was Black different when Zarkon was piloting it? Was it this powerful weapon that was power crazy just like his pilot?

I guess what I’m thinking is:

Would a lion act differently if it has a different pilot?

Like when Keith takes over black, will it suddenly act more like Red because it will mirror Keith’s quintessence? (we didn’t really get to see  much when he piloted it)

Like I kinda thought that you need to grow into a certain lion, so your quintessence would match and then it will let you become it’s pilot, but now that I think about it.. 

Maybe Allura didn’t have to really assign lions to the matching pilots, but she was just putting the personalities in the lions she thought would work best for Voltron?

We haven’t seen anyone pilot another paladin’s lion besides Keith I guess… So I wonder how that would work? The lions just reflecting the pilots might explain it.

It still won’t explain why Blue let Lance in, but not Keith. 

But then again maybe Keith would have had trouble bonding with any lion, because of his own quintessence. and Lance would bond easily with any lion because of his?

But then how come Black bonded with Keith so fast? Maybe Keith became more accepting and more willing to bond with people?

I have so many questions about how that whole paladin/lion thing works.. How sentient are they? how much personality do they actually have on their own? How the pilot switching gonna work? 

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SLAMS IN. RQ ARE OPEN HALLELLUJAH. okay okay hear me out. rfa + v + saeran reacting to mc willingly staying in rika's apartment after everything in the game happens like ugh it sounded better in my head. like the dating period you know? and the bomb is still active and stuff and w/e yeah i just oh gosh this sounded better in my head

The apartment is… pretty rad i guess. I mean, basically MC didn’t need to pay for it or anything. It’s written in V’s name so… I don’t know- free stuff 


• no

• “I mean the apartment is lovely and all, i’m sure- i even saw it- just a glimpse- but STILL! You cannot go back there with a bomb still active”

• he calls Seven on speed dial and just dude, the bomb, fucking fix it

• asks them if there’s something wrong with living with him since they did in fact kinda live together during the last few days before the party is it because of the beast is that’s why


• nO

• he is not ready to lose another important person in his life and he absolutely do not understand why they ever would want to go back to a place that literally could blow up 

• he calls Seven crying and telling him to take away the bomb security option because ??? why tf is that a thing

• he clings to them and hold them close begging them not to go back there until the bomb is deactivated, he can’t stand losing another dear to him


• NO

• Jaehee is having NONE OF THAT, unless the bomb is gone forever and the safety of everyone in the building is assured she is NOT HAVING ANY ON THAT

• she asks for the reason behind their want to go back to the apartment even though there’s a bomb there

• she is ready to kick Seven’s butt, fix the bomb n ow… pLEASE 


• NO?

• “My love, may i ask you why you’d want to go back there? Is there something you are displeased with here with me?”

• very taken back by the whole willingly want to go back and live in the apartment, not that it’s anything wrong with that… Oh wait, yes it is- because BOMB

• before he let’s them he asks them to wait until it’s taken care of by Seven


• NO??

• “You know i love you a lot and honestly i never want to cage you and not let you do your thing but this- this isn’t gonna happen”

• after the whole drama happening he had totally neglected the thought of the bomb sHAMEEEE so first things first

• deactivate the bomb security issue before ANYTHING, like… Not just for their security but for EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO IS REMOTELY CLOSE TO THE APARTMENT 


• NO???

• he may be blind as a bat but he will try to block their way he failed and walked into the wall buy kudos for trying 

• if the bomb wasn’t there he’d be totally fine with them wanting to live there and do their thing but with the issue at hand he cannot stand for it

• he asks for the reason why and if they could at least wait until the bomb is gone, please don’t go omg i love you please 


• NO??!

• “Are you fcking insane why the hell would you want to stay THERE? with a BOMB ACTIVE? Saeyoung what the fuck- why- why is it still active? Do something about it- no never mind i’ll do it myself jfc

• the next hour or so he will type away to his hearts content and when he is done, he slams the computer lid down and is all like aight, fine. It’s cool now. 

• he’s still very confused and thinks they’re kinda batshit crazy for willingly living with a bomb. And not a bomb as in oh that person is good looking- but an actual boom bomb. 

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While discussing/planning a sleepover, the UT/UF/US skelebros' crush oh-so-casually mentions having a habit of sleeping nude.


  • “oh cool me too” he jokes.
  • *wink*
  • But also he’s sweating.
  • Boi, don’t do this to him oh my god.
  • He’s trying to act all cool and teasing but his eyes went black for a sec when you mentioned it.


  • Lecturing you on the dangers of sleeping around so exposed.
  •  Also now he can’t stop thinking about getting a good handful of your soft flesh to cuddle??? Or squeeze???
  • Internal Screaming.
  • You broke him.


  • “heh get the fuck outta here”
  • He looks at you like you’re crazy.
  • Sweating
  • More sweating
  • He kinda has to take a moment to let that sink in.
  • Not as lewd as you might think. He’s way more flustered just kinda like, “oh u-uhm”
  • Probably the most flustered. He actually tried to act annoyed about it but it falls flat.


  • He has to do a double take.
  • Like ok, he was just working on a list of snacks you guys would have to bring and you bring that up and he just nods and shrugs until he actually realizes what you said.
  • He kind of gives you this look and then he can’t look at you. 
  • He’s gone really red and shakes his head, burying and tries to mumble out something about how irresponsible and silly that was but it comes out broken and rushed.


  • He kinda looks at you for a moment and then just goes “OK!”
  • He flushes a little but he’s honestly just more curious as to why.
  • So cue some awkward oblivious questions. 
  • Do all humans make a habit of doing that?
  • Does it provide you with better sleep? That’s wonderful! HE SHOULD TRY IT SOMETIME.
  • He kinda shouts that last part at you. Whoops. (so maybe he was a little hot an bothered haaa)


  • Makes the most suggestive jokes.
  • “guess you’ll be bunking with me then”
  • He’s a gross blushy mess but you’re used to his flirty banter. IF YOU ONLY KNEW.
  • He died a little on the inside when you just mentioned it all casually like that.

So, I recently discovered that I have a neurological phenomenon called ‘Synesthesia’, and I didn’t know that it was something real. At first I thought that I was a crazy psychopath who saw the letters, numbers, months and days as a male/female with a personality. 

When I listen to songs or think of something specific or think of words, I automatically see colors. So, I think that you guessed it, because of the title, this is a post about the colors i see when i think of the signs. 
I tried to draw the colors I see when I think of the signs, but it’s kinda ugly. Sorry for that. I tried my best.
Aries: Indian Red , Dark Brownish

Taurus: Sepia, Dark Green

Gemini: Light Yellow, Amethyst

Cancer: Light Orangey, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Leo: Neon Orange, CG Red

Virgo: Sea Green, Brass

Libra: Cyber Grape, Dark Pastel Blue

Scorpio: Dark Midnight Blue, Black

Sagittarius: Dark Reddish, Ginger

Capricorn: Dark Green, Dark Brown

Aquarius: Caribbean Green, Pastel Yellow

Pisces: Han Blue, Deep Lilac
It’s not that I sit there and think like: “What color should this sign be?”. No, it just automatically pops up in my head.
I hope that I don’t sound crazy lol.
So that’s just something I wanted to share. 🥀🙃

A Country Mile

Originally posted by winchesterinterrupted

Pairing: Daryl x plus size!Reader
Word count: 736
: @zoeb86 Could you write a bbw story for daryl? Or Jeffrey Dean Morgan

You loved living in the country. You loved the fields, the fresh air, the crickets chirping at night, and the sense of peace it brought you. What you didn’t love, however, were the rude people that could be heard whispering around town.

Since you were a child, you were a bit chubbier than other kids. You were just as active, ate well, and were healthy- you just happened to be bigger than them. Kids were kids. You’d learned to deal with them, and loved your body now.

Your best friend growing up was Daryl Dixon. Not exactly a family name that your parents approved of, but not once had he made fun of you. In fact, you two stuck up for each other. You never let anyone tear him down because of his name, and he never let someone bully you because of your size.

As you grew up, and your child years turned to teens, you were still best friends. Only now, he’d caught your eye. You’d never said anything, simply fawning over his blue eyes in secret. He’d smile and you would do damn near anything that he asked.

High school flew by way too fast, and before you knew it, you didn’t have him by your side anymore. You went off to college, and he went to work. You spoke when you could, but you had a hectic schedule.

Which was why he had no idea it was you pulling into his garage that spring morning. You’d move back to town, and he was the first person you wanted to see. Your face lit up as he walked out from under a car, wiping his hands on an old rag. “Can I help ya?” He asked.

You stepped out of the car. “Maybe. I was hopin’ ya could tell me where to find my best friend.” You laughed.

Daryl gave you the biggest grin that you’d ever seen. “Y/N?!” He couldn’t believe his eyes. You’d always been pretty to him, but you’d grown into a beautiful woman. He figured you’d moved back here with some guy.

“In the flesh.” You teased, walking over to him. “Came to invite you to dinner. My place. Home cooked meal, cold beer. Whatcha say?”

“Like I’d turn you down.”

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What I like about your sign?

I’m a Gemini by the way.

Aries: I love Aries so much, they’re just all round amazing. Like they've got this ability to just go their own way and lead people, truly admirable. Also, they’ve got this personality that I personally think is so hot  like you can be a complete asshole but you’re a kind hearted asshole whose kind just looking out for yourself and everyone that you love. Okay so you my gentle asshole needs to be my friend okay? You’re like Heath Ledgers character in 10 things I hate about you man.

Taurus: Lemme tell you, that you sir are fascinating because you’re rather opinionated, like I’d literally sit for hours and have debates with you honestly. I love Taurus people as they’re always there for you whether it’s a mid-life crisis or you’re just out of food. Also, you’re super chill and it relaxes me, kinda calms me down when I’m around you guys. SO yes, much love for you babies. You’re like that guy/girl whose asleep and everyone thinks they don’t know what’s going on. But turns out you do know what’s going on and you’re uber charming. 

Gemini: I love everything about you because we’re the same. Bat-shit crazy and amazing. All my love. I can’t say too much I’ll sound biased, whoops. 

Cancer: Cancers, you’re my buddies. You help me in life man, you’re all just so sweet. I’d just hug you all one by one. I love how you’re all about family and sticking it out with people, it’s great. I wish I was like you. I wish I loved as hard as you guys do man because it’s honestly so beautiful and novel worthy. You guys are that cute kid who doesn’t say much but when you do everyone’s like “holy shit let me hold you you’re so cute”

Leo: I’m gonna start off by saying, literally all my best friends are Leos. I love Leos so much, they’re so sassy and like “yes I’m hot, fight me” and that to me is like yes, you slay baby girl. Also, ya’ll bitches are some loyal as hell, you’re ability to stand with people throughout anything is phenomenal. Also, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the Leos who holy the other crazy ass signs hands and tell them when they need to pipe down and get their crap together. It’s probably because of you that most of your friends with other signs are still alive right now tbh. You go Leos, you keep milking everything you can outta life. 

Virgo: Beyonce. Virgos are the bomb, they’re so driven and focused and literally don’t stop till they’ve got what they wanted. Teach me your ways cause you’re all mad successful and amazing at whatever it is you’re doing. I’m jealous tbh. I know I can always count on my Virgo babes to tell me what is really up, you feel me? You guys inspire me to get off my lazy ass and do something with my life and you’re also the people that are there for a cute warm hug and pick you up when you’re down. SO MUCH THANKS. 

Libra: When I think of Virgos I think of endless partying and junk food on one day and crazy studying and working-out the next. Shout-out to all the Libras who taught me how I gotta balance shit out in my life. You guys are such peace makers, many thanks for doing you babe. I love how you can just kill arguments and handle things in such a classy way. I would straight up beat a bitch but you guys just hash things out civilly with the ability to beat a bitch and that’s great, fabulous. Also, lastly you guys literally have some of the best date ideas and I’d volunteer myself as a tribute. 

Scorpio: Okay, you know Scorpios are mad sexual and can literally make anything they do sexy okay. I’m attracted to you so much, it’s wow. And I dunno if this is all Scorpios but my friends have dated a few and I have so, you guys get like crazy jealous and then kind just jealous make-out and its amazing. You’re so talented in that area, you need an award. But you’re also so smart and like to do all these new things, I could spend hours with you and not regret a thing. Also, you’re always so sweet to other people. You also have a jackass but nice cutie thing going on and people love it ok. YOU GO BOO! 

Sagittarius: Have you ever been in need of a good, fun cheering up? Well go to a Sag because they’re optimistic and always ready for a goof time. I love Sag, I love chilling with because you’re so energetic I feel like I don’t have to hold back. And I’m not the only one who is able to let loose and be free around you. You’re such a fun little party animal. Also, if I was in a fight I’d definitely want you on my side because you can literally chop people in half with the words that come flying out of that mouth for hurting you or someone you care about. You’re a top bloke. Much love.  

Capricorn: Fear this person. Fear any Capricorn you meet, they’re like the whole package. Your self-confidence is wow, even if I didn’t think you were amazing, I’d still think you’re amazing. You catch my drift? You’re so sweet and kind to people, people just tend to always love ya. You know what to do when to do and you let loose but also you know how to responsible and not go home with a sleezy guy from the bar just cause you’ve had too many shots. This makes sense so… I love how to tend to love the classics and how you keep every single little even in that beautiful brain of yours. Wow, I’m gonna stop before I fall in love. 

Aquarius: You know how in movies there’s always that one person who does things different and people kinda make em out to be a bad-ass with no future. BUT in fact you’re so frekin’ intelligent and hot with a hint of dorkiness and it’s a perfect combo. You’re like a breath of fresh air, that makes people want to know more. For me? I’d definitely run away with you because Aquas tend to have such a different outlook in life, it’s attractive. You’re the type of people I dream about travelling the world with. You’re just so exciting and not everything has to be dead blank serious, you just go you’re way and it’s fairly admirable. I love you so much. If you’re an Aqua hit me up ;) 

Pisces:  Little weirdos with zest and so much spirit for life. You’re kind of like a run on the edge of a sun lit lake. You’re so full of love and life, you keep everyone together because you’re the glue of almost every group you’re in. People love hanging out with you, it’s calming and you’re just so easy to get along with! One of my besties are a pisces and I can literally talk to her about anything I’m going through and she knows exactly how to make me feel better because she’s just so warm and loving. Guys you’re all gifted and any Pisces lemme know who you are because I like hugs from Pisces you cute teddies! 

Sasha Banks talking about why she kept her marriage a secret is kinda similar to the reason why I keep my love of wrestling a secret. fans are freaking weird and too possessive. i once read a forum post about some guy who complained that Sasha was super rude because she didn’t seem that interested in the 4 (FOUR?!?) title belts he brought for her to sign. who on earth is unsatisfied with only one autograph? wrestling fans. my best friend works at Newbury Comics in Boston and has met Sasha a couple times. why doesnt he think Sasha is rude like forum guy? it’s crazy how people will respond when you treat them like people. what about that girl that tried to “expose” Paige for being rude when the girl was clearly interfering on some Paige and Alberto bae time, or the people the stalk Rollins & Ambrose, or the people that vilified Renee Young for having the audacity to date Dean? wrestling fans gotta chill. shoutout to Sasha Banks for speaking out against that. i think more fans need to be told that their behavior is not ok

shachum-cha  asked:

Your style of writing is fantastic! ❤👌

Hey, darling! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply to your message. Life was kinda crazy, and then every time I tried to write you something it always felt like I was writing the wrong thing, you know. I really really appreciate you saying this. As any other person sometimes I feel insecure about what I’m doing here. Fun fact, I almost never feel insecure about my real job xD I know they say you need to do things for yourself and not to care about what other people think about you, and partially it is true, but partially it’s total bullshit :D When you do something in front of the audience you a) are responsible for your actions because they always somehow affect the audience b) seek approval and support because they are two essentials of any community, there’s no community without them. I get the a-part and I need the b-part because sometimes I do feel like I don’t belong here, and when you send me a message like that, this part my life, it finds the meaning to be, to exist again. It’s like I’m roaming through the darkness, and then you come and say, ‘hey, here, take this light, you’ll need it to find your way’. You’re bringing me back to belonging here. And it’s not just appreciated. It determines all this shit called “zauglom”. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. To you and to everyone who sends these wonderful messages ♥

magicallynormal  asked:

Hi There! I just followed you cause I always follow fellow Fanfic authors. Can you make some head cannons for the MC tries to correct the emotional damage of the RFA and the minor trio? Ex: Zen feeling low self esteem because of his albinism and MC kissing his face and telling him he's beautiful, MC comforting Jaehee and telling her that she doesn't need to work herself to death, telling Yoosung that it's alright that he likes her and he isn't betraying Rika, etc.

I’m so happy to meet another author, and I’m sure to check out your works!!! I’m glad to do this of course, and I decided to make different issues than the examples, just because I wouldn’t want to steal an idea form you, I’m sorry for the slight wait, but I hope you enjoy regardless!!

*Note, for Yoosung I used a bit from Seven’s Route, I hope you don’t mind.


  • He didn’t like to talk about it, I mean he was an actor
  • And one of the things about an actor is keeping up your looks
  • But he kinda felt bad about constantly having to worry about what he looked like
  • He hated when the other members of the RFA teased him about being obsessed about his looks, or his insane amount of selfies
  • Sure he normally didn’t mind, but sometimes it was hard to ignore
  • He didn’t really bring it up you, but eventually you kinda figured it out
  • “Zen, why are you feeling so unhappy, you look so pale.”
  • When he realizes you think he’s sick he tells you everything
  • You’re heart cries a bit when you hear this
  •  You know he can be a bit over the top about making sure he has enough beauty sleep, but you know that it’s hard, that an actor has to be very careful about his looks
  • So while he keeps looking down at his plate you get up and hug him
  • “It’s okay, no one really thinks you’re a crazy narcissist! They just enjoy teasing you, you know, the way Seven is constantly teasing Yoosung.”
  • Zen feels a bit happier, and smiles at you softly
  • “Thank you MC, you know how to cheer me up.”
  • You nod understandingly, and continue to hug him, kissing him on the cheeks, which causes him to flush slightly
  • You spend the night cuddling, still assuring Zen he’s not obnoxious about it at all
  • He feels a bit worried, but calms down significantly after you say that
  • He trusts you completely


  • You came back from Mint Eye
  • He was broken, Rika, the Rika he saw as a sister, that Rika did this
  • He tries to keep a brave face for you, but cries in secret
  • When you’re healed enough to live with him again you notice the bags under his eyes significantly
  • Finally you wake up to hear his sniffling
  • He feels bad, and tries to tell you it was just a nightmare, but you sit him down, getting him a cup of hot chocolate
  • He spills his heart out, and how he’s not sure at all what to do about it, that he’s so confused
  • You take his hand and hold it
  • The warmth from your hand makes him relax a bit
  • You tell him that’s okay, that you completely understand, Yoosung and Rika were so close as children
  • He cries more, but you continue to stroke his hand, and to kiss him on the forehead
  • He eventually falls asleep on the couch, you falling asleep next to the couch
  • When he wakes up and remembers at first he feels embarrassed, and still a bit guilty
  • But is so happy you were willing to listen and tell him that it’s okay to mourn and feel guilty
  • Rika may have been horrible, but she was still his cousin
  • And he loves that you get that


  • Okay, Baehee you’re awesome
  • But don’t work yourself to death
  • Jaehee knew that it was important to work
  • But she still couldn’t get the idea of a coffee shop out of her head
  • But now that you two were in a relationship, and your main source of income being a part-time jobs, the parties took up a lot of time, and her job paid much better
  • But she still couldn’t stop thinking about that coffee shop
  • She tried to push it out of her mind and just keep working
  • But you saw her become more and more discouraged
  • Eventually she was going to have a mental breakdown
  • So you asked her about it
  • She told you
  • T_T
  • Why did she tell you
  • But you smile and brighten up
  • “We can definitely do that, I was thinking of applying for a teaching job at a college, and it would give time for me to work on weekends and when I don’t have classes. I was going to tell you when I got it, but I could help run it while you were working with Jumin, and we could make it so your breaks are when I teach!”
  • Jaehee wants to cry of happiness
  • You didn’t say that it was stupid, that she should just give up
  • Instead you came up with a solution
  • She smiles brightly and kisses you lightly on the cheek
  • You return the favor and she reddens slightly
  • Coffee shop here we come!


  • People always thought he was so stuck up
  • What a spoiled man
  • And that really got to him
  • He’d gotten very good at hiding emotions
  • But after meeting you the mask was beginning to crack
  • The last straw was when he heard someone talk about it at a RFA party
  • He walked out, not telling any members, not even you
  • You get a little nervous when you can’t find him
  • But when you don’t see his car it becomes evident he went home
  • So you just hire a taxi
  • When you walk in and the penthouse is slightly dark you assume he just had a headache
  • But when you here little sniffling sounds and a cat meowing you kinda freak out
  • “Jumin! What’s wrong!”
  • Bursting through the door you find him petting Elizabeth, wiping his nose
  • You immediately climb into bed and asked him what happened
  • He doesn’t try to pretend like everything’s okay
  • When you hear that you look unhappy
  • Kissing his cheeks and forehead you tell him not to mind them
  • They’re just jealous and trying to get him down by insulting him
  • He’s not spoiled
  • He’s very doting and kind, not someone who expects that everyone bow down to him
  • He’s sniffling a bit still, but much more relieved
  • “I’m sorry I bugged you”
  • You smile and shakes you head, before kissing him once more
  • There was a lot of cuddling and talking about random happy memories that night


  • He felt bad about ignoring you, and all the emotional baggage you had to deal with
  • Even though you assured him that you understand, that he was just trying to protect you
  • But he still felt bad
  • He would become really clingy when you left, and over apologize for small things
  • When he freaks out about accidentally throw away your leftovers you sit him down
  • He tells you, why wouldn’t he?
  • You listen to it silently
  • And after you hug him and kiss his forehead
  • You realize he’s crying
  • “You beat yourself up too much. I know that you might think I carry some sort of grudge, but I know that you’ve been alone for so long, and it’s hard to be aware of how much makes people uncomfortable, but don’t worry, I promise that I will never carry a grudge, and that you don’t need to apologize for those crappy leftovers.”
  • He lets out a shaky laugh and smiles
  • “Thanks MC.”
  • “Of course.”
  • You spend the rest of the night watching chips, playing games and watching space documentaries


  • He’s a naturally nervous person
  • Smol bean must be protected at all costs
  • So he worried that he was a burden on you, bringing you down
  • He was so torn up about the surgery, and every time you pushed it and he grumbled he secretly felt a stab of guilt
  • So when you find him staring at the wall in the dark at 12:45 in the morning yo ukinda freak
  • You know that he has a gentle personality
  • So you softly ask what’s wrong
  • “MC, am I a burden to you?”
  • “No! Not at all! Why would you ever be a burden to me? You’re a wonderful kind person, who always thinks of everyone else before making a decision.”
  • He still needs a bit of convincing, so you softly stroke his cheek
  • “You’re a beam of light, even I push you about the surgery, that doesn’t mean that I think you’re a burden. I just want you to be happy, and whatever you decide is fine by me.”
  • He smiles softly
  • “MC, can we go to sleep now?”
  • You happily agree
  • A night of cuddling


  • He knew that his episodes were bad
  • He apologized profusely every time, and you assured him it was fine, that it was just the remainder of brainwashing, and that he was such a kind person
  • But one time he throws something at you
  • It was a cup
  • You end up getting ten stitches in you leg
  • He’s silent at the clinic, when you tell the doctor that it was an accident however he flinches
  • When you get home you tell him you’re going to get ready for bed, but he lingers
  • “Saeran?”
  • “I’ll leave if you want…”
  • It’s a soft sentence, but you her it nevertheless
  • You rush over to him and give him a tight hug
  • “No, why would you ever think that!”
  • “Look what I did!” He looks you in the eye, blinking back tears, face flushed. “What if it was something else, what if you get seriously injured! I’m dangerous! And you don’t deserve someone like me, I’m just a burden.”
  • “Saeran! How could you ever think that!”
  • You hug him tightly
  • “I would be so sad if you left. Yes, you do have your moments, but that’s not your fault. You’re getting so much better. And it’s just a few stitches, nothing in here could really hurt me. Not like you leaving would.”
  • He asks if you’re sure, and you insist
  • You kiss him softly then, go to get ready for bed
  • Later he asks again, but you’re still adamant about it
  • He’s so grateful
  • Leaving you would kill him


  • Vanderwood wasn’t sure why they were so uptight
  • At least that’s what people called them
  • They hated that, they hated being seen as strict, like those evil teachers in books
  • It really got them for some reason
  • They started being really quiet a lot
  • And it really bugged you
  • You were really worried about them
  • What if they have depression?
  • You’d dealt with it before, and it was absolutely horrible
  • So after one especially quiet day you ask them
  • They immediately asks if they’re uptight
  • “No, not uptight,  you like stuff to be clean, but that’s not a bad thing. I mean I’m hopeless, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
  • They manage a laugh out of them
  • You hug them and kiss them on the hand
  • “People are so rude, I don’t know why they’d say that. Don’t worry, you’re not a pain! You’re an awesome person.”
  • After you make sure that anyone who tries to get them down is confronted

I hope you like, wow is it late!!! Yikes!!! Anyway, tell me if it’s not what you think, I’ll rewrite it gladly. But if you don’t then I’m glad you like, and again nice to meet you!!! Hope you like!!! Bye!!

A Home

The crew had finally gotten to the vault and helped the Angarans. Tann used the phrase “saved” but Megara and Alaric never used it. The Angaran hadn’t needed saving. They had needed an ally.

Which is why they, not Tann, were sitting around a fire with them and sharing a drink.
They all sat, a ragtag group of a squad, and it felt peaceful. As though the Kett were all but defeated.

Alaric and Gil shared a seat, and Meg had taken up a single chair, lounged over it like she was home.

There were many Mothers with them. Jaal had explained the community in which they all lived. A shared family. All the children raised by many Mothers but all having a True Mother.

Jaal had introduced them to Sehuna, his True Mother, and she had immediately taken to Alaric and Megara. Saying that she had heard about them, but that Jaal had talked the most of Megara. Said he had admired her.

She placed blame on the drink in her hand for the blush that flared over her face and Alaric laughed at them both when Jaal cleared his throat and ducked his head away in embarrassment.

And now they found themselves laughing and sharing stories as though they weren’t outsiders, but family as well.

Alaric talked about their Father. What a great Pathfinder and Man he had been. Megara stayed quiet for it. She would never disagree that Alec Ryder had been a great man, but the militaristic way he had raised her and her brother after their Mother had passed would always have her at odds with him. Alive or otherwise.

They both spoke of their Family, long dead after 600 years. Spoke of cousins and Aunts. Tias and Aunties alike. They spoke of grandparents and friends. But the twins managed to dance around their Mother. They always did.

“And what of your Mother? What was she like?”
But Sehuna was still curious about it. Surely, she must have been a wonderful True Mother, to have such charming children.

Alaric went silent then. He always was. Their Mother’s passing being such a painful topic for him. Sometimes more so than it was for Meg. But this was where Megara could speak for them both, without any ill will.

“Momma was an angel on Earth. She always had this way of lighting up a room when she walked in. It was kinda crazy now that I’m thinking about it.”

Sehuna tilted her head, a questioning look on her face, “She is no longer living?”

“No.”, Megara averted her eyes to the drink in her hand, “She…she got sick. Really sick. We couldn’t do anything to help her.”

“You must miss her greatly.”, it wasn’t a question but Megara felt her throat tense up at the same time she felt Jaal’s eyes on her.
“Everyday. She softened Dad out where he was sharp. She was a…she was good. Always had been.”, Meg smiled then, “She used to tell us stories when we were younger. About Space. About everything. Always said that it was me and Alaric against the world and that nothing would be able to stop us.”

“I am sorry. This topic is troubling you greatly.”, Sehuna lamented, never intending to cause sorrow for these Alien children, orphans, after all they had done for the Angaran.

“No, no. It’s fine!”, Megara sat up then, quickly trying to diffuse the situation, “Its just been awhile since anyone has asked us about her. She taught us so much. I only hope we live up to everything she wanted for us.”

Sehuna smiled then, a full smile, “Megara, my dear, there is no doubt in my heart that you have. Your brother is honorable and charming. A true warrior.”, Her eyes twinkled as she continued on, “You are strong willed and a passionate girl. The universe is better with you in it.”

Just like that Megara felt herself transported back to so long ago. A late night. A fight at the Academy that had her suspended and had ended in a very loud argument with her Father. About how a Ryder couldn’t be so volatile or reactive to childish goading.

She sat in her room crying as her knuckles stung and her jaw ached from where she had been hit.

Then her Mother, kind and tender hearted, slipped into her room to sit beside her.
A soft hand carded through her hair and she smelled like Lilies. She always smelled like Lilies.

“H-he’s always angry at me! Said- hic- that I was lucky that I wasn’t any good at Biotics. S-said that he was glad that Alaric was because…”, Meg kept hiccuping around her words, “Because at least Al knows what the phrase self control means.”

“Oh Maggie,”, her mother wrapped an arm around her then, “He only wants what’s best for you. He doesn’t want you getting hurt.”

“No he doesn’t! Al is his favorite! He’s always his favorite! Top of his class! Top of training! Top of everything! He doesn’t even like me!”
“Now that’s enough.”, her Mother’s voice was stern then, “You know that isn’t true.”

“Yes it is! Everyone likes Al better than me! They always have! If I just vanished no one would care. It’d be quieter anyway. I wouldn’t be an afterthought when Dad introduced us to his N7 friends.”

Her mother moved away then to kneel in front of her and there was so much love in her eyes that Megara started crying all over again.

Her smile was gentle, understanding, as she spoke.
“Megara Ryder. Look at me. My clever, clever girl. None of this is true. Your Father loves you as much as he loves Alaric. We both do. You are not an afterthought. Ever.”

She paused for Megara to get her crying under control, “Never forget. You are strong willed, and a passionate girl. The universe is better with you in it.”

Abruptly, Megara was pulled out of her memory to someone calling her name.

She blinked to come back into focus and she nearly startled to see Jaal leaning so close to her, “Megara, you are crying. What has caused this?”
Sehuna is by her too, concern written on her face.
She didn’t even have to look at Alaric to know that he had a look of understanding on his face. He knew why she was crying. Immediately knew.
She straightened in her seat and waved Jaal off while she wiped her tears away.

“I’m okay.”, she reiterated when Jaal hesitated and hovered over her, not believing her when said it.

“I have caused you sorrow. Megara, please forgive me-”
“Don’t.”, Megara gently cut Sehuna off before she got up from her seat, “I’m sorry…My…Momma used to say that to me. After a bad day. I just…I wasn’t expecting it.”

Sehuna’s features softened and her heart, a Mother’s heart, ached for these children.
“Then allow me to say it again. Megara Ryder, admired by my favorite son, and defender of our children. You are strong willed. And Passionate. Believe me when I tell you this. The universe is better with you in it.”

Meg moved on her own, took how ever many steps she needed before she had her arms wrapped around Sehuna in a tight hug. One that the Mother quickly returned, recognizing a child in need in an instant.

Megara buried her face against Sehuna’s shoulders as a new onslaught of tears threaten to fall, “Thank you.”

“I do not need your thanks, child. I only wish for you and your brother to know that you have a family here. In a galaxy so far away from your own. You have a home here, with us. No matter where your paths will lead you. You will have many Mothers here. Always.”

And Meg finally felt her restraint fall as she cried in this woman’s arms. Her Mother’s arms.
And it wasn’t strangers who saw her cry, but her family and the very thought set her off crying all over again as they sat there in the firelight. The joy of the moment not lost in the presence of tears, but amplified by it.

Alaric could only smile and lean against Gil, thinking to himself that after all this time they had finally found a home.

tykira45  asked:

How would the suitors react when the princess gets jealous? XD

Just remember too much jealousy can be toxic ;)

Louis - honestly, I think he’s one of the most jealous suitors (story event’s seem to revolve around this theme)… so him seeing you jealous just makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside like, “Oooh she wants me so bad,” *googly-heart eyes* lololol. He doesn’t care if you’re even a little crazy about it.

Sid - as long as you’re pretty controlled about it, I think he thinks it’s cute… but knowing Sid he might egg it on ‘cause he likes to get a rise out of people, until you threaten someone… then he’s like, “Ok, it’s time to chill lady.”

Byron - he probably doesn’t even notice at first, you both know that you have to socialize and even dance with other royals, and have all sorts of business relations. But finally when you’re like, “I don’t like you chatting so much with such-and-such,” he’s kinda flattered about it and promises it’s nothing.

Giles - he’s got a slight jealous side, so he notices that you’re a little edgy when he’s so charming to nobles and royals. He takes you aside and assures you that he is all yours and he loves you deeply, no one can ever take your place.

Albert - he’s like “Uh, what?” At first he goes to chide you for being silly, but he realizes he secretly likes that you’re a little jealous. He doesn’t like your feelings hurt though, so talks to you to make sure that he doesn’t make you feel like that again.

Nico - he’s friendly and flirty without even realizing it and when you point out how all these nobles and royals are fawning over him, he just smiles that innocent angelic smile like “Ya gonna kill someone over me?” ;)

Leo - another natural flirt, he’s gotta be charismatic for work and he basically will talk to anyone. He notices that you’re giving him the side-eye after he’s been in a meeting frivolously giving out compliments to try to get a declaration passed- he’s like, “Awwwe baby, don’t be like that.” And kisses you in front of everyone.

Rayvis - nearly clueless honestly, then he finally notices and he gives you a whole list why you don’t need to be jealous, finally blurting out, “Why would you even think that? I love you more than anything and anyone!” Then he’s all vulnerable and weird.

Robert - he kinda thinks you’re a cute when you’re a little jealous -it feeds his male ego, but he doesn’t like hurting your feelings. He always assure you that you’re the only princess for him and holds no secrets from you.

Alyn - he’s like “Stop being silly,” and flicks you in the forehead, “why are you being so weird?” Then he’s like “OH!” And he chuckles and pulls you close, “It’s ok, I get jealous too. There’s no reason to be.” *snuggles*

Tangled: The Series Theory- Who are Cassandra's real parents?

Okay, so last night I watched the new episode: Cassandra v. Eugene, and…


It’s revealed that Cassandra is actually an orphan and she was adopted by the Captain Of The Royal Gaurds.

So after watching the episode, I came up with two theories on who her real parents could be.


Okay I know this might sound crazy, but I have a feeling that Eugene and Cassandra could be brother and sister.

It’s possible if you think about it. They’re both orphans and they don’t remember their birth parents, so it’s possible that they could be brother and sister.

Also is it just me or do they kinda look like they could be siblings? And they kinda bicker with each other like how brothers and sister would.


This might be a bit of a stretch, but what if Cassandra is Mother Gothel’s daughter.

I remember when Disney announced that there was going to be a new character named Cassandra in the new Tangled TV show, and when they showed us what she looked like, everyone started theorizing that she could be Mother Gothel in disguise (I kinda believed that to for a little while, since they kinda looked the same).

But then at the end of Tangled: Before Ever After, when we saw someone going near the flower sight with the rocks and when Mother Gothel showed up in Rapunzel’s nightmare in the episode “What The Hair?!”

Everyone started theorizing that now Rapunzel’s hair is back, Mother Gothel came back to life and now she’s out for revenge.

So here’s what I’m thinking. Since Mother Gothel has lived for a very long time, it’s possible that she could have been married and had a child, and that child ended up being Cassandra, and then maybe something happened which caused Gothel to lose her daughter.

Oh and maybe in a big TV special or in the series finale, it’s revealed that Mother Gothel is still alive and when Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, and the rest of the gang get into a battle with Mother Gothel, she’s probably going to recognize Cassandra and maybe she’ll try to convince her to going her side, which means that Cassandra to choose between her friends or her mother.

Anyway, those are my theories. What do you guys think?

Life is Strange Sentence Starters, Part 1 

“Go fuck your selfie.”

"You are not crazy. You are not dreaming. It’s time to be an everyday hero.”


“Are you cereal?”

"When a door closes, a window opens… Or something like that.”

*insert name here* is such a weirdo. But I kinda like that about him.”

“With great power comes great bullshit.”

"I’m so glad you’re my partner in crime.”

"Welcome to the real world…”

“The last time I got the flu shot, I got the flu. Fuck you.”

"Just relax. Stop torturing yourself. You have ‘a gift’.”

“Fuck it.”

“I think both of us could use a hug.”

“Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah.”

“Release the kra-can!”

“Eat shit and die.”

“You don’t know who the fuck I am or who you’re messing around with!”

“Blah, Blah, Blah…. God, I hate your voice now.”

“Everybody cares until they don’t.”

“Look at the trail of death you left behind!”

“This is my storm… I caused this… I caused all of this.”


“What kind of world does this? Who does this?”

“I changed fate and destiny so much that… I actually did alter the course of everything. And all I really created was just death and destruction!”

“Fuck that! No way!”

"Get that gun away from me, psycho!”

“ You are my number one priority now. You are all that matters to me.“

"Don’t EVER tell me what to do. I’m so SICK of people trying to control me!" 

“Don’t look so sad… I’m never leaving you.” 

"This is bullshit. Fuck you, door!”

“That is a tasty plasma. Maybe I could sneak in and watch ‘Final Fantasy: Spirits Within’. I don’t care what anybody says, that’s one of the best sci-fi films ever made.”

“Fishermen don’t die, we just smell that way”

“Jesus, I shot myself! I shot myself!”

"Listen, whatever happens, I want you to be strong. Even if you feel like I wasn’t there for you… Because I will never abandon you, *insert name here*. I’ll always have your back. Always.”