kinda came out of nowhere but alright *shrug* xd))

Taking Care of Business || Major Stewart & Captain Rogers

It was a relatively normal day for Steve Rogers; he had a few errands to run, so he was out and about and had been since morning. He wasn’t weighed down or anything, everything that he had bought was neatly packed in his backpack, which he wore slung over one shoulder as he walked. The next thing on his list was a trip to the stable that he always went to to get food for the horses that the police in the area used. It was no secret to most people who knew him that he was an animal lover, so nobody was surprised when he started helping out with the care and feeding of some of the police’s horses. The job wasn’t too hard and didn’t really take up too much time, as there were only a couple of horses, and the police themselves tended to do most of the actual work. Still, he liked going in and feeding the horses and brushing them as needed. 
As he walked into the shop at the stables, he headed to the aisle that he knew had the food that he always got, only to find that the shelf was completely empty. He let out a small sigh, then scanned the nearby shelves to see if it had just been moved or something.