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demigod jin

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  • i wasn’t gonna start this au yet but y’all know i’ve been having a rough day and i should probably be taking more me time but i wanna write so i figured if i was gonna write well maybe i should do something i really excited about…
  • for everyone who has never read percy jackson, first of all, i demand that you read it because that series did a lot for me and it’s still one of my favorite book series and my happy places??
  • and secondly lemme help with the main idea
  • basically one of your parents is one of the greek gods, being a child of zeus, poseidon, or hades is really rare, monsters hunt you because you’re a half-blood, and lastly camp half-blood is a place where all the greek half-bloods can go and be protected from the monsters and all??     
  • so believe it or not, for this au, that’s right, you’re a demigod surprise!! i’m not gonna say who your godly parent is because that’s no fun, but here’s a list if you wanna read up on them and decide! tell me who it is when you come to a decision omg
  • anyway,,,
  • jin,,, i hate to be stereotypical but jin is the son of aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty
  • ever since jin was a small boy he was dripping with good looks and people became constantly enamored with how good looking he was
  • his dad was a well known fashion designer back home, and so from a young age, jin was also dressed in the most popular and stylish of fashions
  • like imagine baby jin rocking some like scarves and suspenders and beanies and baby converse omg
  • and as a toddler he had the fake glasses and all??
  • because jin’s father is a well known fashion designer, aphrodite was immediately attracted to him
  • a lot of the gods have flings and they’re like wow you’re attractive, but as soon as the kid is born they kinda roll
  • partly from necessity too but like
  • aphrodite really really truly loved jin’s father and she wanted to settle down with baby jin and his father but zeus was like oh no you don’t you’re leaving that mortal right away if we can’t be with those we love, then neither can you
  • and so she tried her best to stay and visit when she could but by the time jin was like two, she was completely out of his life
  • jin’s dad did his best to raise his baby boy, he did, but he was always so overwhelmed and caught up in his work that most of the time, jin was cared for by his dad’s secretaries
  • and when he got old enough, jin really kept to himself
  • everyone was always intimidated by jin because wow the face of a god from such a young age, and child of the famous designer
  • that not many people, especially people his age, ever really took the time to talk to jin or get to know him for who he really was
  • all people seemed to care about was that jin was a pretty face
  • so a lot of people got the impression that jin was self absorbed and conceited but he really learned from an early age that the only thing people seemed to care about was his looks
  • okay but jin gets to camp half blood pretty late
  • i think the average age was around like twelve for rolling up in the camp but jin was fourteen
  • one of his dad’s older secretaries was actually one of aphrodite’s handmaidens and she always worked behind the scenes to make sure that no monsters harmed jin
  • but one day as jin was walking home from his preppy elite rich person school, some crazy demented hag monster lady came at him with a cane that looked much more like a sword when jin took the time to look and soon he was running for it down the streets of new york city
  • luckily the secretary was on her way to pick him up and she packed jin into her car and sped off
  • she had to quickly explain to jin what a half-blood was and what was chasing them and the entire world of the greek gods and goddesses was real and thriving
  • jin handled it pretty calmly at first??
  • he seemed pretty collected as the drove towards camp, because after a bit the monster stopped chasing them
  • when they finally reached the border of camp, jin hugged the secretary and kissed her head
  • “you know i always considered you my mom”
  • and she’s cheering up because she loved jin like her son but this is what’s best for him and she hugs him really tight before ushering him off
  • another key part of camp half blood is getting claimed by your godly parent
  • i read the books in fourth grade and so i might forget some of the details but from what i remember your parent claims you by flashing their emblem above your head or something?
  • it takes jin under a week to get claimed because his mom is like omg my fave son is here!!
  • she makes it really dramatic too because who would aphrodite be if she wasn’t a drama queen?
  • like it’s the friday night capture the flag game…
  • jin is standing with all the hermes kids because that’s where all the unclaimed kdis stay??
  • and chiron (the centaur dude who runs the camp) is dividing up the teams
  • and he’s about to call out aphrodite when there’s this flashing light
  • jin is just kinda standing there obliviously because capture the flag isn’t really his thing, he doesn’t like running around with his dagger and trying to slash people?? he much rather help some of the apollo kids tend to wounds and all??
  • so he doesn’t even realize the light is coming from above his head and everyone is staring at him
  • and he kinda defense mechanism “look i know i’m pretty but-”
  • “spoken like a true son of aphrodite”
  • and he’s like wait wha- OH OH OH
  • and he gets all blushy and everyone is cheering at the aphrodite cabin swarms him and pulls him into a group hug
  • fast forward a few years now
  • jin is the head of the aphrodite cabin
  • he’s like super blessed by aphrodite like not only is he super beautiful, but he’s realized he has the gift of charmspeak, which is basically like his voice is so potent that just by speaking, he can get people to do whatever he wants
  • his charmspeak isn’t the most powerful in the world, but he can still get yoongi, hoseok, namjoon, jimin, and tae to do whatever he wants
  • only jungkook is invincible to his power
  • jin is like a camp legend tbh
  • so obviously you know about him
  • but you’ve never really talked to him, not really
  • all of that changes
  • aphrodite is the goddess of love, need i remind you, and she’s gonna set jin up with you no matter what it takes
  • it’s the friday capture the game
  • finally jin found a part he can play
  • he stands in the buffer zone of the playing arena which is like basically the forest and he helps fix and adjust armor for people who need it
  • you’ve been running around in enemy territory and someone done bludgeoned you with the butt of their sword and your breastplate is dented and it actually hurts quite a bit
  • before the moron can hurt you again, you race off to the neutral zone, hoping someone can help you out
  • wow guess who’s standing there, it’s jin!!
  • you hurry over to him and start trying to pull the breast plate off but something hurts, badly
  • you wince and examine your arm only to realize there’s a pretty nasty gash and you’re like when did this-
  • jin clucks like a mother hen and without thinking grabs your arm to examine the wound
  • you try to jerk away but he gives you this look “there there, it’s okay, you’re not gonna be problematic are you?”
  • you kinda freeze and stare at him and it seems like suddenly you’re in a fog and you can’t get out of it?? like you’re in this dreamlike state and you don’t know where it came from but you feel like you’re out of body
  • but then you snap out of it and kinda-
  • “that stuff doesn’t work on me pretty boy”
  • jin’s eyebrows furrow and he purses his lips and you think he might be mad??
  • but then he starts with the wind shield wiper laugh and soon you’re giggling too??
  • it takes him like seven hours to catch his breath but when he does he introduces himself and you repeat the gesture and you kinda,,, kinda don’t wanna go back into the game now??
  • jin won’t let you either because he thinks you’re cute and he doesn’t wanna miss up in this,,, completely random,,, not staged by his mother,,, chance to meet you,,,
  • so he’s like yah i think you should sit out for a little bit these wounds look really serious
  • he knows that the apollo kids are supposed to handle this kind of thing but he needs an excuse-
  • he grabs some gauze and he dabs your wound with like his shirt or something because he’s dumb,,,
  • and then he wraps your wound but he does such a crappy job of it that the bandages are like five feet thick?? like it’s like there is a balloon on your arm or something…
  • and when he gets your breast plate off he doesn’t actually know what to do about it so he kinda just awkwardly sets it down on the ground
  • it’s my own headcanon that there are some old rusty high school bleachers in the middle of the woods for spectators and people who don’t wanna play and jin just kinda invites you over
  • you two chill on the bottom bleachers and you don’t ever go back into the game because jin is telling you some quality greek puns and you’re in hysterics over them
  • and even after the game ends you two decide that it’ll be fun to hang out
  • there’s like a wild camp bonfire after the game and instead of hanging with your cabin you plop down next to jin
  • the apollo kids are leading with some music and you kinda notice jin humming along and you realize like he has a really really pretty singing voice?
  • you find yourself tuning everyone out and just listening to him instead…
  • but then some of his friends stumble over and they look at you and they get these wicked smirks and they’re like ;)))
  • and jin snaps out of his trance and he starts stammering because yoongi and jungkook are very much interested in who you are
  • because jin never really talks to people outside bangtan or his cabin so they’re like wiggling their eyebrows
  • and jin is like omg nO stOp leaVE
  • and you’re all embarrassed too because maybe they walked over when you were casually leaning against jin’s shoulder…
  • you kinda excuse yourself and you’re like my cabin is calling my nAME
  • but the next day
  • you see jin at the dining hall and you wave and he waves back and after that he shyly comes over and asks if you wanna go to the arts and crafts cabin after breakfast
  • which you do
  • the crafts cabin never has a lot of people in it because everyone rather by climbing the lava rock wall or sparring but nah, jin likes the crafts cabin
  • he brings you in and he’s like
  • “see that huge tapestry?”
  • you nod
  • it really is huge
  • it’s a dark purple with gold embroidery around the edges and the picture on the  tapestry looks like a goddess up near the top holding a long red string in her hands…
  • down below is a boy sewn in holding one end of the string but the rest isn’t finished…
  • jin kinda gets all shy “that’s mine”
  • and you’re like !!!
  • because it’s usually the athena kids that make tapestries but this is probably one of the most intricate and detailed ones you’ve ever seen
  • you go over to inspect it and you’re like wow what aren’t you good at??
  • you two stay in the crafts cabin and he teaches you how to use the loom and you have to share the stool and he has to guide your hands with his hands and you can feel his breath on the back of your neck… amazing
  • the next day you suggest you guys hang out again but you’re like i get to pick what we do…
  • you take jin down to the sparring area and he’s like have you seen me,,, i don’t know how to hold my dagger, let alone use it
  • and you’re like nah it’ll be fine
  • you’re wrong
  • jin has a lot of potential, because he’s broad-shouldered and definitely built for defense
  • but boy lacks confidence and training because people always assume aphrodite kids don’t want to fight at all
  • so you’re like lemme help
  • so you show him how to set his shoulders and how to stand and where to put his weight
  • you teach him how to jab and slice and block and all of those things i learned from wind waker…
  • he’s really clumsy you realize??
  • like when he walks and talks he’s so graceful and godly and poised
  • but seeing him fight he’s like a chicken with its head cut off and you think it’s so so funny like honey…
  • he gets all defensive and red in the face and he tries to show you some rad moves and he ends up tripping and falling and scuffing his knees up and you’re like baby omg what it this
  • you have to go up to the infirmary cabin after that and hoseok is there, being his smiley son of apollo self…
  • he fixes jins knees up while making really exaggerated winks and smiles at you two
  • jin is like hoseok please
  • and hoseok is like hoseok yes
  • you kinda smile but you’re all blushy and shy and you kinda just give him a look but jin is too busy scolding hoseok to notice
  • you two do get a lot closer from that and you try your hardest to bring him out of his comfort zone and all the boys note that he’s so much more smiley and confident in his entire self, not just his looks
  • he i forget what i was gonna say
  • he gets much better at fighting though and you’re like so proud because you made this happen??
  • all the aphrodite kids ship you so so hard and whenever any of them see you they’re like hey honorary sister/brother in law and you’re like nO WAIT WHAT
  • and jin is like haha
  • i dont know what theyre talking about
  • haha
  • hahahaha
  • and he gets all red and his hands get all clammy and he’s like s/o to my mom for making me fall heads over heels in love,,,
  • and you’re like what was that jin
  • and he gets all !! nothing
  • and you’re kinda suspicious but whatever
  • you two flirt and get close and all but neither of you wanna convince because demigod things you know…
  • one day you’re chilling in your cabin and chiron is like yo i need you for a bit
  • and he drags you to the main cabin and he takes you upstairs and whatever and that’s where the oracle is??
  • and basically you get this long drawn out prophecy about appeasing hera’s wrath or something??
  • and you’re kinda in a daze or whatever
  • because you have never been on a quest before?? it’s always been a low key dream of yours? but you were like nah i would never ever be chosen because i am a small insignificant bean but-
  • but nah you’re being chosen?? right here right now??
  • you can;t focus for the rest of the day?/ all you can think about is packing for your quest and who to bring on your-
  • one answer is obvious to you and you’re like oh
  • oh
  • jin
  • jin is the only one you can think about bringing
  • usually a quest is three but it could be two…
  • and you’re all flustered and shy and your heart is racing because you can’t even begin to think about facing the dangers of the mortal world with jin
  • gotta protect him from ugly monsters
  • wouldn’t that be the dream?
  • you don’t wanna tell him right away though because you know he loves being at camp… and you don’t want him to risk his life for your dream
  • but the entire camp gets wind of your quest
  • and jungkook is the one to break it to jin and he’s like pal… buddy… guess what, guess who’s going on a quest
  • and jin is like omg my lill bean congrats!!
  • and jungkook is like lmao um no
  • it’s your loVER
  • and jin just pales and he takes a deep breath because that’s dangerous and risky and you will be unsafe and he will not have this??
  • without thinking about it twice, he runs to your cabin and barges in even though that’s not really allowed
  • you’re packing a small bag of everything you might need and jin just kinda stands there awkwardly
  • “were you gonna tell me?”
  • you stare up at him and you nod a bit and you open your mouth to speak but jin is rambling now
  • “look i know i’m not the best fighter and i’m not that tough or brave or resourceful or talented or whatever!but i’m going to protect you no  matter what, so you don’t have a say, you’re going to take me!!”
  • you smile and inhale sharply
  • you run into his arms and bury your face in his chest “that stuff doesn’t work on me pretty boy… remember??”
  • you two hug super tight and it’s really gentle and sweet and then someone walks in and suddenly it’s a lil awkward…
  • but yes, jin does go on your quest with yoU!! the two of you go together
  • and yes, he’s there to protect you every step of the way
  • from spiders, angry killer dandelions, furies, and crazy goddesses too!!
  • and if you ever get hurt, he’s there to kiss your boo boos better because he loves you
  • tbh from olympus, aphrodite is collecting bets because you two got together on your own…
The Words of a Stranger - A Citrus Fanfic

So, I had kinda sworn off Citrus the last few chapters due to..well, you all understand - you went through the pain, too! I had no plans of writing any Citrus fics until I happened to read two updates from lordofthelesbians and she convinced me (twisted my arm, I tell ya) to catch up on the chapters.

Anyway, that then inspired me to write this! And, I might have another one planned…maybe…because this isn’t very fluffy, and Citrus fans are always in dire need of fluff.

The train station was crowded at this time in the afternoon, passengers hastily boarding and departing the long train cars that were lining the tracks. Businessmen and women were headed in every direction as everyone set off for their own destinations, intent upon following their own agendas through to completion.

Normally, it wasn’t very difficult to navigate the swarms of people in the station. She’d learned how to quickly and effectively squeeze through the invisible seams in the flow of traffic, making it to her own destination faster than most.

Of course, normally she was alone.

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A while ago, when I was in highschool (2007) I spent the night at my best friend’s place because we had to finish an important project for one of our classes, it was a long tiring day but we managed to get most of it done before 9pm… after that we decided to watch some TV until it was bed time, Back to the Future II was on and it happened to be one of her favorite movies of all time, a few minutes passed and she stood up with her phone in order to get a short clip of her favorite scene (I know this sounds weird but it was a different time, our phones were crappy and we didn’t really have access to youtube), once she did, we both enjoyed the rest of the film and went to bed around midnight.

Fast forward to the next morning, she asked me to take a look at the clip on her phone, apparently there was something we didn’t notice before and to be frank, it really freaked me out. The first frame of the recording showed a grinning face of a man we’ve never seen before, I’m positive that couldn’t have been me since I was sitting back in the couch and that’s definitely not her getting in front of the frame, we both were home alone when this happened and didn’t notice anything out of place.

Needless to say, we were speechless and couldn’t find an explanation for it… I asked for the video and kept it with me, I didn’t think about it for several years until I recently checked my old computer backup files and found it within my folders. Whatever that thing was, the smirk on its face always gave me the chills… 

The gif and picture above were captured from the original 28 seconds video. Something I wanted to share with sixpenceee

____________________________ Edit- According to some of you guys the figure in the frame is part of the scene itself, I don’t quite recall that part of the movie so I can’t confirm this…but you might be right, it’s been a long time since I watched this old video and to this day it still creeps me out. But It was probably the bad lighting and quality that made it look so creepy back then… the gif looks kinda spooky tho so that’s something :) thanks for clearing things up fellas, I’ll definitely check it out. Peace~

anonymous asked:

Lucas Friar is a bit of an ass. If he doesn't even have the courage to tell either girl the truth even if it hurts them then he doesn't have the right to either girl. One girl he barely makes an effort for and the other he doesn't seem to have the balls to tell them how he feels even when she obviously needs it. Or abandons her when she transforms into someone you're scared of. Yes he's a 15 year old kid who is trying to navigate his feelings, but these are girls he's supposed to like like.

Haha, touche Anon. 

But to Lucas’ credit, he is a 15 year old boy who cares about these girls (as friends or otherwise) and is so unbelievably obsessed with maintaining his Mr. Perfect perception of himself, that he basically is frozen in place. Which is funny, because in Legacy we see him say “What about what I want?”, which I actually loved, because back then I thought that it was weird he didn’t seem to have any control over who HE was going to date. It didn’t make much sense.  But then we finally see him get some sort of control over the situation, and he basically does nothing with it. So I understand your frustration there. But again, you just have to remember the writers, above anything else, want to write all of these kids in a positive light that reflects the message “friendship comes before anything”.

 In my personal opinion, watching the episodes back, by Upstate, Lucas has realized he “wants to” (or is supposed to, that’s an entirely other debate i’ll save for later) be with Riley. I think the reason he doesn’t actually say that in Upstate, is that he has become aware that Maya is going through “identity issues” (again, the definition of that will be saved for another time) and he wants to make sure she figures that out, before he goes ahead and says anything about choosing Riley. Seeing her struggle within herself and then adding salt on that wound is something Lucas Friar would never ever want to do, because as we have long since established, he has real feelings for Maya Hart. So if you choose to look at it that way, he really is just trying to protect her and be patient with her. Even in Ski Lodge 2, he asks her “Why did you pour a smoothie on my head?”. He is desperate for her to come to the realization that she doesn’t really “like” him (or like him enough, again another conversation) to date him, or that they don’t have a “healthy dynamic” for a romantic relationship (which whether that is actually true or not, is again up for debate). He does everything he can so that he doesn’t have to say “I choose Riley” to Maya, instead he waits for Maya to understand that she doesn’t want to choose him. And in that regard, I respect him. It’s commendable. 

Now in other ways, I agree with you. I’m not a huge fan of his character. Mostly because of how he treats Riley. There’s been a lot of trashing Riley Matthews lately, but lets talk about how Lucas Friar handles her. He yells at her in HS1 for being who she is, saying she's “too much for him”, makes her cry and leaves her. He proceeds to call her a loser in GM PR, showing little to no concern for her struggles, even though he’s going through his own. This is interesting, isn’t it? Because in Ski Lodge 2 he flips his lid about Evan and asks for all their “important conversations” to be with each other, yet when there was a real problem at hand for both of them, he was no where to be found. Who crawls through Riley’s window instead? Farkle. 

Then you have the entire jelly bean scene. I mean, I know that this was a recreation of BMW and Cory did it too and yada yada. But it’s in a completely different context. Cory had like, a week to figure things out. Lucas has had 2 years to try and understand his feelings and he still hasn’t. So when it’s been this long, yea, it’s kinda like- “maybe you just don’t like either of them very much, guy”

Also, he uses the jellybean as a token to show Riley he’s “chosen” her during “his moment” and yes, maybe this was a plot device used by the writers to show he’s giving her something “sugary and sweet that’s bad for you” just like their relationship will be, but regardless, that’s a pretty crappy thing to do, especially after making this girl you “like so much” suffer for so long in this triangle. “Hey Riley, me and the guys took jellybeans and weighed them to see who had better qualities when i couldn’t decide if i liked you or your best friend more. For the record, the scale ended up completely even, so that didn’t really help. But after I figured out the universe is basically telling me to choose you, heres the purple jelly bean.” I don’t know if I chalk this up to being an ass or just to not knowing better, but Cory sure did. You see him do the jellybeans, but you saw Topangas side of the scale win out by a mile in the end, and even HE didn’t give her the jellybean- that’s something that stays between you and your dude friends, Lucas. Like, remember in Friends, when Ross makes a Julie/Rachel “pros and cons” list for who he should be with and Rachel reads it and she looses her shit over it? Yeah, that sounds like a much more realistic, appropriate response for such a douchey move. If I remember the line correctly (and I do, because it’s my favorite show and one of my favorite episodes she says)

“Imagine all the things you don’t like about yourself. Then imagine the person you love most not only thinking those things too, but actually using them as reasons not to be with you.” 

Ouch. Now I know they used more “positive” attributes for the girls in the jelly bean scenario and there were no “negative columns” but still, same basic sentiment. 

So yes anon, to a certain extent, I think that if Lucas stays the character he is now, there would be no harm in allowing him to end up by himself. I don’t dislike him because he was confused about his feelings, they are 15 and these things happen, but I discredit him when it comes to how long he took to figure it out, the methods he used to do so, and the way I feel he treats Riley.

It’s just strange, that he treats Maya with so much thoughtfulness (even though he has this strange habit of telling everyone how great she is BUT her) but then just uses Riley as some device to prop himself up. It’s so much more about what Riley can do for Lucas, then what Lucas really wants to do for Riley- and I have serious problems with that. And getting her a sandwich, a drink and cake may be cute but sorry, Riley Matthews deserves (and lets be honest, wants) way more than that. 

I can only hope we see some development and sweet sentiment from him in the upcoming episodes. 

Preference #4 - Caught on the Kiss Cam (4/4)

Requested: can you do a preference where you’re at a hockey game and you get on the kiss cam? all of the boys or just luke :) thank you so much!
A/N: Hi guys! I am so sorry that I’ve haven’t uploaded anything in so long! Thankfully, I have more free time now so I’m planning on writing/uploading more stuff! also thanks to the awesome anon that send me this, I love hockey and this gave me a whole bunch of feels while i wrote it tbh


request blurbs, imagines, preferences here

aaaandddd jfc:

Y/F/H/T = your favorite hockey team 

Y/F/P = your favorite player 

Y/F/C = your favorite candy

Y/R/N = your roommate’s name

Y/E/C = your eye color


When your best friend Michael had surprised you with a pair of tickets to see the Y/F/H/T, you nearly deafened him with your screams. But he knew how much you loved them and how you’d never been able to go to one of their home games so he wanted to do this for you.

The day of the game, you were a ball of excitement; attempting to prepare yourself for the game was nearly an impossible task due to you being so hyper. Thankfully, the hours quickly passed and before you knew it, Michael was at your door ready to pick you up.

He had looked so adorable. His dark blue hair stood out against the dark colors of his jersey and his eyes glinted with excitement as he took in your appearance. Grinning, you grabbed his hand and rushed out of your apartment to his car. 

Once you got to the arena, Michael couldn’t help but chuckle at how you had turned into a little kid; giddy with excitement and oohing and ahhing at everything you saw.

The both of you had found your seats quickly and your jaw dropped. You were four rows off from the ice. You had no idea how Michael had afforded them and you had tried to thank Michael properly for what he had done but each time you attempted to, something exciting had happened in the game which prevented you from properly talking to him.

Soon, the commotion died down as the first period ended and you and Michael had some time to chat. You both laughed as you watched various audience members take the ice to compete in several hockey-themed challenges. 

But just before the second period was about to start, “Hunk of Burning Love” by Elvis Presley started playing and you and Michael watched in amusement as couples were randomly selected to be on the Kiss Cam. However, Michael and you’s faces flashed on the jumbotron, causing both of your faces to turn beet red.

Michael awkwardly coughed as you tried to politely shoo the camera away. Soon, the crowd began to cheer and urge you on. You heard Michael quietly mumble fuck it and grabbed your shoulder to swing you around before planting a kiss on your lips, causing the whole arena to erupt in cheers.

The loud drone of the game buzzer signaled the start of the second period, causing Michael to break away from the kiss, smiling at you. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Y/N.” Michael admitted, making you turn you face down in embarrassment. 

Michael entwined his fingers with yours, and you looked up at Michael before he briefly kissed you cheek. “Thank you for giving me one of the greatest nights I could’ve asked for, Michael.”

“My pleasure, y/n. I look forward to more dates like this with you in the future.”

“Really Clifford, what makes you think I’ll go on another date with you?” You asked raising your eyebrows.

“It’s the hair. All the ladies love it. It’s kinda irresistible.” He smirked, making you laugh as you jokingly punched his shoulder.


You always took advantage of visiting your brother Ashton while he was on tour. Currently, the boys were in New York City and you and Ashton had convinced your mom to let you spend a month with him and the boys while they were touring America starting with his Madison square garden show.

On the first night you had arrived in New York City, Ashton decided to spend some quality sibling time with you at the Ranger’s game that was in town. Ashton, being the amazing brother that he is managed to get the both of you box seats for the game tonight and was able to surprise you.

As you sat in the box seats, you were on the edge of your chair with excitement. He knew how much you loved hockey and did his best to listen to you as you explained what was happening in game, but you could tell that he was more interested in his phone. Soon the second intermission rolled around and The Rangers—your favorite team—was up 3-2. 

You stood to stretch your legs and turned to tell Ashton you were going to get food when he started hysterically laughing. This caused you to turn around and with a look of horror on your face, not only had the arena cameras found you and Ashton in the box, your faces surrounded with a flashy red heart with the huge white cursive script Kiss Cam floating over the heart.

Ashton was howling with laughter and the crowd was cheering the both of you on, encouraging you to kiss. With you face sporting a deep crimson color, you did your best to clearly mouth we’re siblings, in the hopes that the cameras would move from you and Ashton’s face. Not soon enough, the cameras awkwardly paned away from you and your brother. 

Your face was beet red with frustration as you smacked Ashton hard on the arm.

“Ow!” He yelled. “What was that for?”

“Ashton! That was so embarrassing! You were absolutely no help at all.” You pouted.

“Awe, Y/N I’m sorry! But c’mon, you have to admit that was funny.” He nudged you lightly in the side. But it was to no avail, you continued to pout.

“How about I get us some nachos and Y/F/C to make it up to you?” He asked, knowing that there was no way you would turn down the chance to get free food—especially chocolate.

“Meh. Maybe it was a little funny.” You hesitatingly admitted.

“That’s my little sis!” Ashton grinned before he exited the box, making you shake your head in amusement.


Angrily, you screamed into your pillow as your roommate watched you with a raised eyebrow. It was no secret that on campus you were a die-hard Y/F/H/T fan and you rarely missed a game. However, tonight was the final game of the Stanley Cup. Since you were a stereotypical broke college student on a budget, you had no hope of going.

Half of the school had disappeared from campus to go downtown for the game. Yet, here you were alone with your roommate, contemplating whether it would be worth it or not to watch the game on the crappy tv in your dorm’s lounge.

You groaned again in frustration as your roommate, Y/R/N sighed at you from her bed. “Honestly Y/N it’s no big deal. We could always go down to the arena and try to scalp tickets if you-“

Two loud knocks on your door interrupted Y/R/N’s sentence. Throwing up her hands and falling backwards onto her bed, Y/R/N motioned for you to get the door. Your expression twisted into confusion and discomfort as you saw that Calum Hood, in a Y/F/H/T jersey and matching snapback, was standing in the hallway, anxiously rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet.

He smiled as soon as he saw you. “Hi Y/N, are you busy tonight? I was wondering if you wanted to go to the Y/F/H/T game tonight with me.” 

Before you could speak, you slammed the door in Calum’s face and began to hyperventilate. Calum Hood. The obnoxious boy from your economics class wanted to go out with you. I thought he hated me. I hate him. Maybe?

Y/R/N’s eyes were wide with shock. She jumped from her bed and rushed past you to throw open the door. Thankfully, Calum still stood there but his face was laced with sadness, nearly making your heart break.

He glanced at your roommate then to you. “You know Y/N if you didn’t want to go-“

You reacted before you could think. “No! I want to go, I’m sorry it was just quite a shock.”

“What-Nevermind. Look, I’ll wait outside and you can throw on your jersey okay?”

“Um, yeah! Sure, sounds fine.” You politely closed the door as Y/R/N gaped at you. “Honestly Y/R/N, I would love to freak out about this with you but I have to leave.” You quickly said, grabbing your hockey jersey and brushing your hair once before leaving. “We’ll talk later!” You yelled, nearly running Calum over as you rushed out the door.

“Ready?” He smiled. 

Campus was close to the arena so in less than no time you and Calum were inside the already packed arena. You screamed with joy when you saw that your seats were three rows up from the ice, which made Calum laugh.

“How did you do get these tickets?” You questioned 

Calum shrugged. “My dad’s best friends with the General Manager so we pretty much have all access to tickets throughout the season.”

“Well why didn’t you take one of your friends?”

“I told my friends that there was a gorgeous Y/E/C-eyed girl in my economics class that I wanted to take instead.” You blushed.

“Y/N, what would you say if I did something crazy right now?” He asked nervously, not looking you in the eyes.

“Well considering that you’ve made my dreams come true and have let me see the Y/F/H/T play for the Stanley Cup I owe you.” You replied

He smiled, and pointed up towards the jumbotron. You laughed seeing Calum and yours faces on the screen as the Kiss Cam had caught the both of you off guard. Calum hesitatingly inched his face closer to yours. You closed the gap and felt Calum’s soft lips on yours.

Once you both broke apart, Calum wrapped his arm around your body nuzzling you close to him. “This has been an amazing date, Y/N. Would you want to go on another one in the future?”

You grinned at him saying, “Nothing would make me happier, Calum.”


Today was Luke and your’s one year anniversary. But since he was right in the middle of tour, you were forced to be apart. He had tried to get out of the various interviews and shows that he had that day but management wouldn’t allow it so you were stuck spending your anniversary with a pint of ice cream instead of him.

He had texted you how much he loved you and how he had missed you earlier in the day but that string of sweet texts, randomly stopped, much to your confusion.

As you wallowed in misery on the couch watching tv, your phone erupted in texts. 

Calum:Y/N UH WE F’D UP



Before you could comprehend what had happened, your door bell rang, jolting you back to reality. Closing the short distance from the couch to the door, you slowly opened the door only to be met with your tall, blonde, awkward boyfriend, Luke with a bouquet of red roses and an envelope.

You squealed with glee, tackling Luke’s chest as his body shook with laughter. “I missed you too, Y/N.” He smiled.


He smirked. “As much as I would love to contemplate the fact that yes, I am here and I am real, we have somewhere we need to be.” Grabbing your hand, he lead you to a black SUV outside you and Luke’s apartment.

As he drove away, you finally found the words to speak. “Luke! Where are we going?”

“To the Y/F/H/T game. I know how much you love hockey, and I wanted to treat my beautiful girlfriend to something that I know she’d love. Happy anniversary, Y/N.” He smiled, winking at you.

Once you arrived at the hockey arena, Luke showed you to your seats: a private box placed right in the center of the ring. You tackled Luke in a hug once you were alone. “Luke! I don’t know what to say. I mean you’re here! We’re at the game, I-“

You were abruptly cut off from your ramblings as Luke’s soft lips molded onto yours. Closing your eyes, you sighed in bliss. Cheers from the audience jolted you from Luke and his lips.

You turned back towards the rink and the jumbotron, only to see Luke and you’s faces blown up and pixilated surrounded by dancing hearts with the words “Kiss Cam” in cursive writing filling the screen.

Covering your face with your hands to hide your blush, you heard Luke begin to chuckle as he gently pulled your hands away. “Let’s give the people an encore and catch up on lost time. What do you say, Y/N?” He grinned.
Grabbing his face, you crushed his lips in to yours smiling as the Kiss Cam went on to find its next victim.